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    I have heard that Brain on fire has been going through some rough times lately, involving surgeries, PT, and a challenging recovery. This community has meant a lot to BOF, and BOF has provided a lot in return. Best wishes from me, BOF. Get well soon and rejoin us when you can.
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    I have no idea what this is about but I feel so sorry for everyone involved. I feel sorry for us. I am a naive human being who wants to believe good in people and honesty is essential in everything I do in life. For the longest time I thought that having a cluster headache somehow shelters one from being or becoming dishonest, or manipulative and such. It does not. In my eyes clusterheads are more compassionate and understanding than an average joes but maybe due to our extreme, violent, mercyless and for some very prolonged suffering we have our exceptions to confirm the rule. C'mon. We are the underdogs already, big time, with all that we are up against in life. Be kind, to each other, to yourself. Respect to admins. Not an easy task you have to carry out year in year out. PF wishes !
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    This action is supported by all admin personnel. Each of us have responded numerous times to pm's and 'alerts' from this person. The fact that less than a handful of members have been banned in over a decade shows that we strive to help people. That is our only agenda. Please keep in mind that this is a safe place for people to discuss and work on pain relief and having a 'normal' life. We all have Ch. Every Admin strives to provide a safe place for our friends who suffer the same disease or similar. We are walking the same path as our members. Family clashes can and do occur on occasion. They are generally short lived and everyone moves forward, closer to the goal post, rather than creating divisiveness and discord in the group for personal reasons. The discord is not helpful nor does it benefit anyone. Sad as it is, it is necessary.
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    You may be right about this Pebbles, we simply do not have enough information yet. What I know is the following, the headaches started with the infection. While they have most of the defined symptoms of cluster headaches, there are some differences, so it is possible that they are not classic 'cluster headaches'. Though as to that, I wonder if it is really possible to clearly define cluster headaches in that way or if like many other syndromes involving the human body such as anxiety and OCD, etc, or autism and Aspergers, etc, there is really just a spectrum with a lot of overlap in a lot of areas. While there are many people whose headaches match the cluster description perfectly, there may be many others whose headaches differ slightly in one way or another but who could still could benefit from busting. This has been true for me. I tried busting according to script but had difficulty because I was chronic and got headaches every afternoon or evening and so I found going 5 days meds free to be very difficult as the pain would increase in severity each day I didn't medicate to the point they would become a 24/7 event of ever increasing intensity. So I modified the protocol and it seems to be working. I started busting a minimum of every 2 days and I just busted more often figuring each bust might be less effective but hoping that there might still be a cumulative effect. It has now been a few months of busting several times a month and for the first time in YEARS, I am going up to 10 days PF with not even a shadow or a twinge or a suggestion of a headache. This is unheard of for me. Normal for me was to either be recovering from a headache, have a headache, or be getting a headache at all times. I consider 10 days PF a life-altering success and it is not important to me if I have classically defined 'cluster headaches' long as they are gone. I hope this is not an anomaly and I will continue to try and build on this success. Right now, just happy for what I got, and that is HOPE. To be honest, sometimes I feel like there is a proprietary feeling among some people on this site about who gets to be in the club, like having clusters is a badge of honor. No interlopers allowed. And then there are many many more who could not be more welcoming, supportive or generous. I am deeply grateful to those of you in the latter group. You helped me when I was really down and thinking I couldn't go on and gave me the information I could not have gotten anywhere else to get a foothold on this beast. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Four hours of typing to say nothing. The parasite theory has been floated before and not well received for obvious reasoms not the least of which it is provable by “modern science”. Being withholding and secretive is the stuff of attention seeking and manipulators. Folks with quality information are generous and forethcoming. Batch set the standard for this and many others have done so to a lesser degree . I am happy you have resolved you CH issue but it seems you have other things to work on.
