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  1. Luis

    Hello, can you give me some advice on starting a d3 regimen? Any advice will help. Luis

    1. Batch



      Please shoot me an email so I can send you the latest update to the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol.  My email address is pete.batcheller@verizon.net.  The file is too large to send over this website.

      You can find the posted version of this treatment protocol at the following link: 


      The supplements to pick up by brand and take by dose are illustrated in the following photo of the supplements I take.  You can order all of them over amazon.com



      Take care and please keep me posted.

      V/R, Batch

  2. Batch

    Prednisone Not Working

    Jlands, Allergic reactions to CHers are like Kryptonite to Superman. I had a huge allergic reaction to mold spores in June of 2018 that kicked me out of a CH remission that had lasted nearly two years and my 25(OH)D3 was ~140 ng/mL at the time. It took a week of loading vitamin D3 at 50,000 IU/day, extra magnesium and Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) at 25 mg every four hours to stop the CH beast from jumping ugly... I switched to the Bio-Tech D3-50 and did a taper from 50,000 IU/day down to 50,000 IU/week over a two week period. I've been CH pain free ever since. Hope this helps. Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  3. Batch

    Prednisone Not Working

    Jlands, What's your latest 25(OH)D3 serum concentration and what's your vitamin D3 dose? I've gotten whacked with mine upwards of 140 ng/mL when hit with an allergic reaction to mold spores. Take care and let us know how the Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) works. V/R, Batch
  4. Batch

    Prednisone Not Working

    Hey Jlands, For starters, you're likely vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiency contributes to the frequency of your CH. We've plenty of data to verify that statement as indicated in the following normal distribution chart of 313 CHer's 25(OH)D3 lab results prior to starting vitamin D3 therapy. 25(OH)D3 is the serum metabolite of vitamin d3 that's used to measure its status. The normal reference range for this lab test is 30 to 100 ng/mL. All of them were experiencing an active bout of CH with an average frequency of 3 CH/day/24 hrs. As you can see from the following chart, 60% of these CHers had a 25(OH)D3 serum concentraton ≤ 30 ng/mL and 100% ≤ 47 ng/mL. Second... you're also likely experiencing an allergic reaction to something in your environment or dietary intake. A week to 10 day course of Bernadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) at 25 mg every four hours throughout the day should make a difference if I'm correct about an allergic reaction. See the following link for details: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  5. Oh, Nicole is autistic and non-communicative.  She is unable to report to us so we have to guess from her responses.  Normally she's a very happy person.  Lots of laughing and giggling.  Except during these attacks.  She's 28.

    1. Batch


      OK Fire...  gotta name?

      You've raised the bar on Nicole's treatment.  That said, the initial goal of preventing her CH still stands.  Treating her autism is the next step if you're up for it.

      My daughter Gretchen, took a two-year hiatus from her masters studies to take care of two kids with ASD.  I learned a lot from my daughter regarding autism.  The most important lesson was positive gains (improvements) are few and far between.  I also had the opportunity to work with a naturopath treating a child with autism.  He is the son of a high school classmate of Gretchen's.  Although the naturopath and I were in agreement as to the course of treatment with vitamin D3 and the cofactors, the child's mother was unwilling to have her son's 25(OH)D3 elevated above the normal reference range of 100 ng/mL.  As a consequence,  the improvement was minor.

      As Nicole's care giver and mother, I suspect you've developed a keen sense of her well being and reading her nonverbal communication.

      I'll cut to the chase as Nicole's autism is nothing new to you.  Have you had a CP-MS - Mineral and Heavy Metal Elemental Hair Analysis done on Nicole?  The incidence of magnesium and zinc deficiencies among ASD patients is high as is the burdens created by excessive cadmium, aluminum, lead and mercury.  All these are treatable.  In fact, the anti-inflammatory regimen will take care of any magnesium and/or zinc deficiencies.  Chelation therapy can address the heavy metals.   

