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Psychedelic Outlaws: New Book Shares Our Cluster Headache Story

by | Apr 24, 2024 | News

Clusterbusters is thrilled to support Psychedelic Outlaws: The Movement Revolutionizing Modern Medicine, which uncovers the history of our cluster headache community.

During June, Clusterbusters is hosting a Virtual Book Club where author Joanna Kempner will discuss sections of the book with profiled individuals and experts.

The interactive sessions will be on four Sundays at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. The sessions will be 75 minutes each – 45 minutes of moderated discussion and 30 minutes of Q&A.

This will be a great way to meet the characters and learn about the conflicts involved in developing psychedelics as medicines.”


Prominent psychedelic writer James Fadiman describes the book as “a sobering, disturbing, encouraging, and uplifting story of the bravest people I have ever known. Told beautifully and objectively, the story of their courage, their determination, and their success helping each other alleviate their pain reminds all of us of what being truly human can be.”

The book’s author, Joanna Kempner, is an award-winning writer and sociologist at Rutgers University. Joanna is a long-time headache advocate and a board member of the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy. She has attended our conferences since 2013 as part of the extensive research that went into sharing our story.

The publication of this book will shine a bright light on our condition and it is amazing to have our story told with such clarity and compassion.

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