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Genetic Study

by | Mar 22, 2019

blue DNA strand

We are looking for individuals who have received a diagnosis of CH from a doctor, who have at least one immediate family member who also has received a diagnosis of CH from a doctor to participate in the study together.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact clinical research coordinator Susanna Pratt at the University of Vermont Medical Center Office of Clinical Trials Research.  You can contact her via phone at 802-656-9912 or via email at Susanna.pratt@med.uvm.edu.

Expressing an interest to learn more about this genetic research study does not mean that you are obligated to participate in the study.

This study is a collaboration between Clusterbusters, Dr. Robert Shapiro, University of Vermont Medical Center, Dr. Guy Rouleau and McGill University.

To move forward toward possible participation, you must contact Susanna at the above contact information.  There will be additional information posted as this project moves forward along with updates at the www.clusterbusters.org website.

Thank you for your consideration in participating in this important research study.

You do not necessarily need to reside in the USA to be a possible participant.

Signing up for our patient registry will help keep you up to date with this study.
If you have not already entered your name and information into our registry, you may do so by visiting the following site:


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