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    Hey everyone, just wanted to say hello and let you know I am thinking of all of you everyday, sending you all my strongest deepest prayers for zero pain/ NO CH. I've had 5 glorious days without pain. What a joy it is to not be in pain and to be able to sleep. I'll never take that for granted again in my life. Never. If I had to guess what has stopped the pain, it would be the combination of: * Less stress at work * slightly cooler temperatures * eating no gluten, sugar, dairy, or caffeine for almost 2 weeks. * Batch's loading schedule of 50,000 IU of Vitamin-D3 for the last week * Drinking more water * Taking Verapamil (but I had chest pressure and was told to cut my dosage in half). * Praying every day * Reaching out to others who are experience pain or suffering and trying to help them It scares me to think that the reason the headaches came in the first place was because of the season changing. My guess is that it was because of a stressful work situation. Who knows! I'm just praying to be remain pain-free and I'm continuing the new diet. Also, I've been taking chinese herbs. If anyone is in Los Angeles, Dr. Majeed gives the herbs. He also HIGHLY recommends staying away from dairy, sugar, and gluten. http://www.alioptimalwellness.com Wishing you and your families the most precious of all things, good health. Jimmy- While it is absurd to reject medical science, the principal factor in overcoming illness is the patient and his or her “life force.” In medical terms, it is our capacity to heal ourselves. Life force is a mystic phenomenon that transcends human understanding. Daisaku Ikeda-
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    Jimmy, I believe Twisted-M makes a valid point, in that those of us who've spent years on end observing, discussing and experimenting with CH treatments have seen certain ones have proven to be most effective and work for an impressive percentage of headbangers, and the magic, AKA "psilocybin busting", T-M speaks of is known to be a powerful preventive, the most effective preventive for plenty of us. I'll personally vouch for it's effectiveness, as could thousands of others at this point I believe. With you right on the verge of a cycle coming to an end (I'm hoping!), I'm not sure whether you could get set up with it before the CH is gone, but I think it's something to keep high on the radar in general, while also keeping in mind the contra-indications regarding family history of schizophrenia, etc. Now RC (Rivea Corymbosa) seeds, a psychoactively milder busting substance, are legal to quickly purchase online and to possess, but not ingest, and some have had success with them.