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    Hi fellow cluster heads, i recieved a free gammacore through a free trial program my MD is in. The study’s show it doesn’t work that well for CCH and I would like to give it away. If some one out there gets good results but can’t afford one let me know. The divice has not been activated yet and is good for one month once it’s activated. I’ve been getting txt messages from them about programs they have now for people who’s insurance won’t cover it or you can’t afford it. You may want to look into it again if in the past that was a barrier to use. If no one with experience with them is interested I will open it up to anyone that wants to try one. It’s the newer second generation one. Not the original bulky one. It comes in original box with directions. It also works for migraines as well. So if I open it up to everyone all will be considered and I’ll have to figure out a raffle or essay thingy. Looking forward to hearing from y’all! Brian
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    Hi! (First Post)

    Yes. Mine started out mild too. In 1972. They lasted 20 minutes and were not agony. Pain? Yes. Agony? Nope. Well, fast forward and they morphed. Ch is really good at that. I was days and went nocturnal. I was CCH and went to ECH. And into hell. I had a very nice break for 10 years. And was shocked when they returned in a different fashion. So, my advice is to see a Neuro. and get a relationship going. You will benefit if he/she is worth their salt. Anyone keeping you on Pred for extended periods is not paying attention. Sorry. I love Pred too!!!! I save my Dose Packs for special situations - travel, etc. That way I have a plan for emergencies and no side affects. And I stick to 4 a year. Some people get the pain mainly in the eye, others get the hot poker thru the temple. Not out of the ordinary. Don't let the dentist pull your teeth! The nerve to your entire face on that side covers a whole 1/4 of your head. So, that means your teeth and sinuses are afflicted with pain. But you don't need surgery. Many of us have had it to no avail. Many have lost teeth with no reduction in pain. Your lower level of symptoms and pain is not an indication it is not CH. Just that it is new CH I suppose you could call it. Some get slammed hard from the first and others take a different route. Who knows why. ATB
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    big j

    Hi! (First Post)

    My advice would be to get your vitamin d checked. Mine was slightly low for normal 22 and since I started taking it and brought it up into the 70s I've been almost pain free. It's worked better than the drugs I've found that worked and no side effects. As many on here will tell you everyone is different so it's hard to have a %100 diagnosis. Since your pain and frequency seem low I'd advise to avoid imitrex, it made my situation worse imo. Most on here will tell you to start with o2 but I know it can be a pain to try and use on a job site. If there's torches on site try em, Ive just set up a garbage bag to fill with my torches.
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    Cluster after 30 Year Hiatus

    I obtained Batch’s recommended D3 while in the US. On my return flight-no attack. On my new sleep schedule back where I live-no attack. The only supplement lacking for compliance with the D3 protocol is Boron (I assume this is to increase free testosterone ?) and will add that shortly. So knock on wood (not sure if this has been established as medically effective :) ) life is good again.
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    Hi! (First Post)

    Vitamin D is a good thing to check, also your testosterone levels. Low T can be a cause of headaches (I believe). From what you describe, it doesn't sound like a typical, by the book, cluster headache. But, I'd recommend seeing a neurologist for a formal diagnosis. A 'by the book' cluster headache will last between 1-3 hours, be 1 sided, usually be in or behind the eye, but not always, and the pain is beyond belief. It's not a case of stopping work for a bit to deal with it, but rather stopping work and slamming your head into the wall for an hour, or rolling on the ground holding your head, pacing across the room crying out in agony, level of pain. I've described it as having a gang of men break into your house, pin you down and saw off a leg without anaesthetic while using a dull, rusty saw - every day. It is that level of pain. There are other types of headaches that happen regularly as well as clusters, so worth getting checked out by a professional who understands headaches. MG
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    Benadryl to bust imitrex rebound

