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O216 – High Flow Oxygen Access

A very important study regarding the use of High Flow oxygen to treat cluster headaches has recently been completed and published. This is the publication of the largest high flow oxygen studies ever completed and is an important step in Clusterbuster’s goal of wide distribution of the facts of O2’s efficacy, increased prescribing of this valuable tool, and it’s coverage by CMS for Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

There are still too many impediments in the way of people getting this important treatment. Many doctors are still not prescribing O2. Many insurance companies will not cover O2. Finding a supply house that understands high flow set up’s is often difficult. Putting together the entire proper set up is often difficult. Medicare still does not cover O2.
Our hope is that this new study and it’s publication will have a positive effect on all of these issues. Thank you to everyone that took part in this study and made it the largest cluster study in history. A very big thank you to those of you that have donated to Clusterbusters research. This is another example of the good work that can be achieved by the cluster community working together.

Thank you to Dr. Larry Schor, Dr. Robert Shapiro and Dr. Mark Burish and Stuart Pearson for spearheading this study. This study was the centerpiece in the latest appeal to CMS asking for them to change their determination of no coverage for O2. Clusterbusters has been working closely with the AHDA (Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy) for many years on this issue. We hope to hear a positive response in the very near future.

The study was published in Headache and is available for download. If you need to convince your doctor to give you a prescription, or if you want to take the study to your elected local officials, this is the link to the study:


Over 3200 people from more than 50 countries took part in the survey, indicating Clusterbusters reach into the world’s cluster headache population. The study is already being picked up in additional clinical publications which helps educate professionals on the safety, efficacy and value of O2

One giant step closer to: “You have cluster headaches and I am writing you a prescription for high flow oxygen.”

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