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    Sounds like one of those "I'll only tell ya if you beg, plead and recognize me." type posts. I've seen many through the years. I know that if one of the many people I know with CH were to somehow stumble on to a real cure for this crap we have, they would be shouting it from the treetops. No one that lives with this shit would withhold information that could bring relief to others that suffer. The desire for personal gain causing a closed mind??? Here???? Seriously????? The fact the you even suggest such a thing shows how off target your sales pitch is. This place is a direct result of Bob's quest to help others. Because of that, many others here have spent far more than they'd care to admit trying to educate people on options, advocate for our collective and lending a helping hand when needed. To suggest a profit motive here of all places is beyond asinine....at best. I'd better stop here before I earn a posting vacation for my non-PC, obscenity laced tirade kicks in to high gear.
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    D'K, What you are saying is not sensible. There is no one person here who has some kind of huge following that could produce the results you say you want. You post what you have learned, one person at a time tries it (or doesn't), they report on the results, and that either inspires others or doesn't. Why would you not want to help just one person, if that's all you reached? And very few people here have the clout with a doctor to get an off-brand prescription. This site was created because one person tried an alternative treatment that probably 95% of people with CH ridiculed and/or attacked. He put it out there, and some other people tried it, and it worked for them as it had for him. They really did have to "BELIEVE," to use your word, because it involved obtaining and consuming illegal, hallucinogenic substances. Whatever you have to offer has much better odds of being tried and adopted than that did, if it works. So, I say with no real disrespect, you either have to put up or shut up. That's how it works here. I doubt that anyone is going to beg you.
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    Having a diagnosis is very important because it excludes other conditions (Tumors, anatomic variations and treatable causes) and saves you from wasting time with treatments that have been proven not to work (oral imitrex, botox, surgery, most medications). You can also concentrate your self education efforts with a laser focus. Do not expect the medical establishment to take charge and treat you. You must direct your own treatment within boundaries you set. Cluster headaches are a diagnosis of exclusion which means after ruling out other potential causes all you are left with is cluster headaches. The criteria are pretty straight forward but overlap some other conditions. Many headache conditions respond to imitrex, very few respond to O2 therapy used properly. i am going to try and attach an article from "Up to Date" which is an online "go to" reference for many physicians and mid level providers. It is a peer reviewed, frequently updated, referenced resource designed to help experts and non experts stay abreast of treatment guidelines for many conditions. The attachment are treatment guidelines for cluster headaches and you might consider printing it off and bringing it to a provider or ER visit as you seek a partner to manage cluster headaches. The attachment is a bit large and may not be allowed to be updated. Maybe an administrator can help if it doesn't upload. You can PM me if you want and I'll email it if you wish. @CSA get a diagnosis. uptodateguidlines.pdf
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    Hi all I am alive and well. My PTSD ended up getting triggered in Dallas as I thought it might. Sorry for my long absence. Thanks to all that sent their love. I will be back on the boards and this thread w an update. Short version is I am now having 4-6 kip 7-9CH a day. My D peaked at 277 w no bump in Ca or PTH. (I was about 150ish before I was admitted unfairly by my psych thinking I was manic and not triggered and I knew it was going to happen so I loaded w 1.5 mil units before my admission. My D spiked to 277 w that and my CH were gone for a bit. But as it burned off they came back as expected. ). I’m going to get w @Batchtoday and go over numbers to figure out a more aggressive load and burn schedule. I am also dosing w vitamin L... happy trails folks love me
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    No Escape Today is like any other, Yesterday, today & tomorrow, all blur together. Day in and day out, everyday the same, I wish I could escape this game. The Beast visits most when least expected, My face drains of colour, and I feel quite infected. Into one eyeball, always just the one, the Beast comes, Blinding and piercing like I’ve been poked hard, with a thumb. My eye seems to freeze as if turned to ice, And the pressure builds as if placed in a vice. My nose starts to run and my eye begins to tear, As my body is gripped with fear. Red hot nails, they pierce and twist in my eye, The burning is such that I wish to die. Sharp blades cut and rip through my skull, As I pace the room and bang my head on the wall. I can feel my cranium crack, As all my world turns to black. For one hour or maybe two, How long it really lasts, I dare not tell you. For all that time, I pace and I walk, Sat on my bed, back and forth I rock. I suck on oxygen and drink caffeine, I can be quite snappy and downright mean. But eventually the nails are removed, as are the blades, And the pain within, all but fades. I am drained, I am spent, My energy is at zero percent. I need water, I need food, But instead, I lay here unable to move. I take one deep breath, and maybe two, Before the next symptoms ensue. Then the crying truly begins, As my body shakes from my bones to my skin. I am racked with hot convulsions in wave upon wave, To this terror I am now but a slave. Eventually, even this fades to a whimper, As my body begins to shiver. Wrapped in a blanket I raise myself up, Sloshing some water into a cup. Today was like any other, Yesterday, today & tomorrow, they all blur together. Day in and day out, everyday the same, Oh, how I wish I could escape this pain.