    Hey Big J, Benadryl works best to block the histamin H1 receptor when it's vacant. If histamine molecules have already occupied available H1 receptors, usually characterized by a CH... the Diphenhydramine will be useless. Moreover, the histamine triggers the expression of CGRP and SP, both of which are responsible for neurogenic inflammation and the pain we know as CH. The only way around this is to take 25 mg Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) every 4 hours during the day and hopefully during a CH pain free period. This allows the Diphenhydramine to pass through the blood brain barrier to block vacant histamine H1 receptors before the histamine arrives. You need to make a Redneck oxygen reservoir bag our of a clean kitchen trash bag, plastic Coke bottle with cap and the bottom cut off, some electrician's tape and some duck tape. Use the search tool at the top of this page and key in Redneck Reservoir to find the "How To" DIY instructions... Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
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    My D3 Regimen Log

    It's been almost a year since I last posted. I guess it's true that you tend to take your health for granted. Fortunately, I've had the luxury to do so this year. I'm glad to report that ever since I started the D3 regimen I've been completely pain free. No more headaches, and not just CH. I don't recall having any kind of headache in almost a year. I've been thanking God and the fine people of this site that directed me to this regimen whenever I can. To those of you still undecided, please give the D3 regimen a chance and stick to the guidelines. And to the people on this forum that helped me, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.
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    I'm right eye dominant and pain is always on my right
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    CCH surgery

    I have not had this procedure but did have the trigiminal nerve cut down at the Mayo Clinic back in 1982. I was part of this study; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12707445 There was 17 in the study. Lots of problems, they don't do it any longer. Stick with mm. I'm not sorry I had it done , it saved my life . Would not advise anyone have surgery . A true believer in busting.
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    Another CH "lookalike" (maybe)

    https://www.docguide.com/sphenopalatine-neuralgia-independent-neuralgia-entity-pooled-analysis-case-series-and-literature-rev?tsid=5 "The clinical characteristics of SN [sphenopalatine neuralgia] might mimic cluster headache with the exception of cluster pattern and treatment response to oxygen. The typical duration of pain episodes in SN was several hours to several days; and in some cases, pain was persistent."
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    Her work specifically deals with the atlas and axis vertebrae, the area where the spine meets the brain. I had another appointment today and discussed this with her. She said that what she sees in all her patients with cluster headaches is a misalignment in this area 100% of the time. She said I am an average patient as far as my situation and that her success rate with patients finding relief is very high. I said 80% high and she said higher. She said not all patients with a misalignment will present with headaches, some may have vestibular problems, seizures, fibromyalgia, etc. just depends on what nerves and blood supply is being effected and how that is interpreted by the brain. She said most of her patients can recall a specific neck trauma in their past that may have caused a problem, car accident, fall. Some like myself cannot although I did play soccer thru college. I asked her why others refute that this technique works and she gave a multitude of reasons. The one I think is holistic practices are always at a disadvantage to prescription based treatments and also you may have to go to a few doctors before you find one that actually knows their stuff. Luckily I found one that does. Before my first appointment, I had to get very detailed xrays of my head and neck for her to review, then we went over my problem and she explained how she would correct it.
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    Hi Chiro, what does the chiropractor say he’s adjusting. Is it something specific to CH or is he just doing a cervical alignment.
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    I strongly disagree. This is the third time this method has helped me avoid a cluster period completely. I’m not a one time story and my cycle start times have not changed. Not saying it can help everyone but if it helps one other person find relief, then it’s worth it to me. I don’t find it a coincidence that I get woken up with an hour long cluster headache 2 nights in a row, go in immediately and get help, then the headaches magically vanish. Upper cervical care is much different than a regular chiropractor.
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    Aimovig, new CGRP inhibitor

