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    Jimmy Martinez

    Happy Holidays and thank you

    I've been able to get tremendous help and support from the people on this forum. Thank you. Please know that for the rest of my life, I'll be praying earnestly for everyone to be healthy and pain free. And for there to be a cure. Season's Greeting to all, Jimmy-
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    Oxygen supplier

    Freud, Fair question and thanks for the kind words. I'm a 74 year old retired Navy Fighter Pilot. I was flying Navy fighters like the F9-F8 Cougar and F-8 Crusader, a.k.a., Mig Master before they started the first Top Gun class... I've a degree in Chemistry and at one point, was considering a career in medicine... I got a ride in a Navy trainer aircraft (T-34) my Junior year at the U of W, Seattle and that sealed the deal... The thought of flying Navy fighters appeared to be be a lot more fun than another 6 years of school so I joined the Navy to fly in 1965... I'm also a long time CHer (first CH attack in 1994), chronic since 2004. I've over 3000 hours flying Navy fighters and all of that flight time was spent breathing 100% oxygen from takeoff to landing (usually aboard an aircraft carrier). I can assure you, I was sucking down 100% oxygen at flow rates that support hyperventilation during high G-Force dog fights and combat maneuvering... like getting shot at by bad guy SAMs and AAA. I'm a patent holder for the demand valve method of rapid CH aborts method of therapy. I also have 15 years training in aviation physiology with most of that training in oxygen breathing systems. I'm a member of the American Academy of Neurology as a cluster headache researcher and I've had the opportunity to meet with some of the top neurologists in the world experienced in treating patients suffering from cluster and migraine headache. Bottom line... I'm here to help CHers avoid the terrible pain we all know so well by providing information outreach on safe and effective methods of controlling CH (oxygen therapy with hyperventilation as a safe and effective CH abortive and vitamin D3 therapy as a safe and effective CH preventative). I started doing this in 2006. You can find my web page at VitaminDWiki at the following link: http://is.gd/clustervitd 'Hope this answers your question. Take care, V/R, Batch
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    Interesting sleep/CH research

    According to this research, "there is no relation between CH attacks and specific sleep stages or between CH and breathing parameters" Also, overall sleep patterns in CH patients are the same out of cycle as in cycle. https://www.docguide.com/disturbed-sleep-cluster-headache-not-result-transient-processes-associated-cluster-period?tsid=5 BACKGROUND Cluster headache (CH) is characterized by severe, unilateral attacks of pain and a high nocturnal attack burden. It remains unknown if perturbations of sleep are solely present during the CH bout. Therefore, we aimed to investigate differences in sleep between the bout and remission period in episodic CH (eCH) patients, secondly to compare patients in the two phases with controls. METHODS eCH patients, aged 18-65 years, diagnosed according to the International Classification of Headache Disorders 2 nd edition, were admitted for polysomnography at the Danish Center for Sleep Medicine, in bout and in remission. The macrostructure of sleep including arousals, breathing parameters, limb movements (LMs) and periodic limb movements (PLMs) were compared with 25 age-, sex- and BMI-matched healthy controls. RESULTS There were no differences in any of the sleep parameters for patients in bout (n=32) compared with patients in remission (n=23). Attacks were unrelated to sleep stages, presence of apnea episodes, PLM's, LM's and arousals. In bout, patients had longer sleep latency (18.8 vs. 11.7 minutes, p<0.05) and REM-sleep latency (1.7 vs. 1.2 hours, p<0.05) than controls and sleep efficiency was lower (82.5 vs. 86.5%, p<0.05). Patients in remission only had a longer sleep latency compared with controls (17.5 vs. 11.7, p<0.01). CONCLUSIONS The results support the presence of a continuing or slowly recovering disturbance of sleep outside the bout rather than a disturbance occurring secondary to attacks. Further, we confirm there is no relation between CH attacks and specific sleep stages or between CH and breathing parameters. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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    Women with CH