      Treating Nicole's autism with vitamin D3 therapy will require you to take her to a physician trained in the Coimbra Protocol. This protocol is very similar to the anti-inflammatory regimen in preventing CH with the major exception that vitamin D3 doses and resulting 25(OH)D3 serum concentrations are significantly higher, there also are a few extra supplements and dietary conciderations. 

      Where the average vitamin D3 dose for CH is between 10,000 IU/day and 20,000 IU/day, The vitamin D3 dose for autism using the Coimbra Protocol is around 1000 IU/Kg Body Weight/day ( 50,000 to 75,000 IU/day vitamin D3) and possibly higher depending on BMI and 25(OH)D3 response.  The Coimbra Protocol was developed by Dr. Cicero Coimbra, MD, PhD, a neurologist in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has an amazing track record effective in treating patients with MS and autoimmune neurological conditions with a 95% complete remission rate.  I've exchanged email and survey data with Dr. Coimbra since 2013.  He has also trained several physicians residing here in the US.  There may be one near you.  See the following link for the location of doctors trained in the Coimbra Protocol here in the US: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1fATZJUEhOsYYJdBY41h48FBkLaQ&ll=27.189497398872252%2C-82.03850906531966&z=8

      I've been in contact with Dr. Barrett Ginsberg, MD in Naples, FL for several years and sent a few CHers his way.

      Dr. Barrett R. Ginsberg, M.D.
      77 8th Street South
      Naples, 34102, FL
      (239) 325-2015
      Website: http://www.vitamindprotocol.org/home.html

      What is the degree of difficulty in taking Nicole on travel and to a phlebotomist for blood draws?  She will need labs every 30 to 90 days until she's at a stable vitamin D3 dose.

      Here's the most recent info on treating autism with the Coimbra Protocol.  I suspect you'll find more about the Coimbra Protocol and Autism on Facebook at the following link:  https://www.facebook.com/coimbraprotocol/photos/a.1548144692151907.1073741828.1546797872286589/1791336131166094/



      This is part of a recent email from Dr. Coimbra in which he talks about his experience with autism and high doses of vitamin D:

      "...Laboratory markers of autoimmunity have been found in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is strongly related to autism in early childhood.




      "We have used high-dose vitamin D in a few children and in a 17-year old boy (from Rio de Janeiro city) during the last 2-3 years, and all of them have reached normal or near normal behavior as a result of that therapy. In the first appointment he was silent and would not look at me; his father was passing all information on his clinical history since early childhood. For some time (a year or so, from 6 months of therapy) the 17-year old boy (now 19 to 20 years old) could report on the reasons of his behavior. Deep fear (triggered by the sensation of excessive proximity to the unknown) was reported as the reason why he previously would not look at the others' eyes, would not talk to others, and would not interact in anyway with others.

      Amazingly, after 2 years of treatment he could remember nothing about what he had originally reported, and had lots of plans for his own future (he said he wanted to spend sometime in Canada for learning English as part of a student exchange program; "why Canada?" - I asked - and he said he had been investigating and identified Canada as the country where foreigners are more easily accepted; he said he wanted to move to a regular school in Rio de Janeiro in 2018 because he misses interacting with normal adolescents and young people in general; he wants to get a job to become financially independent from his parents; he even said he had been searching the internet by himself and concluded that the spreading of the knowledge on the importance of vitamin D for public health faces the opposition of drug companies). I do not have videos about these cases (only pictures that I take and insert in the electronic patients' charts / records)."

      Please let me know how you would like to proceed.  Switching our discussions over to email would be helpful.  My email address is pete.batcheller@verizon.net.  You can also reach me by FaceTime if you have an iPhone.  My iPhone number is (703) 906-0702.

      Take care and please keep me posted.