    If I can get my cycle to quit, I'll do whatever out-of-episode prophylaxis is available - I've burned through almost everything else. Over the past 20 years, I've been on Topamax, Depakote, Keppra, Verapamil, Lithium, Lamotrigine, Lacosamide, and Oxcarbazepine. I've done 1 g Depacon Infusions with Solumedrol. I did Botox every 3 months for 1.5 years. I've done occipital and temporal nerve blocks. The beast always returned. I recently has about a 2 year break - on zero drugs - after a MM bust and having a little left over for every 2 month boost x 4 rounds. Which brings us to now - I have excellent insurance, and the Aimovig Ally program will keep my costs down for at least a year - so if I don't see any adverse events from doing the monthly shots, I'll keep doing them until the HAs return, then re-evaluate. If my episode doesn't break from the dex, I'll be busting again. As to the mechanism of action of the CGRP inhibitor - it is supposed to reduce number of hits and intensity. CGRP is a "messenger" type neural chemical, whose message is typically "pain". It's one of three secondary chemicals that intensify migraine pain, after the activation of the serotonergic receptors at the outset of the headache. It's entirely possible that this mechanism will have more relevance to chronic cluster than episodic, but we'll see. As to the cost - nobody should be paying $7000/year for this or any drug. If you have any sort of commercial insurance, there is co-pay assistance through Amgen. If you don't have insurance, you should apply for full-on patient assistance programs. Paying full cash price for branded drugs can be avoided most of the time. Start with pparx.org if you need help. Lenny
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    Neck muscle tension connection?

    I was just reading through some other threads and came across a post where another user emphatically claimed a connection between "a very hard knot on one side of the neck" and CH. I didn't think much of it at first, but ended up feeling around my neck anyway, and sure enough, on the left side (same as my usual CH pain), the muscle seems much harder and has virtually no "give," as compared to the right side. It's not easy to explain as I don't know anything about the relevant muscles or bones, but this is on the back of my neck, close to the spine. On the right (normal) side, the muscle is soft enough that if I push enough, (I think) I can feel down to the vertebrae, and feel a small amount of corresponding pain there. But on the left I can only push against the muscle, never feeling anything resembling bone, and never eliciting any pain. Anyway, I hadn't seen this discussed at length outside that one mention, so I thought it might be worth seeing if anyone else has noticed this, or any connection between it and the headaches? I'm currently in between bust #2 and #3, and it seems to be very effective already, so unfortunately (ha!) I don't think I will be able to determine anything useful by direct experimentation, at least this time. But I thought it might still be worthwhile, to see what others think. And come to think of it, I did coincidentally happen to have some massages before/during some past cycles that never ended up materializing. I had attributed this entirely to other factors, but now, I'm starting to wonder...
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    New guy

