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Clusterbusters Research and News Library

The best patient is a well-informed patient. The best way to advocate for yourself and the cluster headache community is to be well-informed.

There is research into what cluster headaches are and what is going on in your head. There is good research into what treatments are working and which ones may not be working well for people. There are a lot of good people doing great work trying to find better treatments and working toward an eventual cure. Everyone in the community can be helpful in moving us all toward a cure. 

Most doctors see very few cluster headache patients in their lifetimes. It’s not unusual for patients to know more about their cluster headaches than the doctor they are seeing for help. Everyone’s situation is different and it’s very helpful to know as much as you can about your own condition. If you can help inform your doctor about treatments and ongoing research, you will help them give better care to their next cluster headache patient.

This library contains dozens of important research papers and studies on cluster headaches. Research teams are searching for better answers for everyone. They may have already found better answers for you than you are currently using. This library can offer some answers as well as learning about cluster headaches and how best to treat them.

If you are having trouble getting your doctor to prescribe high flow oxygen, you can visit the oxygen section and print out great studies that show it’s safety and efficacy. You can then also visit the section on Helpful Documents for Printing and you can print out the trifold brochure on how to write the prescription. These sections can also give you helpful documents if you are having issues with your insurance company.

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