    Interesting abstract Cheryl. I had a long remission that ended in my 50's. They returned with fury too. Previously I had been Chronic with lower level pain and no nocturnal hits. When they returned 15 years ago I was Episodic and Nocturnal. Untreated or poorly treated, my cycle runs Solstice to Solstice. Unless it gets prolonged by a surgery or something That produced an 8 month cycle a few years back. Several males have had long remissions too. Upon return several changes are notated, such as going from daily attacks to nocturnal attacks. Also, the greater severity is common too. So I would say that the changes you are experiencing are rather common. I suspect that you have looked at the Trigeminal Nerve diagram. It shows all the branches involved with that nerve. The three main branches are over the eye, under the eye, and the jaw. So, that covers all the nerves on the entire side of your face on your CH side. Teeth and sinuses included. As far as rain is concerned, it usually includes a low pressure front. For whatever reason it is falling barometric as opposed to rising that sets my head off. That is pretty common. It is also common for migraines. Verapamil is top med for it too, not Topamax. In addition, pred is awful for you over the long haul. Like needing hip replacement awful. It is normally used as a 'bridge' medication to get you thru till the Verap kicks in. You might discuss a medication change with your doctor. And he should know to provide you with O2!!!! It is the best abortive out there and not harmful to your body. It is infuriating when this is not offered as a first line of treatment!! Advance warning - Medicare does not cover O2. You might want to try some caffeine at the first sign of a hit coming. It can be a great help. Also, you can set up a welding O2 tank and buy your own O2 without insurance or a script. You will need a non-rebreather mask to use with it for best aborts. Oh! Don't worry about being Chronic yet. That means you have less than 2 weeks pain free in a year. It is quite likely that come spring your cycle will end. ATB
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    Math and Chemistry can explain it.