    Hmmm... Lots of good questions so I'll start with the vitamin D3 cofactors... In simple terms, more CHers respond to this regimen if they take all the cofactors than CHers who take only vitamin D3. That some CHers experience a cessation of CH symptoms taking only vitamin D3 likely indicates they're likely eating a diet very rich in the needed vitamin D3 cofactors. To give you an idea of how much dietary sources of magnesium you would need to eat a day in order to satisfy the 400 mg/day requirement for magnesium, you would need to eat: 3/4 pound of dark chocolate or 13 ears of corn or 4 cups of broccoli or 8 cups of peas or 5 cups of Tofu or a cup and a half of Cashews or 13 bananas or 3 cups of black beans... (that could be dangerous) and the list goes on... My SWAG (Sophisticated Wild-Ass Guess) is it will be a lot easier and cheaper to take a 400 mg capsule of magnesium for 11 cents a day than go through the gastrointestinal stress... and expense of eating enough dietary sources of magnesium each day... What we've learned over the last 7 years about this regimen is Magnesium is a must as it is consumed rapidly in the enzymatic process that hydroxylates vitamin D3 to 35(OH)D and on to 1,25(OH)2D3 the genetically active metabolite. Without magnesium supplements, taking 10,000 IU/day or more vitamin D3 will deplete the body's magnesium reserves rapidly (a couple days) and this results in a magnesium - calcium imbalance. As muscle contraction requires calcium and muscle relaxation requires magnesium, a magnesium deficiency will result in muscle cramps. Finger and leg cramps are annoying at best... however when cardiac muscle starts cramping or not relaxing properly, THAT will get your attention with a fluttering feeling in your chest. Solution... take at least 400 mg/day magnesium. The other indication of insufficient magnesium is when CHers take only vitamin D3 they tend to have a favorable response or a pain free response within the first week... They enjoy 2 to 3 days of CH pain free bliss then the CH beast starts jumping ugly again... Why? Vitamin D3 has consumed available magnesium leaving none to support further vitamin D3 hydroxylation. Regarding the rest of the vitamin D3 cofactors... My research and that of experts in vitamin D3 therapy indicate each of the remaining cofactors plays a role in both the D3 pharmacokinetics (What the body does to vitamin D3) and vitamin D3 pharmacodynamics (What vitamin D3 does to the body). As CHers, we need to take this regimen daily as a way of life. Accordingly, I've tried to select the supplements with the best bang for the buck. 10,000 IU/day Vitamin D3 (Nature's Bounty) - 12 cents 400 mg/day magnesium (Nature Made) - 11 cents Kirkland 50+ Mature Multi - 4 cents (The Mature Multi contains nearly all the essential vitamin D3 cofactors. It doesn't have enough magnesium and it doesn't have any vitamin K2), Omega-3 Fish Oil (Nature Made) - 8 cents (The Omega-3 fatty acids act as a potent anti-inflammatory and also help in the absorption of vitamin D3). This brings the total cost per day for the anti-inflammatory regimen essential supplements to 36 cents. Adding the LEF Super K with advanced K2 complex (MK4 % MK7) - 20 cents This brings the total cost of basic anti-inflammatory regimen to 55 cents/day. When to take the anti-inflammatory regimen... For starters, its best to take this regimen with the largest meal of the day. There are two good reasons for doing this. 1. Absorption is highest when these supplements are taken with food high in fats. 2. Taking this regimen with food helps avoid GI tract distress. As an example, taking magnesium on an empty stomach increases the odds of osmotic diarrhea. It's also best to take all of these supplements at the same time each day. Rational... Vitamin D3 absorption starts when it reaches the small intestine and continues as it travels roughly 12 feet until it reaches the large bowel... roughly 12 hours after oral dose where it reaches maximum serum concentration (Cmax). Vitamin D3 (not 25(OH)D3) has a half-life of roughly 18 hours as a fraction of vitamin D3 it is hydroxylated to 25(OH) vitamin D3 each time serum vitamin D3 passes through the liver. What really counts for us as CHers is the hydroxylation of vitamin D3 at the cellular level in neurons and astrocytes within the trigeminal ganglia. Here it's likely hydroxylated at the same rate... and possibly much faster. As this is the site of the genetic expression that down-regulates the expression of CGRP that helps prevent our CH, and the reduction in CH frequency can be as short as 12 hours... hydroxylation to 1,25(OH)2D3 may be even shorter than 12 hours. Getting back to vitamin D3 pharmacokinetics... 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 = 250 mcg = 0.25 mg... That's not much when you consider nearly every cell in the body needs vitamin D3 and we're trying to get as much as possible into neurons and astrocytes within trigeminal ganglia where it's hydroxylated to 1,25(OH)2D3 to support the genetic expression of peptides that down-regulate the expression of CGRP and in doing so, helps prevent our CH... Hope this helps... Take care, V/R, Batch
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    strange changes to my clusters

    MoxieGirls' rule of thumb: No two cluster sufferers are the same, and as soon as you figure out your clusters, they change. Migraines suck too. Just saying.
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    Autoimmune clusters