      Hugs, Peter


  6. Batch, I've been following some of your posts and I have some questions.  It seems the more I read the more confusing it gets.  It's all most a shotgun approach to our daughter's CH.  Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.  Currently our daughter is going through a very bad stretch.  Her pain is continual.  It is always there and then builds to a crescendo and then back to ....  She is moaning and then screaming.  I read a post that was very interesting.  You spoke about histamines.  How they can be very troubling for someone with CH.  Also, that THC can be a trigger.  We've been giving her CBD that has a bit of THC in it and I read last night your thoughts about histamine and benadryl.  We began her on the D3 regimen.  This morning we gave her two benadryl.  We're stopping the CBD.  She was able to sleep through the night but my wife gave her the CBD first thing this morning.  Now she's having a similar attack as she experienced yesterday.  Our plan is to continue the Benadryl for 10 days and also the D3 regimen.  She has oxygen and it was effective but now, not so much.  Can't seem to bust this cycle.  Any thoughts?

    1. Batch


      Hey Fire,

      Thanks for the feedback about your daughter's CH and headzup she's started the anti-inflammatory regimen.  You and your wife made an important decision starting your daughter on this regimen.

      How old is your daughter and has she had the lab test of her 25(OH)D3 serum concentration?  This baseline lab test before stating this regimen is an important, but not essential..  It's important because data I've collected over the last 8 years from thousands of CHers indicate a clear inverse relationship between the frequency of CH and 25(OH)D3 concentration. 

      It's also important for her to see the family PCP/GP to discuss this regimen and and have lab orders written for her serum vitamin D3, calcium and PTH.  Make sure she takes a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen.  It will help her PCP/GP understand the treatment protocol and that it is very safe.  You want her PCP/GP to be a team member as she takes this regimen to prevent her CH/

      In simple terms, when a CHer realizes the frequency of his or her CH is high when serum 25(OH)D3 concentration is low (< 40 ng/mL) and CH pain free when 25(OH)D3 concentration is higher (> 80 ng/mL), has just learned a measurable factor about controlling CH.  It's an "Ah Ha" and binary learning moment a CHer is not likely to forget.  Take this regimen and there's no CH.  Don't take it and the CH beast jumps ugly with terrible pain.  It's also important for your daughter's PCP/GP to see this binary relationship.  That will help her PCP/GP become a team player and an advocate of taking this regimen to prevent CH.

      What may appear to be a shotgun approach with this regimen with all the supplements has been carefully researched.  Each supplement (vitamin D3 cofactor) plays an important role in vitamin D3 pharmacokinetics (what the body does to vitamin D3) and vitamin D3 pharmacodynamics (what vitamin D3 does to the body).  From the second morning (10 October, 2010) after the second 10,000 IU dose of vitamin D3 the night before waking up realizing I'd just slept the entire night CH pain free then realizing the horrors of the previous five years of chronic daily CH hitting 3 to 5 times a day/night and all too frequently up to 8 times a night, had ended, I began researching how and why this regimen was so effective in preventing my CH.

      I'd been experimenting with a variety of minerals and vitamins at different doses in the hopes of improving my CH abort times with oxygen therapy for nearly a year with minimal but measurable results.  Then I looked at my headache log and realized there were three CH pain free periods of two to six weeks over the previous five years and all occurred in mid August while I was out in the sun clad in shorts with no shirt.  At that point, I realized it was cutaneous vitamin D3 that was making the difference, so I drove to Costco and purchased a bottle of 5,000 IU vitamin D3.  It worked too well...  Two doses at 10,000 IU/day added to my clutch of other vitamins and minerals and I was CH pain free.

      I've a degree in Chemistry with lots of P-Chem, Bio-Chem, Zoology, and Genetics so I took a disciplined approach in documenting my research of vitamin D3 and its cofactors as they relate to preventing CH. I'm also no stranger to researching CH.  I developed a method of oxygen therapy that involves flow rates (40 liters/minute) that support hyperventilation to abort my CH in 2005 shortly after being diagnosed with chronic CH.  I patented this method of oxygen therapy with an oxygen demand valve in 2009. 

