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  1. Everyone here knows exactly how you feel. You are not the only one! I just become a hermit during a cycle. I notice the relax and it will get you train of thought. Im always thinking when is the next one going to happen, and feel like I constantly am monitoring how I feel, looking for signs. It is exhausting.
  2. I wonder if I was jumping into the O2 when maybe it was just a shadow too. I was afraid to fall asleep so just dosed off and on and every time I felt a tiny burn in my temple I panicked. If I wake up with a hit, it is usually too late. I think I am in the peak too. I had a 6 pm hit the other day out of the blue. I am so sick of being obsessed with these damn CH. Thanks for the help guys! I shouldn't bitch, I didn't get a full blown hit, just expensive and no sleep.
  3. I have a 15 regulator and I couldn't find my optimask (ordered new one it will be here day after tomorrow) so I'm using the rebreather they gave me with tanks. I can abort the attack, but it always comes back after 60 or 90 min. I've been staying on the O2. I even set my timer for 5 minutes after the pain stopped. Maybe that's not long enough, but I'm burning through the O2 quickly.I got no sleep all night and went tru a $15 tank of oxygen. My insurance won't pay for the oxygen either. I've read how to breathe,and it does stop,so why are they coming back? I don't want to do the caffeine, I want to sleep.
  4. I have been taking 5-2000 D3,2 1200 fish oil,1 500 Magnesium,1 600 calcium and 1 multi vit a day for 3 weeks. I haven't had hardly any shadows, only been hit at midnight to 1 am every night with just a few 9 pm hits with only one really bad night. I am episodic so haven't even felt the need to get oxygen this go round. My insurance won't pay for it so I wait until i can't take them and I have to get it. I've read I need to cut down the vit D after 3 weeks, but I have no side effects except a little diarrhea. Should I really cut my dose down?
  5. I was just thinking about this, I get hit really bad on Fri nights. I am in a panic because I slept in this morning, I usually try to keep the same sleep schedule during a cycle. I'm afraid what tonight will bring.
  6. I had a CH at my Dr's office once and he gave me a shot of DHE. I went over 24 hours without a headache. He said it's not something I could do very often. This was years ago.
  7. I have been on the D3 regimen for a week now. I started as soon as I started the cycle. I haven't had many hits, but like I said I just started cycle. I just wanted to mention, I do landscaping, so I am out in the sun a lot. I wear 15 SPF on my face and neck and sometimes on my arms, so I would think my vitamin D would be higher than most. I hope this works. I hate taking all those damn preventatives when O2 doesn't work in the middle of my cycle.
  8. You are so right Les. I can "feel" what I need to do with each cluster attack. Something different if it happens in morn then what I do at night etc...
  9. I started when I was 17. I was kicked in the head by a horse at age 12. I think you either get them or you don't no common thread tho.
  10. I was 17 when mine started. Nobody had any idea what they were. Had CAT scans etc then they went away. I (knock on wood) usually go years between. I think it took 2 cycles before I finally researched them and figured it out. Alcohol trigger was a big clue. I'm in a cycle again after a 5 year remission!! I am hoping the older I get the further apart they get. I usually have migranes for a week before they hit. My neck gets stiff too. I am, again knock on wood, perfectly fine between cycles. No migranes or even regular ha's. Everyone asks me what I think triggers them and I have no idea. I got divorced 3 years ago and lived on Miller light and cigg's and partied like no tomorrow for over a year and never had a cluster. I have calmed down now and here I am...wish I knew why I am having them...I wouldn't do what ever it is!!
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