    This lesson can help people visualize what is happening in their brains and allow them to understand a difficult principal at work. Because it is difficult, it makes this busting process seem more mysterious than it really is. Also note, its time for us to differentiate between “Busting a Cycle” and “Preventing a Cycle”. Bustin is coming out of a cluster cycle. Much harder once it has started. Takes long time! Preventing is taking medicine after busting, when your head is clear. This helps prevent the cycle from starting. Usually once every three or four weeks when everything is great. HISTORY I kept noticing the number of people increasing with problems during weeks 3-7 of busting. I couldn’t figure it out and was wondering why it sometimes took me 7 weeks, then 9 weeks, then 14 weeks to break out of a cycle. Most people initially have great success busting and then some say that it doesn’t work for them. My chemistry friends told me chemistry never lies. I wondered why? THE VISION Then it came, a vision of the Receptor garden in my brain. I could see the charged remains of the vaporized Receptors, only a random white lily here and there across a football field of black. It dawned on me, there is a root system underneath this that may be telling them when to open and close. Think of each one as an individual with real intelligence thru neighborly connections, like a internal underground wi fi system for the whole receptor field. That may explain the “Doors Closing” side of things. They talk to each other, not like a group or a complete system. Each one is an individual little baby but hooked up to the network. They come and go online at different periods. Not all at once. Its a protection mechanism from eating poisons in the old day. It’s why the mushroom works but not as good as the L. Then I realized further that different pills and chemistry give each R a different half life to come back online after damage. Like a boxer, each one needs its own time to heal before it can be in fighting state again. Stress, ordinary triggers, all affect the network and any healthy online R’s at that time. Constantly punching them. R’s should be constantly coming back online regularly but sometimes they don’t. The rotation moves about via the slot machine, but some bad ones stay bad. They are still loaded and unfortunately set the user up for a bad period. WHY DONT THEY HEAL Too much chemicals usually over power it. We are giant Recptors, these R’s are trained for minute, tiny messages. We are sending them spam and overloading them with DoS attacks thru the chemicals we use. Think about your nose, ears, eyes, everything about us is nerve receivers, these R’s in our garden are trained to react to the tiniest change. By us giving them an overabundance is like giving them McDonalds everyday and then using round up to try to lose weight. It takes them longer to heal then natural foods and clean living. Each Receptor will take its own time to heal based on its injuries. I’ve been meditating for a couple of years now, so I asked for a digital answer. I wanted them to show me. The grid is an example which helps for the equation, our real grid is much more massive. THE MATH for my sample, our garden of receptors is 10 x 100 = 1000 Receptors now abbreviated as R. With the zoom on (Which it always is) we only see those (13% from my modeling) that are online and being used right now during this period. I call this the slot machine. It runs threw the garden and selects who should be online for that period. It doesn’t matter what the status is of the Receptor. Some are selected and those that are selected are at the use for the individual during that period. The rest (approx 87%) are not being used. They are either in sleep, repair or Bad mode. So think about the garden and for US how it works….a few definitions to help my black/ white binary example: WHITE R White R = Healthy Receptor in a Blocked or natural state. For us it doesn’t matter how it got there, all that matters is it is a White R which we associate with working, healthy or blocked. Essentially = no cluster! It may have been a Black R that just got healthy and is now White or It may be a Black R that is temporarily blocked by chemicals and for now working as White R until the block wears off during any given moment White R = White R + Blocked R If White R = 90-100% the best you ever felt. Like a kid again. Takes about 6 months to get there from the middle of a cycle. 85-90% feel great. Takes about 4 months to get there from the middle of a cycle. 80-90% we are good but should be thinking about preventative asap. Takes about 3 months. BLACK R Black R = Bad Receptor is either burned out or in repair mode state. It is not functioning and can lead to Clusters occurring. These are bad and can take varying lengths to heal. Some never heal due to excessive overexposure to chemicals. So Black R’s include dead, broken, repairing, anything that isn’t healthy. If Black R = 30% shadows 40% big shadows, optical, electricity in head 50% sweats, waking up (Cycle is ready to begin!) 60% you’re getting a 2-6 (The cycle has started now) 70% you're getting a 5-7 80%+ we don’t want to go there OUR GARDEN N = Our Entire Garden of all Receptors N = (Healthy White R + Blocked R + Bad Black R) x = % of Receptors in "slot machine zoom" being used for the period x can vary on the individual from a low of 8% to a high of 13%. This explains the discrepancy between lengths of time that some people need. THE CALCULATOR https://www.engadget.com/2010/01/13/drop-chance-probability/ When x varies between 8%-13% you can see how the distribution to reach 100% White R's varies from 7-14 weeks. This differentiation lines up with many of the complaints regarding effectiveness. Week 7 Same Doses, Different Slot Machine Zoom Rates can vary lengths by a third. with a 9% slot machine zoom rate = by week seven I’d have a 63% chance of being 100% blocked whereas with a 13% slot machine zoom rate = by week seven I’d have a 90% chance of being 100% blocked! This curve continues with a 9% rate it takes 12 attempts to reach 100% with a 13% rate it takes 8 attempts to reach 100% So I’m usually around 11 times which puts me in the 9% zoom rate. Each time my slot runs, it is selecting 9% out of all the R’s in my Garden. I can at best, affect 10 maybe 11% with an overload. Each day when we wake up, the zoom focuses on the x% that will be used for that particular day or “period”. The 13 that become active are chosen to be online for that period. So each period we are using only 13 percent of the garden. The rest are in hibernation, Bad, or trying to get healthy. They are not participating nor are they affected by the 13% that are online. (unless there is some sort of over load, like excessive chemical use or extreme trigger stress. The barrier can be crossed but it must be large. LSD is one exception here which makes it the most effective medicine. Depending on set and setting, it can sometimes over power the network and affect more than the daily “slot”. It has the ability to communicate quickly and beat the lilies in their communication. Not always, only sometimes. When it happens you will feel it like electricity when you take it. It happens very quickly in the first minute and you will get the shakes afterward. It is the only medicine that I have noticed this with and I believe it is because the others goes thru the stomach. I think the message goes so fast thru the brain, that the garden cannot react quickly enough and it overpowers everything in the zoom plus a few surrounding R’s that will give you a bonus effect. It’s not a large percentage, but a little bit (1-2%) more can have a dramatic effect over the course of “busting a cycle" as shown by the calculator below. Hence I would recommend always busting with L when available. HOW IT WORKS We can tell what’s happening by our reaction to the L. The L affects the R’s in the slot machine view for that period. <- very important. If we are tripping hard, we are reaching a high percentage of Healthy (unblocked) cells in our slot machine. They are part of the garden, but not the whole garden. Tripping is good, it means the R’s may have been previous Black R’s that are now blocked OR they may have been healthy White R’s that were not yet blocked. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we blocked cells that could have gone bad and now they are blocked! If we are rote. A dull, shorter experience. You feel the medicine isn’t working. LOL it is. It’s chemistry. This is how I figured it out! That means we are hitting blocked cells already. You are probably mid cycle and this is a mid season bust (numbers 3-9) for a lot of people. Your slot machine gave you a bad zoom. You got many blocked cells already. The L is hitting them but not doing anything. The space is filled already. Your set and setting was not so good for timing your Receptors. Maybe you felt it was right, but you must pay attention to your garden and ask yourself is today the right time? This rote experience can almost be considered a wasted trip unfortunately. The medicine is hitting blocks that were already established. You should have let another day go by if you could have. I also think during a cluster is not so good either. Better to wait for a clean healthy feeling moment. When we are having clusters, it is turning White R’s to Black R’s. This is why they are cyclical. Everything triggers them but we must have enough Black R’s in the slot machine to feel the pain. Now you must wait and it could be another week of pain. This can be dis heartening and everyone gets it in rounds 3-7. They need encouragement because they aren’t getting a big “bust” feeling anymore. Its because the earlier cells are still blocked. The blocks really last for about three - four weeks when you are at thresholld 80+ clean. Then it becomes a backwards timer. They are always releasing the “blocks”. Good to find a common safe time and ground to prevent them from releasing too many every three weeks or so. They hold for one month, but can come off RAPIDLY from air flight, barometric pressure changes, and all the other triggers. I’ve found pressure is the greatest by far! Once you are clean and all Healthy R’s, the slot machine’s protection begins to chill out a little. This sets us up for great preventative trips with L. Because it is fast and powerful it gets thru and boom you are healthy for a long time. I can feel when they are coming off. This allows me to do everything and live normally, but when the first shadow comes, I know to get to business within 2-3 days tops and then Im good for 3-4 weeks. AREAS TO EXPLORE CTE, PTSD, Clusters are closer to shock related injuries than headaches. They are not headaches. They are constant feedback loops that attack the sensors in our garden with too much information. Left brain clock and right brain clock. Where do they sync? Could a bump in this sensitve area cause the clocks to go out of sync occasionally? Could this cause our body to activate antibodies like an ellergic reaction causeing you to have sinus like side effects? Seasonally at first and then continually as the message nerves get more solidified in their connections, causing us to become chronic? Does your doctor think you have allergies? This injury affects a few too many areas of our specialized medical science to grant any one purveyor a good view. The answer will come from outside the medical profession. From someone who undersatnd pain as a feedback loop and a figment of our mind. It's real, but only in our mind reliving the shock. They are looking for a patent on a pill that nature has designed for us perfectly. If they cannot do this, they will not participate in helping us. Start thinking differently or you will always get the same answer. For centuries science was wrong about the sun, perhaps they are wrong about clusters too. It wouldnt be the first time.
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    Please Help

