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Cluster Headache Questionnaire: A New International Study

by | Mar 22, 2019

Clusterbusters® is pleased to announce the launch of a very important research study:

Study Title: Cluster Headache: Investigating severity of pain, suicidality, personal burden, access to effective treatment, and demographics among a large International survey sample.

We are currently contacting individuals who have joined our patient registry or completed a previous Clusterbuster’s survey and have indicated a willingness to take our online survey.  We are seeking respondents in the US and worldwide as our survey is translated into 10 languages.

If you have been diagnosed with Cluster Headaches and are at least 18 years old, you are cordially invited to complete this important survey. This study will provide important research data and help advance future research and advocacy.

Despite numerous descriptions in the literature suggesting Cluster Headache is among the most painful medical conditions, it has been difficult to measure and describe with precision the severity of the pain that occurs during an attack.

Our study focuses on the following questions:

  1. Severity of pain
  2. Prevalence, severity, risk factors, and protective factors of suicide
  3. Personal burden (impact on relationships, work, and daily living)
  4. Effectiveness of treatment as well as obstacles
  5. Psychological impact

To access our survey please visit the following link: www.clusterheadache.center

This study is a collaboration between Clusterbusters® and Larry Schor, PhD Professor of Psychology at the University of West Georgia with additional support to the University of West Georgia generously provided by Autonomic Technologies™.

For more information on our study, please see this page.


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