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Worth a Try?


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Been a very long time since I regularly posted here. 2005 maybe. We all used to get way off subject and have a good laugh too.

Still get news updates etc. I don't check many though, prefer to forget I ever went through this. Tempts fate kind of thing.

I had them 18-40 classic case, they just went away in 2006 when I turned 41. Used to get them for around 6 weeks either triggered in Autumn or Spring, abrupt pressure chages in weather. I live in Scotland so no luck there as weather can be all over the place even at the best of times. Only got them back for one season in 2012 but was going through a hell of lot of stress then and hence a lack of sleep, never had them back since.

Anyway reason for post is this:

I have never known one person in the flesh in all my years (57 now) that has suffered from clusters so I can't test this out. Luckily my 2 sons ( 22 and 27) don't get them. One has twinges the other nothing at all. No other extended family members either. The one that does I just tell him to get on Oxygen and he has never went full blown..yet. Fingers crossed. I still have two 15ltr flow rate bottles on NHS just in case.

All I get now are long severe sneezing fits on really bad weather days I'd normally be going into an attack and insomnia on blustery nights. It never develops into the usual signs of onset though.

So maybe worth a try to induce sneezing and see if it helps stave one off. Sniff a little pepper or something. Sounds a bit silly I know but..nothing ventured etc.


Sorry for the long mail just don't want to anybody to think I was a troll or some kind of idiot. Great to see the site is still helping folks.

Wish you all the best.



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I personally think that allergic reactions can be quite a contributing factors on some individials' CH's. I have some form of "Indoor Air Sickness" and if there's mold or some nasty chemicals in living quarters, it ramps up my CH activity. It has been quite difficult to connect the dots at times and keeping a diary helps me. Sneezing can help me and even prevent. I also see oxygen use as "flushing the lungs" if you are breathing air that's bad for you. Just my experience.

Thanks for contributing and I hope you meet a fellow CH'r "in the flesh" soon B)

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On 8/20/2022 at 3:45 PM, Tony Only said:

meet a fellow CH'r "in the flesh" soon

I suppose it's odd to many "the want of meeting a fellow cluster head". I think in many ways it's like a child with a deformity meeting someone with a similar deformation for the first time. Seeing that your not the only one. In some ways, I think this gives us strength in knowing that someone else is carrying the same load that we are and that they too are navigating through  rough waters.  At times I have felt guilty for this want, as it would mean that someone out there was as miserable as me at times. Finding this place has given me eyes that see others like me and that has made a huge difference.  

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