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  1. :)Informative. Thanks for sharing
  2. Some decent articles in Der Spiegel in Germany. Must say that I am starting to see their point. http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/harvard-economist-jeffrey-miron-on-why-drugs-should-be-legalized-a-886289.html and http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/global-support-grows-for-legalizing-drugs-a-884750.html I come from a very conservative family, and drugs have always been an off limit, so when I told my mom about busting she had her doctor friends call me to advice against it, but now that she sees an improvement, she just tells me to be carefull, and all I do RC seeds which has done wonders.
  3. Jackie - I surely can relate. My wife is very understanding, but it is others around me that are having issues understanding the illness. Especially in Denmark as we have the social medicines and everyone believes they can offer a remedy for the illness. I am trying very hard to explain the illness to my nearest, but some still struggle to understand, hence I tend to hide and make it thru work when I get hit with a cycle. I too feel this website has helped a lot, as people here sure can relate to what we are going thru. I would never had learned about the seeds which I believe is the direct result of ending my recent cycle. Hang in there and stay strong.
  4. I do not see a problem if you have a friend who can set up a PO Box for you in Germany, but if you have no friends it might be hard without identification from that Country. Do not know much about the laws in the Czech Republic, but maybe you can hook up with some thru a University exchange. Hope this helps.
  5. I also tried this without much effect, and yes it did make me lazy and tapped me for energy, not a good thing to take while working.
  6. Me too, ob1, I have the same symptoms after my first bust, but I took more seeds, the headaches seemed to occur less frequently after time. Now 12 days into my busting schedule, I have very few headaches, and if I feel getting one I drink a strong coffee or take a red bull and it disappears. I even shared a bottle of wine yesterday with my wife. In the past I used to pay for that with attacks during the night, but yesterday nothing. I really believe this S... works. Thanks to this board for opening my eyes to this remedy.
  7. Done a lot of surfing the past few years in a few languages, and just found this place. I am really appriciative of all the information it offers and how genuie it seems. Thanks.
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