    There are several migraine studies that have shown avoiding sugars and wheat products is prudent in diet selection. I'd also add eating organic NON GMO veggies and fruits along with free range organic meat, poultry and eggs is a great way to go. A serving or two of wild caught fish a week is also great.The rationale for avoiding GMO food types is they all contain glyphosate - a herbicide called Roundup. Nearly all GMO crops were genetically modified to resist Roundup. As the friendly colonies of bacteria called the microbiome living in our GI tract are all nearly all members of the plant family, herbicides kill them off... That's not a good thing as our microbiome is responsible for 70% or our immune system. Just do an Internet search of food types containing Glyphosate... The following links on this topic should perk your interest in eating Organic NON GMO food types. https://www.ecowatch.com/monsanto-glyphosate-cheerios-2093130379.html https://janeshealthykitchen.com/avoid-these-foods-with-monsantos-glyphosate/ Take care, Happy New Year... and watch what you eat... V/R, Batch
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    Oxygen arrived

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    Women with CH

    Given that the largest majority of CH sufferers are men, and women are frequently mis-diagnosed - does it make any sense to start a general topic solely for women suffering from cluster headaches? I'm having trouble with healthcare providers in this area and there also seems to be very little data on women sufferers. Just an idea. Thoughts?
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    Women with CH

    Hi @Cheryl - So sorry to hear about this recurrence after 40 years! What a drag! I hope you can get it under control soon. I highly recommend the D3 regimen. I started it for the first time at the beginning of this month (December), and after 2 weeks, my CHs are totally under control. The D3 regimen basically aborted my cycle. Sometimes I will wake up feeling like I have a CH coming on, but once I get out of bed, oddly, it just goes away on its own. I rarely even have to take ibuprofen for these headaches, and I haven't had to take a Relpax (triptan) in 2-3 weeks. And even though you're cycle has now lasted 2+ months, I'm not sure I'd call your condition chronic CH. The cycle I had last year lasted 5 months (it was awful - my worst ever), but it finally ended on its own last May. Here's hoping yours ends MUCH sooner than that. Give the D3 a try. Best.
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    Dallas Denny

    PLEASE HELP - Bangkok, Thailand

    There's a place called Bomba's Shack on the island of Tortola in the BVI that sells shroom tea! DD
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    PLEASE HELP - Bangkok, Thailand

