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Psychedelic Research

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PSYR1 – Psychoactive substances and Clusters

PSYR2 – Various articles and links

PSYR3  – Ayahuasca Healing

PSYR4 – Ayurvedic Medicine for clusters

PSYR5 – AHS, Halpern, BOL-148

PSYR6 – Busting Clusters

PSYR7 – Bromo-LSD in Cephalalgia

PSYR8 – CB Study Published Neurology

PSYR9 – Clusterbusters Poster , Psilocybin

PSYR10 – MDMA in Autism

PSYR11 – Delysid 1964 catalogue

PSYR12 – Hallucinogen research guide

PSYR13 – Is LSD Toxic

PSYR14 – Ketamine use in ER as Acute Treatments

PSYR15 – Lethal Doses of Psychedelics

PSYR16 – LSD Safety Data and References

PSYR17 – LSD Studies in Children

PSYR18 – Malitz on Psilocybin

PSYR18 – Dr. Passie on Psilocybin

PSYR20 – Psilocybin Levels and 2A Receptors

PSYR21 – Psilocybin and Summary of Knowledge

PSYR22 – Psilocybin Potential Safety and Efficacy

PSYR23 – Psychoactive Substances as a Last Resort

PSYR24 – LSD and Psilocybin Research MAPS article

PSYR25 – 2015 Survey on Hallucinogens Published (Schindler)

PSYR26 – 2018 Headache Journal Publication (Schindler)

PSYR27 – The Benefits of Psychedelic Therapy

PSYR28 – Therapeutic use of Serotoninergic Hallucinogens

PSYR29 – Treatment of Cluster Headaches with 5MeO_DALT

PSYR30 – Constitutional Right to Psychedelic Substances

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