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    I have similar experiences with lurking beast. In the beginning I was able to manage with some benadryl 25-50 mg at night. When my cycles escalated I found Clusterbusters. You are a young person and need to develop a workable strategy in case your condition intensifies. I do not tell this to scare you but rather counsel preparedness so if it happens (and I hope it does not) you are not scrambling for relief. An up front rational plan is best to avoid making deals with the devil. Since Verapamil, oxygen and blocks seem to work it sounds like you have classic cluster headaches. This should assure you have access to many treatments described. Besides what you already do consider the D3 regimen described in this forum. Many seem to benefit from it and the downside is pretty much nothing. Understanding busting is worth exploring. It is not for everyone and preparing yourself in terms of spiritual health, mental health and implementation makes the option a more positive experience. It is much better to source or self supply when the cycle is over than in the midst of pain. Plus self provision has a 2-3 month horizon from scratch. Stay informed, horde your meds in case lifes situations change and explore options. Hope you say pain free. More than you asked for I realize but its best to use the collective wisdom of the generations that came before you to defeat the demon
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    I found this article interesting, I hope you do too. https://www.iflscience.com/brain/magic-mushroom-chemical-hyper-connects-brain/
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    https://hub.jhu.edu/2019/09/04/hopkins-launches-psychedelic-center/ The cluster community has a special role in this type of situation. Most conditions psychedelics are believed to be helpful in treating fall under mental health which is complex and multifaceted. Cluster headaches are more of a medical "condition" and while individual impact and perception differ; somehow a medical diagnosis is more acceptable than a mental health diagnosis. Now anyone suffering from mental health issues knows that is a pile of crap at the end of the day any road that gets these substances rescheduled is a road many will benefit from. So if you get a chance to participate in a cluster headache study using psilocybin or other psychedelic take advantage of the opportunity. The pain you save may be your own and many others....
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    I am a big fan of clinical trials, I have taken part in 2 of them for clusters since I was lucky enough to be diagnosed including the Yale psilocybiin study. I do not do it for a cure for me but to help find a way to get one step closer to cure the future. I would like to be part of finding a cure for my children if they ever have to experience this shit storm of a life we all live.