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  1. Hi b.g. I don't really have anything to add to the info that you've already been given. I'm a supporter to my hubby and as a supporter make sure you get your wife involved. Encourage her to sign up here or on ch.com and talk with myself and other supporters. We can help her work through all the frustrations and helplessness. I remember (as I'm sure some others do as well) how much of a mess I was when I found ch.com. It really does help to talk with others that understand.
  2. WOW...I eat beef, chicken and pork and no veggies and I don't have CH. I am however a supporter. Glad you found something that works for you though.
  3. Come on Xeno not all the chapels in Vegas are cheesy. Phil and I got married there 8 years ago and had a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Plus who better to help you celebrate then a bunch of cluster heads and their supporters. We know how to party
  4. Where's the like button...oops wrong place ;D Good job Jeff!!!
  5. Oh yes...priceless for sure. When he was just doing the Opti-Mask with 25lpm he was having success....just not as much success as he's having witht the demand valve. Oh and I must mention that O2 didn't work for Phil until some wonderful people took him under their wings years ago. One even gave up his demand valve for the whole weekend for him.
  6. It was lovely to meet you Ting...sorry we didn't get to chat more. LeeAnn told me about the plane trip home and my heart just broke for ya, bud. Major suck for sure. That's one of Phil's worst nightmares too that's why we drive so much. Yup...let's do the road trip next year. It will be EPIC!!!
  7. LOL Dan...I left fully satisfied...but don't tell Phil :D
  8. What a great time we had...Can't wait for Vegas
  9. We're hoping to be there with bells on. We're talking about a road trip with Dan and LeeAnn
  10. The demand valve is great and I'm so glad that Phil has one and it has made a huge difference in his abort times. You can always watch Ebay for one as well. Their hard to come by, but you can find a good deal on one on there if your patient.
  11. Happy Birthday from waaaayyyyy down South :-*
  12. Happy Birthday Pink!!! Phil and I both hope you're having the best day ever
  13. Thanks Chris :-* He's doing much better, but it took a good three weeks and some good antibiotics to do the trick.
  14. Phil is chronic as well and about a month or so ago he had pneumonia, brochitis, sinus infection and an ear infection. He doesn't get sick often, but when he does he really gets sick.
  15. 4 way nasal spray is the brand name. You can find it at Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid.
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