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    All, It's with a heavy heart I have to do something today that I've only had to do once before. Ban someone from the board. This action was not taken lightly. I'll leave details out, but nearly every personality conflict on the board for the last year or so all involve one poster. I've asked politely. The mods have asked politely. This poster has received warnings and yet continues to post inflammatory remarks. There seems to only be one action left so that members here can focus on helping one another, that's the reason we're here and the reason the board is here. To help, not hurt. We all have enough hurt in our lives with CH already. Love to all, J
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    I like being oblivious about such things and do not envy such a duty. The moderators have earned my trust and I trust their judgement. Your work is appreciated.
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    I am very happy Tom has some relief but caution is advised. Stem cell therapy comes in many variations. The source of the cells, method of delivery and the criteria for success. There are a couple of case reports describing some degree of relief and a very small study showing some reduction in headache score but no meaningful relief. The postulated mechanism of action when treating trigeminal type pain decreasing inflammation. This makes sense because many treatments are aimed at reducing inflammation. Caution should be stressed because, in general' the data surrounding stem cell therapy is sketchy. There is a tremendous placebo effect particularly when used for joint pain. Because stem cell therapy using one's own fat cells can be done in any type of setting there is little to regulate quality or monitor outcomes. Therapy tends to be extremely expensive. There are many desperate people with pain syndromes and cluster headaches are right at the top of the list. There is little data regarding stem cell therapy and headaches. There are many offers to try the therapy but if anyone tells you they have "lots of experience" treating clusters or even headaches in general I would challenge their veracity.
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    Hi Jonathan, thank you for your kind workds. Our training lasts for 12 months, it's built around everyone's own life story and the medical condition and recovery from it is in the center of this story - to help others who are still struggling with same issue. We practise presenting our life's story many times, and possibility of telling it in different places and situations with different length. Even a course of performing arts is included ! The best teacher is doing the work when we graduate though. We collaborate with each other a lot but as an EbE we do not speak out (=advice) about treatments since we are not doctors. Our job is to tell our personal experience living with the condition and not advice about possible treatments, when we work at a hospital. Understandable course of conduct but also a balancing act for me, since I am also a patient, peer support, sometimes a friend, member of an association etc. And treatments that saved my life are illegal here but also part of my life's story. I think this kind of training and use of us patients in the heathcare is benificial for everyone, especially in cluster headache not well known at all.
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    I GOT THE OXYGEN!!!!! E tank. I already ordered the mask and will order the regulator. Thankfully, the vitamin d is keeping my clusters away. But it’s been some good days guys!!!
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    Second Update from the OP Well Hallelujah and pass the ammunition. Last week I got a call back from my Doc's office, they needed help filling out a form from Aprila Healthcare for the O2 setup. They asked me all the medical questions again about our condition, stuff I know is in my record, but I'm in no mood to complain since it looks like we're making progress. Stuff like eye swelling, nasal congestion, consistent pain location etc (you know all the symptoms). She says she's sending the form over to Aprila and they should contact me. Sure enough Aprila calls me Friday to set up an appointment. I have to come in to be trained how to use the equipment. I went in for my appointment today, got the rudimentary explanation how to use everything, They gave me 3 small tanks to take away with me, mask, hose, regulator and carrying rig. They set me up for delivery of their largest tank, which is supposed to come this afternoon. They'll deliver tanks whenever I need them from this point forward. Here's the kicker - Its all covered by insurance! I was presented a zero dollar invoice when I left. After all the hassle, I felt like I hit the lottery. I guess calling my CEO and complaining to him about our health insurance may have helped. Apparently threatening to pull the account of 600+ people has a way of getting an insurance company's attention.
