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  1. Forgive me Mr.Jeebs...That particular photo can be a bit deceiving...From what i have been told,that lovely young lady in the purple top which looks as if she is hugging Bob (actually-its Bob hugging her)...just won the raffle...she gets to bring 1 other lucky individual to have lunch with Potter @ next years convention...hope that clears things up a bit... :D :D On a serious note...that is a great photo...thank you B.G. for the photos...i bet that 4-hour drive must of seemed like 15 minutes or so...thanks again for sharing...hope to meet you next year.....Lenny
  2. "Expired" in 2011? Man that is some really fresh imitrex in my book. 8-) I agree 1000% with Mr.Bejeeber...BTW,love of how you put it ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D.....Lenny
  3. [highlight]The Trials: Give up porn, give up masturbation. Sex is ok.[/highlight] 1)...would it be O.K. if we do it with a :-[ :-[ :-[ "BLOW UP DOLL"...if so,count me in 2)...for those that don't have a significant other to participate with...may i recommend a great flick...just released this past September...Potter does Vegas (very erotic and educational) ;D ;D
  4. Typical BS (i read the first few paragraphs and stopped) i cant be on the putor more than a few minutes before i get an attack...if you suspect that you might have a thyroid condition (a simple blood test will reveal that)...if you do find out that you do..."Endocrinologist" (sp)...i do have a thyroid condition since 1980...first hyper....now hypo....got CH appr. 6-months later (which took 3.5 years for correct diag.) as all i did was complain about my eye pain (which was always the most painful)...i have graves disease ( it affects the thyroid and eyes) so thats what all these docs thought it was (neo,endo and eye spcl.) ...it's very easy to deal with...take 1-little pill every a.m. (synthroid) and all is good Are the 2 connected,i doubt it and could give a flying fook if they are or not (wont do me any good)...for those that have a thyroid problem,it is very difficult for treating in regard of CH...hoping you don't have it... if for some chance you do have a thyroid condition...WARNING...do not go on the vitamin D reg.,as that will make your life miserable...hoping you don't have this other condition.....Lenny
  5. Happy belated birthday...hope your special day was good for you....with MANY more to come.....Lenny
  6. lenny


    Yammy...any news...hoping for the best
  7. As usual,i got the lyrics screwed up...but love is good ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  8. :) :) this made my day Potter...THANK YOU...but now you did it to me once again...does this mean to scratch the other 2-game's and you are requesting the newlywed game :o and i like you :) ...now i got that song playing in my head,from that kid program "barney" the purple dinosaur (sp) ;D ;D.....Lenny
  9. lenny


    i am very sorry that your here :'( :'( :'(...hopefully you will get a doc that specializes in headache disorders and will diagnose your specific condition correct...wishing you nothing but the best.....Lenny
  10. It looks kinda small...hopefully there will be enough room for the 2 of us...if not,you can have the inside and i'll relax on the roof (of course,i'll need some sunscreen) ;D ;D ;D I thank you Matt for you being you...you are a very good man...boy,i am so glad to finally meet you...they don't make people like you anymore :) ...next time you come visit L.A. please look me up...i'll make sure to have plenty of ALPO on hand ;D ;D ;D...again,i thank you sir.....Lenny
  11.  I received a phone call this a.m. from a young lady that i know from ch.com (she's on here as well)...we usually talk every 6 months or so (via-phone) for the past several years now...never had the honor of meeting with her yet,but i am sure our paths will cross...she mentioned something that made me very sad :( First of all,she congratulated me for getting out of the closet :o ...of course my defense went up on this (as i don't play that game...no offense to those that do )...my motto has and always will be "live and let live"...she meant of my first conference...and pointed out of how active i have been on the boards since...i usually don't participate much... The main reason for her call,i made a suggestion for the upcoming conf. in chicago in regards of a game... I talked about a couple people with my warped sense of humor and was having a little fun...now this could of been taken the wrong way...i certainly hope this is not the case...if i might of hurt either one of you...please do know that was not my intention whatsoever,as that was the furthest from my mind as i typed those words...with much respect...Lenny
  12. WOW...what are the odds...like Alleyoop said :) .....Lenny
  13. Just in case he says no,as he might...after all i am sure that most attending are married or have a significant other and that would not be fair to them...perhaps we could play wheel of fortune...after all this is something all can participate in...don't you think that would be fun...we could have Potter and Ruthie replacing Pat and Vanna...i was very impressed the way Ruthie handled the auction,so i would like her to be the host with Potter spinning the wheel...do you think they'll go for it... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D...i hope so.....Lenny
  14. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D...your killing me...it's been a very long time since i laughed this hard...i was kind of worried that i might of come down with pseudobulbar affect.....Lenny
  15. but a handsome 65 year old male ;) ;)
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