    The reason that I put that out there is not to convince someone to try something on my theory, it is to remind people that there are more options than just the ones listed and that a couple of them a doctor can prescribe for their clusters. One neuro that prescribes both Ketamine and cannabis for migraine and clusters is actually a board member here at Clusterbusters. The experiences that he has reported from his patients do not really match the experiences you have seen in your office. Very little abuse and very few problems with it. Myself, over the past 7 years I have only gone down in frequency and amount. I was taking twice as much but my headaches got better and on my own I decided to cut it in half. I have also talked to numerous migraine and cluster headache sufferers who have also been taking it for years with no problems. And yet people seem hesitant to admit that they have it prescribed. Probably because every time it gets brought up people talk about it like it's some big debauchery thing instead of a legitimate medication for clusters. Before I gave a talk on Ketamine at the CB conference two years ago I thought I was the only one on it. Then I gave my talk and person after person came up to me to whisper that they too had it prescribed and that it was seriously helpful, sometimes lifesaving. But that they were going to tell no one but me. When we talk about substances as a "habit" or as "snorting k" it deligitamizes the very real info and experiences that have shown these things to be medicine. It also gets people to not want to mention the medicine for fear of judgment, making it so accurate info on the subject is hard to find. That's why it irks me when people talk about ketamine abusers and chronic pain patents as if they are the same group of people. Both have issues that they would love to run from but many of the chronic pain patients find ketamine has at least somewhat made their situation better. Not because they are bombed all the time but because the situation that they wanted to run from is now manageable. From what I have seen that's when the last thing people want to do is dissociate, instead they want quite the opposite--to get back to their lives. So far, the experiences of ketamine users for headache disorders have backed this up. To me the way to go is to put out all the options so people can decide for themselves. Truthfully I am not against pharmaceuticals. I think all drugs have their place but that with the huge differences in people and situations we need all options listed as often as possible. As far as substance abuse (especially cannabis) ruining lives... Are you really sure that's what's going on? Most research I have read points to the idea that substance abuse is a symptom of a bigger problem in someone's life, not the actual problem. -Ricardo
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    Autoimmune clusters

    Someone comes here, says they haven't been to a doctor, might not even have typical clusters, and your first advice is to take ketamine and cannabis because you theorize it might work? I use ketamine at work for animal euthanasia and surgeries, and have seen vet techs get hooked on the stuff, stealing it from the lab, lying about how much they use. I'll catch them passed out limp in the break room from time to time. I believe anything can have a medical use, but I'm very much into harm reduction, not anti drug at all. If OP came here and said "I have been to a doc, prescribed this, diagnosed with this, none of it works, please help." My reaction would be totally different. Trust me, I hate the establishment more than anyone. And I'm not angry at all, I think you have provided valuable insight and accurate info. My conservatism actually comes from experience, not propaganda. I have seen all manner of substance abuse ruin lives, hallucinogens and cannabis included. I have also seen them save lives.
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    Low Histamine diet worked for me!