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    I wanted to take a second to send a HUGE thank you to this website and it’s moderators. Four weeks ago, after a 15 year absence, my CH returned. And with a pain level I don’t remember. I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t remember my drugs I used to take or if there were even any changes in prevention and treatment. I went to my own general practitioner and as I explained what was going on, he began thumbing through his drug catalog, gave me a referral and that was that. I called the doctor he referred me to and he couldn’t see me until the end of February, clearly (or hopefully) beyond my need to see him. This past week I was in hell. Multiple attacks per night and then attacks while I was at work and driving to work. All I had were triptans at my disposal and those were clearly messing with my cycle, making it impossible to predict and creating multiple attacks per day and night. Wednesday evening, after having three kip 7 or 8 attacks, I found myself in my partners lap sobbing. I couldn’t find someone to help me an I didn’t know how to fix it. That morning, I found the list of recommended doctors on the site. Curiously my referred doctor was not there, but there were three others. One five miles from my home. I called them fully expecting to get the, “we aren’t seeing new patients until later next month”. But instead, after telling her I suffer from CH, she asked me if I was available this morning at 7:00am. Needless to say, my emotion bled through the phone. I felt saved. And this morning I went and met the most amazing people. They knew what CH was. They knew how much we suffer. They told me that CH sufferers always get bumped to the front of the line. They knew of all the current treatments and gave me the options of choosing. And to top it off, at 7:30, I started an attack. The doctor injected me with imitrex, guided me to a quiet room, and let me deal with the beast in private. When I came out, I had a bag of goodies that I had recently paid an arm and a leg for, and several reassuring smiles that made me know, I am in good hands. And I wouldn’t have found it if it weren’t for this site. I am eternally grateful. I don’t know if I found my personal fix, but I found a trusted partner in the process. Thank you.
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    @CHfather is absolutely right, listen to everything he says. I can't stress enough how important oxygen is for the treatment of CH. I can't say for sure you have CH, I am not a doctor. But I think CHFather is right that you should treat it like you do have CH and would strongly recommend you try out oxygen. I suffered with CH for 7 years before I got O2, and things completely turned around for me once I did. Imitrex is a good starting point, but I can abort a headache with O2 with no side effects in about 10-15 minutes. Imitrex makes me feel tired and terrible and can make things worse if you take it every time you get a headache (every day). My understanding of how oxygen works is that it has vasoconstrictive properties that cause the blood vessels pressing on the trigeminal nerve to constrict (get smaller) and stop pressing on the nerve. I am not a doctor, however, and this may not actually be the case with oxygen. Not a lot about how it works is actually known. At any rate, some of your symptoms sound like what happens to me. The hard thing here is that nobody has the same symptoms and triggers. Like @jon019 said, we are all different, yet the same. 2pm is a normal headache time for me, I call them my "cluster times" (mine are 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, and 90 minutes after I go to sleep). I can practically set my watch to it. There are others that are triggered by any number or combination of things, and you are going to have to find out what yours are. Some of the medical literature says clusters don't have triggers, but that is not true. For example, alcohol is a trigger for a great number of us. To make matters more complicated for you, you describe other symptoms that are not necessarily unique to CH. Some of what you describe we know here as "shadows," and there is almost nothing in medical literature about them, but most of us have them. There is a feeling in your head before you get hit with the intense pain, and it acts as a warning about what is coming. When the pain comes it is searing or hot and located behind your right eye. That pain starts migrating into the orbital area