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  1. All I know as a CHer for 25 years is that we are all abnormally smart in certain areas especially something to do with our artistic, cognitive, speech or visionary perspectives. But, we are all relatively depressed individuals, say like Van Gogh. We usually live longer lives if not killed off by prescribed medications than normal human beings. Thus GH is bloody good in us! We have a tolerance for very high dosage of pain, medications, drugs and alcohol. We do not age as quickly as our counterparts and have extremely inquisitive minds plus strong personalities. We are the future generation, I believe and one of every of our kids or their offspring will evolve further. Only my opinion. Jazz
  2. Some of you know me. I am not a violent person and as I am used to violence, I abore it. For the last 2 months, as living in the Northern Territory in Australia, we have had cyclone warnings, a lot of wind and massive amounts of rain. With this comes the cane toads. You can read up on this as a pest introduced to Australia. I do not like killing anything, not even an ant if I can help it, but for the cycle of life I cannot allow these creatures to flourish. Besides milking them for CH purposes that leaves them often dead, I have some pythons(harmless snakes that get rid of vermin), a dog, bird life (Kookaburras, hawks and the like), tree frogs and kangaroos on the property. When they get in touch with these cane toads, they most often get poisoned and die. As I am very conscious of the circle of life and the environment, I do not use pesticides, live of rain water and do everything organically. But I had to kill a cane toad by brute force tonight. I hated it, but other animals will live on this huge island. I am sorry. Jazz
  3. This just makes me wonder about my long time theory about why "we" get CH. We are the mutating part of society for where and what the future human race is preparing itself for. So it is only natural to resort to nature to ease us into the transformation. "As head researcher Dr. Briony Catlow explained to Real Clear Science: ”Memory, learning, and the ability to relearn that a once threatening stimuli is no longer a danger absolutely depends on the ability of the brain to alter its connections…We believe that neuroplasticity plays a critical role in psilocybin accelerating fear extinction.” And I believe that all mutations (evolution) throughout existence came with a selective group heralding these changes through some pain. What are we gaining and what are we losing? And why in the primitive part of our brains? Life full of questions and maybe possible explanations? Jazz
  4. http://www.tocris.com/pharmacologicalBrowser.php?ItemId=5101#.UqQaXfQW2CU 5-HT Receptor Data Receptor Subtype Transduction Mechanism Localization Function Specific Agonists Specific Antagonists Better to look at the table in the link. I think, only my opinion, that quite a few of these 5-HT receptors are involved that is why we get such similar but also different results with the type of drugs used for this condition. Jazz
  5. Sorry to hear Plat, hang in there (((Hugs)))
  6. Hi Jeff I've used 20 HBWR seeds, soaked in water for 4 days and had it with fruit juice, on an empty stomach, yesterday morning. The only "feeling" I had was being extremely relaxed, the shadow giving up his ghost and a bit of nausea for about 30 -40 min. I fell asleep and had the best 4 hours sleep. Only minor hits, Kip 4 to 6, after that, that I abort very easily, in a few minutes with coffee, Red Bull or heavy breathing in my deep-freeze. So I do not think that HBWR seeds cause the same trip effects as mushrooms and LSD. But then everyone experience medications differently. Maybe others can help with their experience on HBRW seeds. Jazz
  7. Alcohol Anything with high salt content Citrus or acidic products
  8. I can vouch for this medication. Broke my cycle for 3 years, only back since Jan. About the vivid dreams, yes and with me it starts with the same dream, over and over again. Hang in there, you are on the right path. Cheers Jazz
  9. Lee, I'm in Australia, the land of Oz!
  10. Howdy Brewmyster! No maintenance dosage but quite a few dosages for a few weeks until the last mega dosage before it gave up its life to me. Must say, it did something to my brain circuitry, as I am not totally the person I used to be. You can say my outlook on life has changed. Power to us all! Jazz
  11. Jazz

    my night :-)

    ;D ;D ;D It takes CH to have some fun
  12. Ron As an ex meds junkie due to CH, from experience I can tell you that Imitrex gives rebound headaches and causes CH periods to be longer, more frequent and more intense. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself and after years of more intense and frequent attacks then come back for help... if you didn't suffer a heart attack in the meantime? This site will still be here to help you and any other people who know when it is time. Good luck on your ventures Hope to see you and be of help Jazz
  13. Hi you all! 3 years PF THANKS TO YOU! Love Ya' Jazz :-* :-* :-*
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