      Over the last 12 years, I've had the opportunity to  meet with several of the world's top neurologists expert in treating patients with CH and also doctors and scientists expert in vitamin D3 therapy. I've shared my research with them and all have concluded the anti-inflammatory regimen is very safe and likely to be the best and most effective CH preventative we can take.  It's so safe I've had my family and close friends taking it since 2011.  That includes my daughter and niece who have taken it through three pregnancies, deliveries and while breast feeding. 

      In short, I have three grand kids who were bathed in maternal vitamin D3 from conception through breastfeeding as their mothers were taking 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the cofactors the entire time and continue to do so today and they don't have CH. After that they take 50 IU per pound of body weight per day as a vitamin D3 maintenance dose along with a multi vitamin and mineral chew.  These three grand kids are vitamin D3 poster children.  They have remarkable physical and mental development with T-Rex immune systems.  They don't get sick.  They are also budding Einsteins.  My grand daughter Fred, a.k.a., Winefred was speaking fluent Hochdeutch at age 2 and completed pre-kindergarten in Heidelberg Germany where only Hochdeutch was spoken.  She is now 5 and attending Kindergarten, but spinning her wheels...  She comes home, completes first and second grade reading assignments, writes short stories, then does simple math addition and subtraction...   I'm the old goat in the cowboy getup.  I grew up on a horse.


      Enough about me and on to the more important stuff.  If you haven't already picked them up, the following photo illustrates the "Go to" supplements of choice by brand and doses my wife and I take.  We switched to the Bio-Tech D3-50 50,000 IU water soluble vitamin D3 capsules in July of 2018.  We've taken the rest for over 8 years.  Many CHers have made this same switch as we've all found this form of vitamin D3 is faster acting with a higher bioequivalence than the same dose of the oil-based liquid softgel vitamin D3 formulations.  In simple terms, stick with these brands for the best results.


      Over the last few years we've found it's best to start this regimen with the accelerated 12-Day vitamin D3 loading schedule taking 50,000 IU/day for 12 days then drop back to an initial vitamin D3 maintenance dose of 10,000 IU/day.  If you have the Bio-Tech D3-50, all you need is one (1) D3-50 a week,  This works out to an average dose of 7,000 IU/day.  However, given the higher bioavailability, the effective dose with the D3-50 at one capsule a week, is more effective than 10,000 IU/day.  Your daughter will need to double the magnesium dose from 400 mg/day to 800 mg/day split 400 mg with breakfast and 400 mg with the evening meal.  Splitting the magnesium dose like this helps prevent osmotic diarrhea.

      When your daughter has been on this regimen for at least 30 days, take her to the family PCP/GP to discuss this regimen and to request lab orders for her serum 25(OH)D3, calcium and PTH.  Have her PCP write the lab orders to Quest Diagnostics using the following:

      Quest Diagnostics Test Name: 92888-QuestAssureD 25-OH Vitamin D (Total), LC/MS/MS. Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Intact and Total Calcium. CPT codes 83970, 82310. 

      As long as your daughter's serum calcium remains within its normal reference range, there's no hypercalcemia, a.k.a., vitamin D3 intoxication/toxicity.  You can also open a MyQuest account  for your daughter at the following link to see her lab results once her PCP has seen them.  https://myquest.questdiagnostics.com/web/home

      I've used MyQuest for the last 4 years.  It's the best way to track progress with this regimen.  The following chart illustrates my lab results for 25(OH)D3, calcium and PTH over the last three years.  As you'll see I've run my 25(OH)D3 up as high as 188 ng/mL due to an allergic reaction to mold spores in June of 2018.  You'll also note my serum calcium remained in the green (within its normal reference range) the entire time so there was no hypercalcemia.  My PCP understands why I take this much vitamin D3 and has no problem with my 25(OH)D3 serum concentrations this high, as long as my serum calcium remains normal...  and it has.