and reaches down into your sinuses and your jaw on the same side. That is because the trigeminal nerve attaches to all of those places, and is the nerve that causes our cluster pain. (CH is one of a group of conditions known as Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalagia) Also included with the cluster attack is a profound tension in the neck. This created issues with my diagnosis of CH, because it is part of the mechanism in migraine as well. I have seen no medical literature on this, but anecdotally I have a few cluster buddies that talk of their "cluster knot" in their neck or shoulder while they are in cycle and complain of the almost painful tension in the neck and shoulder. I also have sensitivity to light, especially where there is a large contrast (ex: oncoming car headlights at night). As far as the sleeping it off goes, I can only do that with shadows after an attack. However, napping is a big time trigger for me, so I can't take a nap unless I want to get hit with a 10 later that day. When I did nap, I would wake up with that familiar feeling behind my eye. This is present for me any time I take a nap, even if I was feeling fine before I went to sleep. Also, you need to start keeping a headache diary. This is important because if it is CH, chances are that they will suddenly stop one day, only to return later down the road. There are 2 types of CH, episodic and chronic, and most people (75%?) are episodic. Keeping track of your headaches, descriptions of the pain, what you ate that day, weather conditions, stressful events, etc. can help you determine what is going on. That is good information to have even if you end up not having CH. I apologize for this being so long, I hope it is helpful. I hope you don't have clusters. But if you do, you are absolutely in the right place. There are a lot of people here who understand and are happy to help you. Your first step is probably to get some O2 to try. A question for the experts: If you can abort your headache with oxygen, doesn't that indicate that you do have CH and not one of the other TACs or migraine?
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    Why do I feel like I do after a Jehovah's Witness or Hari Krishna just knocked?
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    DK, I've been keeping up with the thread, wondering if it was going anywhere. As others have pointed out. Someone comes to the board every few weeks announcing a cure. There is no cure. Only remission. I myself have gone 2 years without an attack, then back to episodic then to chronic. Others 10 years or more and it comes back. I manage my beast with the natural medicines primarily discussed on this board. That said. I like to follow Bob's lead and let people speak freely without fear of repercussions. MM was once thought of as being a quack management technique. It is now, thanks to Bob and others like him, in my opinion one of the best treatments out there along with Oxygen. If you feel cured, then I'm happy for you. I'd recommend not claiming a cure though. Those of us that have been around are sorta tired of people claiming a cure, yet they're clearly simply in remission. I thought verapamil was a cure many years ago. The first time my doctor prescribed it for me, my CH disappeared a few weeks later. I was over the top happy that I finally found something that worked. The next year my CH came back and I went to the doc for another script of verapamil. It didn't do anything. Absolutely nothing accept give me tachycardia. (A dangerously slow heart beat). I realized thinking back. The first year was about 2 months into my cycle. At the time my cycles ran 2 to 3 months. I realized then, that my cycle had simply stopped on it's on, and had absolutely nothing to do with the verapamil other than coincidence. I've read about others having similar experiences with Kudsu, chriopractic care, hot baths, hotsauce up the nose, having the facial nerves cut, Adkins diet, vegetarian diet, etc etc. and the list goes on. They were not cures, just chance coincidence, or at best something that provided a small bit of help (which we all need at one point or another). What works for one person, may or may not provide help for another. It's great you're in remission, but people will not take you seriously by claiming a cure. You're in remission, that's great and happy for you. Cheers, J
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    Forward this post to 10 of your friends or the "cure" will disappear forever.