    I don't know if this shines a light on anything, and I don't think they've done more research on it, as, it probably wasn't that interesting to them... But Mast Cells play a large part in allergic reactions. (And in life itself...) They release histamine and, oh, about 500 other hormones. And they've found them all up in our faces in the areas we have Cluster Headaches. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6733778 And https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2272091 Benadryl prevents mast cells from releasing histamine. Which is believed to also stop mast cell activation. The problem is, with mast cell disorders at least, generally if you take the same thing over and over again, you become immune.... Mast cells are jerks. I think I tried the low histamine diet for the mast cell problems before we knew it was mast cell disorder and therefore did me no good. (Because I react to what my body has ID'd as the enemy.) But not for CH. I'm guessing it's not my problem as I'm on a shit ton of antihistamines still (No Benadryl, allergic to that) and Anti-IGE therapy with Xolair and no joy.. But maybe once we calm enough mast cells down it'll get better.
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    I've been following this concept for a while. My personal opinion, for what it is worth, Is that there is merit. I have had personal positive results. Now cetainly my positive observation are clouded by many confounding factors. I currently use DALT every 5-7 days, toss in some low dose mm sporadically when I have 6 hours to spare, D3, verapamil and a beta blocker. The verapamil and beta blocker are ostensibly for hypertension but I chose them for my blood pressure hoping they would do double duty. At night I take 75-100 mg of benadryl which is a relatively new add. To my delight it seems to knock out any lingering shadows and I sleep better. Never was a dreamer but I've been having vivid dreams. This I attribute to the DALT but its only a guess. Following a diet would be a better physiologic test but my lifestyle and variable schedule would make this darn near impossible. To be a bit analytic about this I should start withdrawing some treatments but I am so happy to have relative control of the beast its not worth it. Same philosophy that makes all studies hard. Bottom line it is great folks are trying this and continue to report on their experience. Information is power and helps fill in the blanks while helping others. This forum is such a great place!
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    Yeah, I made it. I've finaly uploaded my app idea to the Play Store and sended out emails to all the Android users that signed in to become a tester of the app. This means we are finally in the testingfase of the RegisterYourJourney app. If testing goes well, I will publish the app as soon as possible for everybody to use. It will be free fo download. A small explication of why I've made an app for us. All the years that I already have cluster attacks, I've been looking for an simple way to register my attacks and everything I do to feel better. This is what I see as my personal journey. Excel sheets didn't work for me because its not an easy way, most apps only gave me the option to register attacks and medicine use, but we do so much more than that. A lot of apps also ask to many things when you want to register an attack. This is really nice to know but if my attacks starts, it hits me like lightning and I don't think about filling out a form with questions. The information collected in these apps are mostly stored in an agenda, nice, but it gives me no clear view on what I've done because I need to open day by day to find out. What does my app different for us RegistrateYourJourney gives the option to register whatever you want. If you would like to register only medicine use and attacks than you only add "Cluster headache" and "Your Medicines" as buttons to the app and you can push the buttons to register these items. Benefit now is that you can also register your vitamin D, magnesium or magic mushroom use. Or you can register the use of coffee if you are interesed in knowing if the use of coffee has any influence on your attacks. I've made (for the moment) 7 groups of buttons: Symptoms, Medicine, Alternative Medicine,Therapies, Vitamins and minerals, food and drinks and activity. In every group are some items listed, but it is still a small collection. If you need an extra button like a medicine that isn't listed or another therapy, just go to the website and request a new button and I will add it as soon as possible. Why would this app help us? I strongly believe that if we can register all we individual think is important, we will find more structure in our attacks. Maeby we can find out why Vit D seems to work for one and not for the other as a lot of things we try. Meaby we can try things together and registrate this also together, so we can do some investigation ourselves. Meaby we can combine our data with the weather report or allergy reports so we can see if there is a correlation between attacks and weather or pollen. Maeby later we can combine it with data collected in a health watch, but thats all future. The other side is that I think that pushing a button is easier than filling in reports. The easier it is to register, the more data we can collect. That has been the base of my idea. Hope you will all enjoy the app. It will be free to download from the Play Store for Android users. iTunes/Apple users have to wait a little bit more. The iOS project is finished but the publication time for iOS is way longer. If you want to become a tester, for this version and future ones, please send me an email and I will add you as soon as possible. Please mention the type of phone, operating system, the email address you use for the Play Store or iTunes and you name so I can add you correctly to the list. (Without the correct email address I can't add you to the whitelist for testers) Hope that I can contribute to our journey finding a solution and that everybody feels well.
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    Low Histamine diet worked for me!