      When you have your daughter's lab test results in hand, have her take the online survey of CHers taking the anti-inflammatory regimen.  To start this survey, click on the following link:

      Data from this survey is the only thing most physicians will understand and more importantly, suggest to their patients with CH.

      If you want a warm fuzzy about your daughter taking this regimen to prevent her CH, you, your wife and daughter need to watch the following video by Dr. Michael Hollick. 


      This is an informative and humorous presentation on vitamin D3 and calcium needed to build strong bones.  Just understand that the vitamin D3 doses Dr. Hollick suggests are for otherwise healthy people.  CHers are not otherwise healthy people.  They need higher therapeutic doses of vitamin D3 plus the cofactors to prevent their CH.I know you'll have lots of questions so fire away as they come up.  If you'll shoot me an email or PM me your email address, I'll send you the latest version of the anti-inflammatory regimen.  My email address is pete.batcheller@verizon.net.

      Take care and please keep me posted on your daughter's progress with this regimen.  I'm here to help.

      V/R, Batch

    2. fire123049


      Thank you, Batch!  There's a ton of very helpful information here.  My wife said she had the opportunity to speak with you at the conference in Dallas!  Definitely adds a personal touch to this advice.  This is Nicole's third day of the regimen.  I'll keep you posted!  Thank you, again.


      Randy & Carolyn

    3. Batch


      Hey Randy,

      Thanks for the update and names.  Please see my last on the Coimbra Protocol and Autism.

      Take care,

      V/R, Batch

  7. Hey JenniDawn, Did you get my PM? Check your PM InBox. V/R, Batch
  8. Batch

    Trying to understand my experience

    Hey CSA, Thanks for the reply. While you're looking for a new PCP/GP, I'd restart vitamin D3 therapy. The following photo illustrates the brands and daily doses my wife, the rest of our family and I have been taking for many years. This is also what I suggested in the posted version of this protocol since 2011. It will also be in the updated version of this protocol I hope to have ready for prime time and downloads from VitaminDWiki.com in December. You'll find the "How To" instructions at the following link. Take a copy to your new PCP/GP when you find one. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 The Bio-Tech D3-50 is a recent addition to the anti-inflammatory regimen since July. of 2018. It's a 50,000 IU water soluble form of vitamin D3 that I've found to be faster acting with a higher bioequivalence in elevating serum 25(OH)D3 at the same dose as the oil-based liquid softgel vitamin D3 formulations. It's also more convenient and least expensive. You take one D3-50/day while loading and when the loading schedule is complete, you drop back to an initial maintenance dose of one D3-50/week. At 23 cents per capsule, that works out to a little over 3 cents a day for a an average of 7000 IU/day vitamin D3. The daily cost of the least expensive liquid softgel vitamin D3 is 12 cents/day for 10,000 IU. Most CHers taking the Bio-Tech D3-50 have found the 12-Day loading schedule taking one D3-50 capsule a day for 12 days is sufficient to elevate serum 25(OH)D3 to a therapeutic range that prevents CH. When the loading schedule is complete, one D3-50 a week should be sufficient to maintain the therapeutic 25(OH)D3 serum concentration. In short, I'd get back on that horse and send the CH beast running by restarting this regimen now. When you find a willing PCP/GP, the next set of labs for 25(OH)D3, calcium and PTH should confirm a therapeutic 25(OH)D3 range (80 to 100 ng/mL) with normal calcium and PTH in the lower third of its normal reference range. Don't forget to get your daughter on vitamin D3 at 50 IU per pound of body weight/day along with calcium chews. At 2 to 3 years the average weight is around 30 lbs so that works out to 1500 IU/day vitamin D3 or 10,000 IU/week. I'd pick up some Bio-Tech D3Plus. This is an ideal vitamin D3 formulation for kids as it contains the essential vitamin D3 cofactors all in one capsule. It just needs calcium and phosphorus, the two primary building blocks needed to build strong growing bones. https://www.amazon.com/D3Plus-Vegetable-Capsules-Bio-Tech-Pharmacal/dp/B0085F3K2C/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=Bio-Tech+D3&amp;qid=1574813439&amp;s=hpc&amp;sr=1-10 The dose for a 2 to 3 year old with the D3Plus is one capsule every other day (48 hours) for an average of 1250 IU/day vitamin D3. The calcium gummy my grand kids take comes from Vitafusion. It's formulated with tricalcium phosphate. https://www.amazon.com/Vitafusion-Calcium-Gummy-Vitamins-100ct/dp/B003DRD3PG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Calcium+Gummies&amp;qid=1574851736&amp;s=hpc&amp;sr=1-4 One of these a day is great for 2 and 3 year olds. Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  9. Batch