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    hi csa...welcome, ...what is your diagnosis? who prescribed the sumatriptan...if oral, it's pretty useless as an abortive, inject or nasal far superior....sounds like you need a headache specialist, or a different one (and not just ANY neuro).... ...ER is basically worthless for CH...they rarely see and don't know how to treat anyway....your hit will end, they will proclaim success and send you on your way with useless shit like fioricet....they may or may not respond to a carried letter, I sure wouldn't count on it...tho carrying a letter might be beneficial if you are ever incapacitated by a hit... ....my idea of beauty is an O2 tank with layers of dust...the peace of mind of availability is priceless (what would you pay to stop something a million times worse than child birth?).... and you already know it works... ....somewhat typical to get worse over time from initial onset...but that is NOT a given... .....CH is only going to increase your anxiety/depression...but also could be unrelated...get that treated regardless of headache diagnosis.. best jonathan
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    Hi. Name's pronounced 'Rori'. I battled unremittant chronic CH with upwards of a dozen distinct hits per day from mid 2011 through fall of 2017, and can happily say that I have had nothing but light shadows since my old hippy mother found the Busting method here and my somewhat sketchy connection came through for me. At the time of the attacks I had worked to convince myself that what I was experiencing was a mild form of the disease -- only after they faded from my life did I understand what I had simply grown accustomed to. No, wanting to trepan ones self to stop the pain is not a mild symptom. Loss of motor control and blackouts due to pain are not mild. The title says it all. For six years I was functionally disabled (though the medical establishment says otherwise), socially isolated, and completely controlled by the raft of CH triggers I experienced, which seemed to range everywhere from sleep to caffeine to spicy foods and dust and... just... I think that the whole world would be best described as one big trigger. I wasn't able to drive a vehicle or operate power tools safely, couldn't ride a bike or walk quickly, couldn't get around florescent lights or anything that produced a frequency, and my doctors... Propranolol gave me the blood pressure of a corpse. Amitriptyline made me forget my name and address. Imitrex and Topomax made it worse, if at all possible. After I refused to take the Topomax my Neurologist refused to see me. MRIs and CAT scans came back 'perfectly normal'. Then finally the stars aligned . . . I went to a liberal arts college (the CH started right after graduation) and friends had given me magic mushrooms in the past. I had been hoarding my single remaining baggy trying to make microdosing work. Nope. Not effective. And then I met a girl who drank too much, and needed a miracle of her own. Where my personal thoughts to myself were to Gut Up and Deal (see above re: mild case? I'm from a Navy Family...), I found that where I lacked the audacity to reach out to friends for my own sake, when I fell in love with a girl who drowned herself in minimum half a liter of vodka daily and knew she wanted out, I found that strength, at the moment when my network had a solid connection. Its amazing what you can do for others when your own strength is failing (again: Navy family). Several ounces of psychedelic and two years later, I am still cluster free, able to see, drive, hold down a job, and THINK, while the girl who is now my wife hasn't touched liquor in two years. Yeah. Y'all saved my life. Thank you. Keep fighting.
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    ....no mirrors in yur house bro?
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    Kat, Gender has little to do with the efficacy of oxygen therapy in aborting CH. If used properly with hyperventilation at forced vital capacity tidle volumes either with 100% oxygen at 30 to 40 liters/minute with a non-rebreathing oxygen mask, hyperventilating with an oxygen demand valve, or by hyperventilating with room air for 30 seconds at forced vital capacity tidle volumes then inhale a lungful of 100% oxygen and hold it for 30 seconds then repeat this sequence until the pain is gone. In all three methods, the average abort time should be around 7 minutes with > 95% efficacy and it has nothing to do with gender. What most doctors and neurologists don't understand about effective oxygen therapy as a CH abortive, is oxygen is only half of the abortive. The other half involves blowing off CO2 faster than the body generates it through normal metabolism by intentionally hyperventilating for 6 to 7 minutes pushes the body into respiratory alkalosis. In simple terms blowing off CO2 by hyperventilating shifts blood pH to the alkaline side of neutral making it more alkaline, hence the term respiratory