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  1. tanner the first

    Scuba Diving

    Moxie, several years ago we tossed this around on the old board to mixed reviews. I personally never got hit while I was under and didn't trigger on the way up as long as I made extra long and more frequent "safety stops". That did not keep me from getting slammed later but no worse then normal. Cheers and no fears Tim
  2. tanner the first

    The lengths to which CH'ers are willing to go.....

    What is the chemical in this stuff that mimics Vit. M as far as stimulating salivation? I still cannot endorse it or proclaim that it is snake oil but I am still trying it in between harder to obtain things. Back to seeds for me for another try. I'm not quitting easy!!! Looking into the nerve block........Tim
  3. tanner the first

    2014 Conference - Nashville - details

    FG don't worry about my email. I booked us. Linda and I will see you in Sept. Oh man now that song is going to be stuck in my head (:
  4. tanner the first

    Hoping Marijuana proves to be a gateway drug..

    I am with you Moxie! I live in a state where it has been legalized much to the delight of my law enforcement friends. Legalization allows them to save a ton of money and spend their resources and time on much more serious issues. I live in a house with a sister-in-law that has MS. If anyone thinks that cannabis does not work for pain and sleeping they should talk to a few people that get it prescribed. Tim
  5. tanner the first

    The lengths to which CH'ers are willing to go.....

    I know that I said that I would post updates on my various (busting) results but just when I get ready to claim partial success I have gotten slammed with almost a week of horror. I will keep trying with the attitude that the methods just are not working YET. Still trying though! PF wishes to all.
  6. tanner the first

    New member old hand.

    It would appear that my only son has registered on this board. He messaged me with "I want to learn more and share this with you, obviously not the pain, but a chance for understanding and support. I love you". He decided to call himself (Timmy,) when he is really Timothy Dean Rambow II and he only lets good friends call him Timmy. I guess that makes you all good friends. He has had to struggle with being a Clusterheads son since he was 12. He has always been there for me when I have been weak enough to ask but I have not done that very much. I think that I have done my best to hide/minimize, BS my way through the times that I did not want him to know or worry about. I now think that I was wrong! He is way smarter then I give him credit for, so be nice if he starts posting and don't....do not!!!! ask him for anything because he will give it to you even at his own peril. I do not make this up, that's just the way he is, you first him last .........
  7. tanner the first

    The lengths to which CH'ers are willing to go.....

    I just ordered mine. I wonder if I can try this while still busting. So far no magical results but there have changes so I will not give up until I have to. I need this thing to be gone! Thanks to all !!!
  8. tanner the first


    Does Celebrex block busting. I have been prescribed some for another issue and need to know if I should start it? Thanks......Tim
  9. tanner the first

    Praise & Thanks HOH Team

    AMEN! Prayers for your success, your fellowship with each other and your safe travels back to your homes. oh and Thanks!!!!
  10. tanner the first

    just a note

    Bust #2 went off very smoothly so far. I am going to go lay down. PF wishes and dreams to all! Gnite.....Tim
  11. tanner the first

    Cluster Headache Branding Project

    Cluster Headaches, Because kidney stones weren't enough fun!
  12. tanner the first

    Mayo Clinic Minnesota USA: Experiences?

    Echo, now there's a name I haven't seen in a long time, but to your ? I can't say how it is there now but in 87 I went there and they were the team that gave me a positive diagnosis agreeing with my original neurologist from Rush Saint Lukes in Chicago. I would hope and assume that they have only gotten better over time. Best of luck always......Tim
  13. tanner the first

    Seed Speed

    Thanks Tony, my order is in. I have used Licorice root but only by itself and for a different reason. I am also fortunate enough to have Chronic Hep C and have since a bad batch of injections infected several hundred guys ( just in my deployment) on our way to Vietnam. Of course none of us found this out until 25 to 30 years after the fact. I wonder if I can use the root for it's liver cleansing properties at the same time as busting. Any thoughts? Thanks again... Tim
  14. tanner the first

    Seed Speed

    Freshest, fastest RC seed link anyone? Thanks in advance' Tim
  15. tanner the first

    Anyone's doctor on board about busting?

    Yes I have had 2 or 3 primary care MDs that were very receptive and interested. My current general practitioner (it's like going to a fresh scrubbed girl young enough to be my daughter), is open to discussing anything and has the same attitude as my best Neuro ever DR. Peter Schilder of Annapolis, Maryland who simply said "TIM, we are talking about a quality of life issue here, do what you need, we have run out of so called acceptable options". Unfortunately he is no longer in practice and I never managed to cultivate successfully but I was (angel...d) some and had some hope. Ready to try again. Workin on it 8-)