    Trying to understand my experience

    Hey CSA, We're not doctors so don't diagnose, treat or prescribe. That said, from our collective experience, we know what you've apparently been going through. What we can do is provide you with information you can take to your PA friend and his PCP/GP, your headache specialist and neurologist should you get a referral. From my experience providing information to hundreds of CHers over the last 8 years on the benefits of vitamin D3 and its cofactors in preventing CH, you're likely vitamin D3 deficient. That deficiency is contributing to the frequency (albeit low at this point), severity and duration of your headaches. A suggested course of action for you is to see your PA friend and his PCP/GP for a lab test of your serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3, a.k.a., 25(OH)D3. 25(OH)D3 is the serum level metabolite of vitamin D3 that's used to measure its status. The normal reference range for the 25(OH)D3 lab test is 30 to 100 ng/mL. As you're experiencing headaches that appear to be CH and you've had a CT with no abnormalities, if your 25(OH)D3 lab results come back ≤ 30 ng/mL, download a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol at the following link and discuss it with your PA friend and PCP/GP. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 There's some good medical evidence behind this suggestion. I've been running an online survey of CHers taking the anti-inflammatory regimen to prevent their CH since 16 December, 2011. As of June of this year, 313 CHers have taken this survey. Better than 80% of these CHers experienced a significant reduction in the frequency of their CH in the first 30 days after starting this regimen. 50% of these CHers experienced a lasting cessation of CH symptoms in the first 30 days. The following normal distribution curve illustrates their 25(OH)D3 serum concentrations measured before they started the above treatment protocol while in active CH bouts experiencing an average of 3 CH/day/24 hours. I'd also like to point out that this regimen is very safe. It's so safe, I've had my entire family and close friends taking it since 2011 and none of them have CH. That also includes three grand babies who were bathed in maternal vitamin D3 from conception through breast feeding as their mothers, my daughter and niece, took 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the vitamin D3 cofactors throughout their pregnancies and while breast feeding. Their pregnancies and deliveries were flawless. These three grand babies are very healthy with phenomenal rates of physical and mental development. When they were done breastfeeding they've taken vitamin D3 at 50 IU per pound of body weight per day. They have T-Rex immune systems so never get sick. My grand daughter Fred, a.k.a., Winefred, is a vitamin D3 poster child. Fred was speaking Hochdeutsch at age 2 and attended pre-kindergarten in Heidelberg, Germany last year at age 4 where only German was spoken. Little brother Orrin, is 2 and also bi-lingual. Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  10. Hey Alikhan, Oxygen therapy with hyperventilation can be effective aborting both cluster and migraine headaches. If you haven't tried it, the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the cofactors has a proven track record preventing cluster and migraine headaches. You can download a copy of this treatment protocol at the following vitaminDwiki link: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  11. Batch