alkalosis. I need to point out that respiratory alkalosis from intentionally hyperventilating is temporary and harmless. It clears normally within a few minutes once returning to normal breathing rates. Respiratory alkalosis does several things that help abort CH. The first effect of respiratory alkalosis with an elevated arterial pH, is to slow the expression of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP) and Substance (SP) by neurons in the trigeminal ganglia. CGRP and SP are responsible or the neurogenic inflammation and pain we know as CH. What also happens during respiratory alkalosis is elevating arterial blood pH in the lungs to the alkaline side of neutral, increases blood hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen. This enables blood hemoglobin to carry up to 117% of oxygen where breathing a little faster than normal elevates blood oxygen to only 99%. This super-oxygenated blood flow and low arterial pH does two things. It speeds up the breakdown of CGRP and SP and It also triggers triggers pH homeostasis when chemo receptors in the brain stem and aortic arch sense the low arterial CO2 concentration. These chemoreceptors signal the breathing control neurons in the brain stem to slow the respiratory rate. They also signal the heart to beat more slowly and arteries and capillaries throughout the body including the brain and trigeminovascular complex to constrict. All this happens to slow the flow of blood to the lungs to prevent the loss of CO2 and allow its arterial concentration to rise back to normal levels. While we're intentionally hyperventilating, this triggers the vasoconstriction throughout the trigeminovascular complex and this serves as a significant CH abortive effect. I can hear the wheels turning... WTF are Forced Vital Capacity Tidal Volumes? The answer is simple once you understand the terms. Tidal Volume = The volume of air (or oxygen) inhaled and exhaled. The air comes into the lungs during inhalation and goes out when exhaling, just like the tide comes in and goes out. Vital Capacity = The maximum amount of air a person can expel from the lungs after a maximum inhalation without thinking about it. Forced Vital Capacity = By doing an abdominal crunch, tightening the abdominal and chest muscles as in doing sit-ups at the end of a forceful exhalation, squeezes out an additional half to full liter of exhaled breath highest in CO2 content. If you hold the abdominal crunch and chest squeeze for at least a second, your exhaled breath will make a wheezing sound. Try it now and hold the squeeze until your breath makes a wheezing sound. Accordingly, hyperventilating at forced vital capacity tidal volumes pumps CO2 from the blood stream much faster than "normal respiration." Now for the proof this method of oxygen therapy and breathing techniques makes oxygen therapy very effective with an average abort time of 7 minutes. We conducted a pilot study of this method of oxygen therapy (hyperventilating with 100% oxygen) with seven CHers (6 CCHers and 1 ECHer, six men and one woman) in 2008. Four of the CHers used an oxygen demand valve and the other three used a Flotec 0-60 liter/minute oxygen regulator set a a flow rate of 40 liters/minute with a Cluster O2 Kit mask from CH.com equipped with a 3-liter reservoir bag. Abort times with either method were the same. Each of the seven CHers collected abort time and CH pain level at start of therapy for every CH aborted for a period of 8 weeks. This came to a total of 366 aborts with this method of oxygen therapy. 364 of these aborts were rated as successful with a complete CH abort in 20 minutes or less for a success rate of 99.4%. The results are plotted out in the following graphic. The average abort time for these 364 aborts was 7 minutes. One of the pilot study participants collected abort time and pain level data for a week while waiting for his oxygen demand valve, using a disposable non-rebreathing (NRB) oxygen mask at an oxygen flow rate of 15 liters/minute. As you can see, the demand valve method (hyperventilating with 100% oxygen) results in CH aborts 3 to 4 times faster than using a disposable NRB oxygen mask at a flow rate of 15 liters/minute. We also discovered an interesting phenomenon that the higher the CH pain level, the longer it took to abort to abort the CH. This has never been reported in any of the previous RCTs or studies of oxygen therapy as an abortive for CH or Migraine. For reference, I hold a patent on the oxygen demand valve method of aborting CH. I've also over 15 years training in Aviation Physiology primarily involving oxygen breathing systems and their use in flight. Bottom line, hyperventilating at forced vital capacity tidal volumes with 100% oxygen or hyperventilating with room air at forced vital capacity tidal volumes then inhaling a lungful of 100% oxygen and holding it for 30 second then repeating this sequence 6 more times for an average total of 7 minutes are equally effective in aborting CH. Hope this helps. Take care, V/R, Batch