    Histamine Restricted Diet "the list" Allowed/Restricted Foods This diet excludes all: foods with naturally high levels of histamine fermented food artificial food coloring, especially tartrazine Benzoates including food sources of benzoates, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydoxytoluene (BHT) Milk and Dairy Foods Allowed Plain milk Ricotta cheese Foods Restricted All prepared dairy products made with restricted ingredients All cheese All yogurt Buttermilk Breads and Cereals Foods Allowed All plain grains Plain oats and oatmeal Plain cream of wheat Puffed rice and wheat Foods Restricted Anise Artificial colors Artificial flavors Bleached flour Cheese Chocolate Cinnamon Cloves Cocoa Margarine Preservatives Restricted fruits Some jams, jellies Any food made with or cooked in oils with hydrolyzed lecithin, BHA, BHT Commercial pie, pastry, and fillings Baking mixes Dry dessert mixes Vegetables Foods Allowed All pure fresh and frozen vegetables and juices except those listed Foods Restricted Pumpkin Sauerkraut Spinach Tomato and all tomato products All vegetables prepared with restricted ingredients Fruits Foods Allowed Fruits Apple Banana Cantaloupe (rock melon) Figs Grapefruit Grapes Honeydew Kiwi Lemon Lime Mango Pear Rhubarb Watermelon Fruit dishes made with allowed ingredients Foods Restricted Apricot Cherry Cranberry Currant Date Loganberry Nectarine Orange Papaya (pawpaw) Peach Pineapple Prunes Plums Raisins Raspberries Strawberries Fruit dishes, jams, juices made with restricted ingredients Meat, poultry and fish Foods Allowed All pure, freshly cooked meat or poultry Foods Restricted All fish and shellfish All processed meats All leftover cooked meats Eggs Foods Allowed All plain, cooked egg Foods Restricted All prepared with restricted ingredients Raw egg white (as in some eggnog, hollandaise sauce, milkshake) Legumes Foods Allowed All plain legumes except those listed Pure peanut butter Foods Restricted Soy beans Red beans Nuts and seeds Foods allowed All plain nuts and seedsFoods restricted All with restricted ingredients Fats and oils Foods allowed Pure butter Pure vegetable oil Homemade salad dressings with allowed ingredients Lard and meat drippings Homemade gravies Foods restricted All fats and oils with color and/or preservatives Hydrolyzed lecithin Margarine Prepared salad dressings with restricted ingredients Prepared gravies Spices and Herbs Foods allowed All fresh, frozen or dried herbs and spices except those listed Foods restricted Anise Cinnamon Cloves Curry powder Hot paprika Nutmeg Seasoning packets with restricted ingredients Foods labeled “with spices†Sweeteners Foods allowed Sugar Honey Molasses Maple syrup Corn syrup Icing sugar Pure jams, jellies, marmalades, conserves made with allowed ingredients Plain artificial sweeteners Homemade sweets with allowed ingredients Foods restricted Flavored syrups Prepared dessert fillings Prepared icings, frostings Spreads with restricted ingredients Cake decorations Confectionary Commercial candies Miscellaneous Food allowed Baking powder Baking soda Cream of tartar Plain gelatin Homemade relishes with allowed ingredients Foods restricted All chocolate and cocoa Flavored gelatin Mincemeat Prepared relishes and olives Soy sauce Miso Commercial ketchup Gherkin pickles Most commercial salad dressing Beverages Food allowed Plain milk Pure juices of allowed fruits and vegetables Plain and carbonated mineral water Coffee Alcohol: plain vodka, gin, white rum Foods restricted Flavored milks Fruit juices and cocktails made with restricted ingredients All other carbonated drinks All tea All drinks with “flavor†or “spices†Beer Wine Cider All other alcoholic beverages
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    expecting heat wave this weekend