    Demand Valve O2

    Trent, I haven't used my oxygen kit since I developed and started taking the anti-inflammatory regimen on 10 October of 2010 except for demonstrations. The aluminum M60, Flotec Inc InGage® 0-60 lpm regulator with DISS fitting and Carnét oxygen demand valve sit unused under a plastic bag in the laundry room. There's still over 1000 psi left in the M-Size welder's cylinder in the garage I picked up in August 2010. We live out in the woods with plenty of logging equipment so I actually do some oxy-acetylene cutting and welding. There's no question that an oxygen demand valve system makes for rapid, reliable and very simple CH aborts. That said, it is only an abortive. Since starting the anti-inflammatory regimen in October of 2010, I've found life a lot more enjoyable waking up in the morning after a night of CH pain free sleep. I can even take combat naps thanks to the vitamin D3... Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  12. Batch

    Demand Valve O2

    Hey Trent, I'm impressed... A life time ban from E-bay... Wow! Welcome to the club... I received a life time band from Facebook for suggesting 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the vitamin D3 cofactors was an effective preventative for migraine headache. Given you've invested in more than sufficient numbers of M-Size and E-Size oxygen cylinders, I'd suggest a very cost effective alternative to an oxygen demand valve and regulator with DISS fittings. It's called the Redneck Oxygen Reservoir Bag. I made the first one from a new kitchen trash bag, a plastic soda bottle with the bottom cut off (keep the cap), oxygen tubing cut off of a disposable NRB oxygen mask at the mask end, some Duck Tape and electrician's tape. I cut the corners off the closed end of the trash bag as illustrated above, insert the oxygen tubing in one corner and the soda body through the other corner from inside the trash bag and seal both with electrician's tape for a gas tight seal then close the open end of the trash bag with a few strips of Duck tape you'll have a very effective oxygen delivery system that only needs a 7 to 9 liter/minute oxygen regulator if you fill ahead of time and turn off the oxygen at the supply valve. If you've taped the seams properly, the Redneck reservoir bag should stay inflated for at least 24 hours unused. The soda bottle becomes your handle and mouthpiece for inhaling 100% oxygen. I've found a fully inflated kitchen trash bag is good for three aborts using the following procedure and breathing technique. The procedure I suggest involves hyperventilating at forced vital capacity tidal volumes with room air for 30 seconds followed by inhaling a lungful of oxygen from the Redneck reservoir bag and holding it for 30 seconds. You continue repeating this sequence in rapid succession until the pain is gone. That usually takes an average of seven complete cycles or 7 minutes. You remove the bottle cap inhale the lungful of oxygen then replace the bottle cap. The purpose of intentionally hyperventilating at forced vital capacity tidal volumes is to pump CO2 from the blood stream faster than the body generates it from normal metabolism. This lowers the CO2 content of the arterial blood shifting the pH to the alkaline side of neutral (7.35 to 7.45) to a pH around 7.5 to 7.6 resulting in a temporary condition called respiratory alkalosis. This does two things that help abort CH much faster. A low arterial CO2 level and elevated arterial pH triggers a rapid vasoconstriction in and around the trigeminovascular complex. The elevated pH also increases blood hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen enabling it to carry 15% more oxygen sending hyperoxygenated arterial blood to the brain. Oxygen triggers vasoconstriction in the trigeminovascular complex. Hyperoxygenated arterial blood triggers vasoconstriction in an around the trigeminovascular complex even faster. The net result is very rapid and very effective CH aborts like 99% effective in an average of 7 minutes across pain levels 3 though 9 on the 10-Point headache pain scale. Hyperventilating at forced vital capacity tidal volumes involves exhaling forcibly and rapidly until if feels like your lungs are empty... they're not. At that point without delay, do an abdominal crunch like doing sit ups and hold the crunch for one second or until your exhaled breath makes a wheezing sound then inhale a lungful of room air and repeat the above sequence. You should be doing around 10 of these cycles in 30 seconds. On the 10th exhalation, hold the crunch/squeeze for 3 seconds. This will squeeze out an additional half to full liter of exhaled breath highest in CO2 As the guy who patented the oxygen demand valve method of rapid CH aborts in 2010, I've found the Redneck reservoir bag and the above procedures just as effective and fast as the far more expensive oxygen demand valve system and I bought the Cadillac of oxygen demand valves, the Carmét along with a Flowtec Inc, 0-60 lpm, InGage regulator with DISS fitting plus an M60 aluminum cylinder as my roadie along with a pigtail filler nfor a total cost of ~ $2100 USD in 2008. In 2008, I conducted a pilot study of the oxygen demand valve method of aborting CH using the same breathing technique above with seven CHers (1 ECHer and 7 CCHers). They each aborted their CH with this method of procedure for 8 weeks collecting pain level and abort times for each abort. All total, they collected this data on 366 aborts. Their average abort time was 7 minutes and over 99% of the aborts came in at ≤ 20 minutes. The following chart illustrates these results. As you can see, the oxygen demand valve method of procedure produced aborts 3 to 4 times faster than traditional oxygen therapy at a flow rate of 15 liters/minute. Now here's the payoff... The Redneck Reservoir bag method of aborting CH is just as effective in aborting CH as the oxygen demand valve method. If you'll look at the photo of my oxygen kit you'll see a sticker on the oxygen cylinder with check marks indicating 30 aborts, the average number of aborts I obtained with an M-Size Oxygen or Welder's cylinder with the oxygen demand valve. As the copay for each M-Size oxygen cylinder was $30 USD, that works out to $1/CH abort. I got nearly 300 aborts from an M-Size welder's cylinder using the Redneck Reservoir bag method so that makes the cost per abort roughly 10 cents USD. All that said, I developed the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3, Omega-3 Fish Oil and the vitamin D3 cofactors, magnesium, zinc, boron and vitamin A (retinol) in October of 2010. I was CH pain free following the second dose of this regimen. I've been CH pain free ever since. You can find the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol at the following link. http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=7708 Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  13. Batch

