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  1. Hello Brandylynn I have had CH for almost 25 years to the day. I too went through single-parenthood with 2 children and a beast in my head, I sympathise with you. I'm glad you found this page, there are a great many resources here for taming the beast here. I am, for the most part, a holistic/naturopathic patiennt when it comes to medications and pharmaceuticals...I prefer nature, diet and personal health practices over allopathic medicine, but that is only me. We are all different and respond to different treatments in different ways. I didn't suffer any significant side-effects from medications, but none of it worked for me and I got tired of being a guinea pig and stopped it all since 2003. The first and foremost important treatment is O2, try to get medical grade oxygen if you can, although I've heard some have difficulty with that I find the use of welding oxygen questionable at best in my mind, but we gotta do what we gotta do as CH'ers. Highflow non-rebreather works for most people, experimentation and reading on proper O2 usage is essential, there are several links to this topic. I just started the D3 anti-inflammatory regimen 5 days ago and I am here to post a positive result. I paid the $75 for a 25(OH)D test (and some other serum minerals) to establish a baseline. I will have another done in 3 weeks. Shoutout to Batch for this protocol, you da man!! I'm down to a few shadows here and there, day and night, but less and less and less duration. I have an O2 concentrator I use for little ones, while most people report the O2 concentrator ineffective for them, it works for me because I always hit it at onset and use deep breathing techniques that work for me to abort most attacks, I do have an M tank for the bad ones though and an E tank to go with me when I'm away from M. 6LPM is not enough for a Kip5 and up for me. Some people(like me) get lasting relief from the use of indol-ring substances, many of which are hallucinogenic. I got 4 years of remission using magic mushrooms to abort cycles before they started. I have resupplied with pscilocybin but haven't dosed because I wish to determine the efficacy of D3 in treating these infernal headaches, it's working. I encoiurage you to look into the D3 regimen ASAP. Batch has laid it out perfectly, please follow those instructions and consult with your doc so they know what's up. My new doc is getting schooled right now...lol It's my duty to educate these people who claim to understand health. VitaminDwiki is an AMAZING resource page...ASTOUNDING even. I hope you find some relief. PF wishes from ORK Nanu nau.
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