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  1. surgeonasim

    Psychosomatic much?

    Even thinking about it in the days when i was a regular....yes it did Just worrying it might hit....and it did But one specific incident gave me a lot of hope. Way back....I think it was '94.....Inside the emergency OR....late at night....and there was this one case left to be operated. I started having a mild one while I was scrubbing. Thought abt asking the other surgeon....but he had gone to attend to another emergency case. So I proceeded. The surgery turned out to be a whole lot easier and shorter than expected. As I was closing the skin....I remembered about the friend....it has just disappeared. I still remember the time...the sense of relief. I am pretty sure about it... the psychosomatic association Asim
  2. surgeonasim

    Doctor in the House

    for quite some time to come...this here is the promise and hope for us cluster heads. This site. I am a doctor, my father was a doctor. For most of my life I breathed the carbolic acid fumes for air ( really crude way of telling that it was a hospital...and that even if it wasn't the poor Carbolic acid they used to disinfect, the term was "Carbolized" the OR or the ER) I was in Med school when mine started and I did have the help of some of the best clinicians possible, but yes they were clueless. Not defending them but I did give them the allowance.... CH being a rarity in my country....and in their books. It was only in 2002 that the main texts of Medicine actually made a mention of CH as an entity, prior to that it was a "cluster variant" of migraine. Most of their lives GPs and Consultant physicians deal with routine cases which are common with minor variations from case to case. I must accept that my condition does have the morbid predicament of being a rare and complicated problem WHICH needs an individualized approach for a much longer period of time than MOST doctors can afford to offer. ... Livid was how I could have been described as when I first saw it mentioned in the Text book...Livid and relieved. relieved that the arguments were over, hopefuly I wanted to rush to all my teachers and colleagues and hit them in their faces with the exact page open ( the book of course) I did not do that Would not have helped a tiny bit. it would not have changed the demographics of their practice and knowledge. So I repeat Unless (and I do not actually wish any ill for my community....communities...both the doctors and the Cluster heads)...but unless a credible number of Neuros themselves start developing our symptoms in their heads and in their lives, we have to keep on supporting ourselves, each other, over here. I found my relief on these pages and I am deeply thankful. Been a very long time since I have said anything . Wishing you all a quick and long lasting relief ..
  3. surgeonasim

    Spousal support?

    such a blessing, having someone around ....who understands and cares. ....Bless you ....and as always, CHFather is so right about the rushing to hospital thing. In my opinion it is an excruciating exacerbation...for the patient. Listen to the wonderful folks here and I assure you, many great things will come your way. I wish you and your husband a speedy and long lasting relief.
  4. surgeonasim

    "The Doctors" segment on CH

    :'milimetering' forward......hopefully the next generations will see more awareness and acceptance. Thanks for the link. Just tonight I bumped into my orthopedic colleague at the hospital. He just returned from some conference at Bali. He mentioned a session on pain management conducted by some french gentleman there. One participant did ask a question abt Cluster headache. The reply of the worthy speaker was "I could talk for hours....if you are ready to be struck by migraine just listening abt it"
  5. surgeonasim


    prayers and best wishes from me and family. May she have a great recovery and soon. Best wishes for the conference as well. Waiting to read abt all the proceedings. Hoping it brings new vigor, hope and relief to any new joiners ...and old ones too. Asim
  6. surgeonasim

    just ranting

    Tons of great advice there..... Different things help differently at different times. I hope someone else might have benefited from acupressure. Though I have been pain free for the longest period in the (almost) three decades with the ol friend...I remember it helped me out in a few instances.....pinching the same side eyebrow real hard ....TO THE POINT OF BEING PAINFUL. Between thumb and forefinger, the inner half of the brow. The importance of D3 loading and Oxygen cannot be over-emphasized though. Wishing you happier , pain free sights, and soon.
  7. surgeonasim

    My CH Story

    very encouraging Dan. Hoping you stay PF. Do let us know please. Any good news is GREAT news here.
  8. surgeonasim

    New Research Study, Please participate

    did that thanks for the link hope it helps
  9. surgeonasim

    Prednisone. First time sufferer

    hi bd ..you have got two of the best advisors around here. And the best advice too. Log in and read all the stuff u can in the files and busting stories. You will be amazed to find the help that is in there. I am here just to share my bit of experience with pred. Way back when it was advocated that a short 10 day course of pred, starting with 60 mg per day and a quick taper off from day 7 onward would abort a cluster cycle, I tried ...and found out that it was 45 days for me to be totally pain free till the next cluster.. of course I was taking Valpro too. Two years it helped. The fifth cluster cycle...well...it came back with a vengeance when I stopped after 45 days. My first suggestion ; plz listen to what CH father has said. And you shall be fine soon. What it did to me was not very pleasant. Being a med person myself I knew what I was getting into, I got it all and then some. Gained about 25 pounds. Became a warty toad with boils all over my body. My ligaments got all lax and I even had a transient coronary while playing tennis, which again, was a difficult exercise given the side effects. I did lose all the bad ones in some while but I cannot think of going thru that again. Get pain free soon
  10. surgeonasim

    Hello From Dr. Lisk

    Yes Jeebs . I suddenly feel sooo guilty... Never happy to hear aoout anyone's pain...but for all CHers' sake. I hope and pray Dr Lisk finds a cure for himself and us all. Welcome to the forum Doc. You are going to be fine.
  11. about time they did !! Its a good thing we are so few...but then its a bad thing, when the lack of numbers dictates the extent of research (the lack of it) ..across the board , a decision to abolish 2-bromo-lsd. especially when almost all the patients treated reported a surprising improvement in their headaches, whether or not any improvement was reported in the psychoses they had been treated for....and that was in the 1950's. ...about time they start to rethink. thanks for the article, Purple.