    That rocks
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    missing . . . To repeat Jon's question: Do you have oxygen??
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    I can't make this one go away

    You can try to down a 5hr energy drink on your way to the oxygen tank! This will help kind of boost the o2 and you may be able to get some relief a little faster. I do this all hours of the day and it does not keep me up.
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    Oxygen supplier

    So I ran out of O2 and called Apria for a refill. They were here with in 2 hrs and the guy offered me an extra tank. Can’t say enough good things about my experience with them so far. So now I have 2 full M tanks ready to go. My experience with the O2 is mixed. Sometimes it aborts in 10-15 min and other times nothing. Same breathing technique.
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    Oxygen supplier

    We did a pilot study of the oxygen demand valve method of aborting CH in 2008 with 7 CHers. 4 of the CHers used the oxygen demand valve breathing at respiration rates that produced the effects of hyperventilation. The other 3 used a 0-60 liter/minute InGage regulator from Flotec set at 40 liters/minute. Both methods produced the same rapid CH aborts in an average of 7 minutes to a CH pain free state across CH pain levels 3 to 9 using the 10-Point Headache Pain Scale. The seven CHers collected abort times and pain levels for a total of 8 weeks each. This resulted in data for a total of 366 aborts. One CHer collected data for a week using a standard disposable oxygen mask at an oxygen flow rate of 15 liters/minute. The results are illustrated in the following graphic. 364 of these aborts were effective in less than or equal to 20 liters/minute for a success rate of 99.4%. The two failures happened when the CHer got trapped away from his oxygen system until the pain level as already at 10 at start of therapy. As you can also see, oxygen therapy at flow rates that support hyperventilation produced much shorter abort times than a flow rate of 15 liters/minute. This chart also illustrates the higher the CH pain level at start of oxygen therapy at oxygen flow rates that support hyperventilation, the longer it took to abort the CH. This is the reason why we need to start oxygen therapy at the first indication of a CH attack while pain levels are low.
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    Oxygen supplier

    Hyperventilating with 100% oxygen is 95% effective for 95% of CHers. The down side of this breathing procedure is it consumes a lot of oxygen... like 250 liters per abort. The key is hyperventilating as that lowers arterial CO2. Accordingly, hyperventilating at forced vital capacity tidal volumes for 30 seconds with room air then inhale a lungful of 100% oxygen and hold it for 30 seconds is just as effective. Repeat this sequence until the CH pain stops. That usually takes an average of 7 complete cycles (7 minutes) and consumes roughly 25 liters of oxygen... One tenth of what's consumed hyperventilating with 100% oxygen. Sucking ice water through a straw from a glass filled with ice and water so it washes across the hard pallet on the CH hit side chills the hard pallet and sphenopalatine ganglia directly above it causing a mini brain freeze. This has the same effect helping to abort a CH as slamming a 5-Hour sports drink.
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    Oxygen supplier

    One VERY important key to using O2 is get on it before the pain kicks in. As soon as you feel the attack coming. Slam the energy drink, and get on the O2. If you can do that before the pain kicks in, I'd bet you the O2 will work better. For me, if I can't get to the O2 till the pain starts, it takes 45 mins to work, if it even works at all. J
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    My Face Hurts

    CHF, Interesting read, though it seems the article may be grabbing at straws when it comes to CH. There's only a handful of individual cases and the writer's terminology uses "may be responsive" several times. Just based on this article and others that have tried it, I'd guess the responsiveness is no better than placebo. IMHO. J
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    Dallas Denny

    Oxygen supplier

    Always love hearing about a good O2 supplier Freud!! I loathe the taste of ALL energy drinks so I keep a cup of Joe in the microwave at all times when I'm cycling.......at the 1st tinge I nuke it for 60 seconds and while its warming I hit the O2.....when hot, I shut down the O2, hold the cup where I can slip on it and blow on it which blows the hot steam up on my right eye....after a minute of doing this I jump back on the O2.....my average abort time is 5 to 8 minutes using this technique and often times under 5 minutes!! One of our other mods, Spiny, uses the same technique but with cold coffee! DD
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    My Face Hurts

    Elrik, I'm unsure if your doc doesn't know what he's doing or he's trying an experiment on you. Indomethacin doesn't work on CH. That's not opinion, just fact. It does work on a similar condition called Hemicrania Continua. Some doctors use a short script to see which condition the patient has. If it works you don't have CH. If it doesn't work, then likely it is CH. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemicrania_continua If he says you definitely have CH and prescribed Indomethacin then he's not done his research. J
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    Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