    New to the group - some observations

    Hey Signals, Welcome to Clusterbusters. We know what you've been going through so you've come to the right place. Regarding travel and taking the vitamin D3 regimen, I pack a ziplock bag with enough vitamin D3 and cofactors to last the duration of my travels plus enough for a few more days in case of delays and keep it in my carry on bag. In the 8 + years since I developed this regimen, I've never had any problems with TSA or customs during international travel. I switched to the Bio-Tech D3-50 water soluble 50,000 IU vitamin D3 capsules. They make the loading schedule a snap at one capsule a day. I've been taking one D3-50 a week as my maintenance dose and this has been adequate to kept me CH pain free. At one D3-50 a week the daily cost is ~3 cents/day where the oil-based liquid softgels cost 6 cents per 5000 IU or 12 cents/day. Check your PM InBox, I've sent some additional info. Take care and please keep us posted. V/R, Batch
  14. Into Light, Gotcha... PM on the way to Spikeinthehead. V/R, Batch
  15. Batch

    It was nice to meet you in Dallas, My brother in law also enjoyed talking with you. 

    I have a quick question, I have moved to the Bio Tech D3 at 50,000. If you are taking that every other day do you still take the other co-factors the days you do not take the vitamin D? 



    1. Batch



      Good question.  I've tapered the Bio-Tech D3-50 50,000 IU water soluble vitamin D3 dose down to one capsule a week, an average vitamin D3 dose of 7,000 IU/day.  I take the rest of the cofactors daily.  I've found the Bio-Tech D3-50 water soluble vitamin D3 to be faster acting with a higher bioequivalence than the same dose of oil-based liquid softgel vitamin D3 formulations in terms of elevating serum 25(OH)D3.

      In simple terms, one Bio-Tech D3-50 a week has kept my 25(OH)D3 serum concentration steady at 150 ±4 ng/mL for the last 9 months measured with lab tests for 25(OH)D3 every 3 months.

      Hope this helps.

      Take care and please keep me posted.

      V/R, Batch