    An interesting and timely thread... I may be able to contribute... You be the judge... My formerly black pickup mid March, a week into the Red Alder tree (Alnus rubra) pollen fall... It's gotten worse since then. The Red Alder pollen catkins are nearly spent, but the Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) pollen drop is just starting... When I built the house in '82, I had a USDA Forest Service rep in to timber cruise the property. He estimated the Bigleaf Maples growing near the creek were 200 to 220 years old with 34 inch diameter trunks at that time. The Bigleaf Maple in the photo with sword ferns growing 20 feet up the moss covered bark has a 38 inch diameter trunk. I measured its height with a laser range finder at 125 feet. The Bigleaf Maples are loaded with blooms... If last year was any indication... we've another two to three weeks of very high pollen count outside my bedroom window here in Kitsap County in the heart of Puget Sound, WA. So what does all this forestry have to do with cluster headache... A lot!!! I'm with Weatherman on primary and secondary triggers. This concept makes good sense... I've also been sharing data from the online survey of CH'ers taking vitamin D3 as part of the anti-inflammatory regimen to prevent their CH and some of my own observations with Dr. Todd Rozen, MD, Director Headache Program, Geisinger Health Care, Wilkes Barre, PA. I've been working with Dr. Rozen since 2007 when I introduced him to the demand valve method of oxygen therapy... Dr. Rozen was also kind enough to swing by my poster presentation on the results of the survey of 127 CH'ers taking the anti-inflammatory regimen to prevent their CH at the AAN Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA last April. I'm the old guy in the western getup on the right... I didn't want any of the neurologists watching my poster presentation thinking I was a doctor... I'm normally on a maintenance dose of 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 with a 25(OH)D serum concentration around 80 ng/mL to stay pain free for most of the year... However, for the last two years starting in March, I've titrated up to 25,000 IU/day and by the end of March I'm usually up to an average of 40,000 IU/day vitamin D3 in order to stay CH pain free. With the heavier than normal pollen this year, I've been averaging 50,000 IU/day vitamin D3 and doubling the magnesium to 800 mg/day since the first week in March... Only it's not working as I'd hoped... It's a little embarrassing to be the vitamin D3 guru and still get hit with CH... but that was the case three weeks ago... I started getting hit up to 3 times a night while taking an average of 50,000 IU/day vitamin D3... Fortunately, oxygen therapy with hyperventilation knocked down these hits in 5 to 7 minutes. At that point I went back over my notes and found the mechanism of action for an allergic reaction results in a flood of histamine... Pollen hits mast cells in the mucus membranes of the nasal passages, the mast cells dump histamines and other inflammatory agents into the surrounding tissues and blood stream and it's off to the races with an allergic cascade... Another interesting part of an allergic reaction is there's a spike in the absolute eosinaphil count... When the absolute count of these specialized white blood cells goes over 350, it's a good indication there's an allergic reaction present. My PCP has been great following my use of vitamin D3 to prevent my CH, so I got him to write me a script for the CBC and WBC Differential blood tests... I took the scripts over to the Naval hospital for a blood draw and two days later I got the results... My absolute eosinaphil count was 390.... Another check of my notes along with some open source standard of care recommended treatments for allergies and up jumped good old benedryl, a first-generation antihistamine. The rational for taking a first-generation anti-histamine is they pass through the blood brain barrier where second- and third-generation anti-histamines do not. This allows benedryl to block histamine receptors in brain cells... and in turn, slow or stop the allergic reaction where it counts most for CH'ers. Accordingly, I started dosing with benedryl per the instructions on the bottle at 25 mg 4 times a day. The results were dramatic... In less than two days, the frequency and severity of my CH dropped to less than one mild hit a night (while sleeping), and these CH were so mild, they aborted very rapidly with two to three deep breaths of oxygen. I've actually slept several nights totally pain free since starting the benedryl and I've also tapered my vitamin D3 intake down to 40,000 IU/day... When I shared this information with Dr. Rozen, he commented I was spot on target... He indicated they frequently treat migraineurs and a few CH'ers hospitalized due to their headaches, with a benedryl IV. The thinking now is an allergic reaction impacts the vitamin D3 capacity to prevent CH by one or more of three mechanisms: It totally overwhelms vitamin D3 genetic expression; It interferes with vitamin D3 genetic expression; or the immune system response to the allergic reaction consumes available vitamin D3, it's metabolites and enzymes needed to hydoxylate vitamin D3 all the way to its hormonal form, 1,25(OH)2D3... leaving too little left to prevent CH... Sorry, my degree was in chemistry... Hydroxylation is a chemical process that introduces a hydroxyl group (-OH) into an organic compound. In the case of vitamin D3, two (-OH) groups are added, one each to the 1st and 25th positions on the vitamin D3 molecule to make 1,25(OH)2D3. Connecting all the dots and piecing the puzzle together... it appears an allergic reaction renders nearly all methods of CH intervention less effective at best... and totally ineffective the rest of the time... That goes for imitrex, oxygen, verapamil, vitamin D3, and psilocybin... Moreover, it also appears that treating the allergic reaction with a first-generation antihistamine makes these methods of CH intervention affective again. By the way, there are a number of studies that have concluded that mushrooms exposed to the UV-B in sunlight or UV lamps, results in a nutritional increase in the ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) content of mushrooms... up to 990 IU/70 grams of fresh mushrooms... If dried, the vitamin D2 content/gram is much higher... See the following link: http://omicsonline.org/a-nutritionally-meaningful-increase-in-vitamin-d-in-retail-mushrooms-is-attainable-by-exposure-to-sunlight-prior-to-consumption-2155-9600.1000236.php?aid=20611 Please understand I'm not suggesting this is the mechanism of action in using psilocybin to bust CH... There's a very real mechanism of action involved in psilocybin's capacity to prevent CH... The vitamin D2 content is none-the-less a thinker...  Your thoughts? Take care, V/R, Batch
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