    @jherbertartist Travel scholarship application info is usually posted around Mar/Apr DD
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    Pounding Head, Broken Heart

    Moxie...so sorry for your loss. Whether you celebrate the season or not.... just know you got family out here who care and are thinking of you! Best Jon
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    For the smart folks

    All I know as a CHer for 25 years is that we are all abnormally smart in certain areas especially something to do with our artistic, cognitive, speech or visionary perspectives. But, we are all relatively depressed individuals, say like Van Gogh. We usually live longer lives if not killed off by prescribed medications than normal human beings. Thus GH is bloody good in us! We have a tolerance for very high dosage of pain, medications, drugs and alcohol. We do not age as quickly as our counterparts and have extremely inquisitive minds plus strong personalities. We are the future generation, I believe and one of every of our kids or their offspring will evolve further. Only my opinion. Jazz
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    I Ate Myself to Headaches (Tyramine)

    You don't need to agree or believe in what I share for it to be of value. I discovered over time, including trial and error how important a healthy diet and vitamin supplementation can help control headaches. Simply put we need to be eating the right foods and taking supplements to help maintain a healthy lifestyle as we age. Batch is on point with the (D3) which has been quite helpful in my life as I struggled with my headaches. We all have our own triggers we avoid. Alcohol, smoking, chocolate, MSG, nitrates, and the list goes on. Our diet and life style can trigger a headache. High BP, diabetes, sinus issues, the weather, exercise can all trigger headaches. No doubt there are other variables relative to each individual but my point is we all received the gift that keeps giving wether we want it or not. There's a reason we became CH sufferers. No one in the medical field can tell you definitively what causes these headaches or why we get them. What I found was that certain foods I was eating were triggering my headaches. There is a strong link between our belly and brain. Anything we ingest that crosses the blood-brain barrier can cause a positive or negative response. I can't eat pineapple, nuts, peanut butter or certain cheeses without getting a headache. But I can eat a wide variety of foods that don't cause pain. I learned this from being completely off preventatives, and testing. Everything I've learned hasn't been the magic bullet, but the quality of my life has improved as I experience less pain when a headache occurs. I still have headaches, but their not like they were before regarding frequency and duration of pain. What I learned is Tyramine is a naturally occurring amino acid which forms from the break down of food as it ages. Tyramine is not added to food, it builds up over time. Left overs in the fridge that we eat days later can contain high levels of Tyramine. Tyramine plays a role of helping to keep our BP on track, but it can also affect our bodies in negative ways. Tyramine can trigger a cluster headache. I've personally experience this based on foods I've eaten. Keep in mind what I eat affects me differently than how it may affect you. I'm not going to list safe or unsafe foods you should or shouldn't eat. I just want to make you aware of its potential in triggering headaches. When I eat something with Tyramine the headache is pretty bad. It all happens with the shadow, stabbing eye pain, stuffy nostril, and watery eye. I abort this event with some coffee and tons of water to flush out. Then several hours later another episode occurs which is not as painful. Then another which is a headache I can stand still and deal with. My point is over time the pain reduces as my body processes what I ate. That food item I had an issue with ends up on my shit list. It's a trial and error process that I refined based on foods I eat. The most important part I learned is to eat well and don't skip meals. Low blood sugar levels can trigger a headache. I know from my personal situation I didn't eat well because of my issue in dealing with headaches and pain on a regular basis. See if this rings a bell... You eat something, watch TV, and then head to bed. While you fall asleep you're woken up with some pressure and the headache kicks in. You scramble to your personal abortive routine and abort the pain. You fall back asleep only to repeat the process several more times. This scenario is what caused me to think about what I was eating before I went to bed. With me it was cookies, M&M's, sourdough pretzels, pizza, soda, man the list goes on. I was eating myself to headaches. I sleep like a baby now, and I don't wake up with headaches like I use to. Good sleep is an important element when it comes to proper headache management. While on preventatives I was taking an anti depressant (MAOI) which made the headache more painful for me. Outside of the CH features I would perspire from my neck. This was a dangerous situation I had no clue about that could have caused me a heart attack. My BP shot up and I felt light headed and unstable. What I learned and found out may or may not be your issue but I need to pay it forward in hopes of my experiences resonating to something you might benefit from. Here's to a PF life. PS. Two good books... The Gut and the Brain Change your Diet, Change your Life