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  1. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1291969416/1890%20#1890It has links to all the supplements and vitamins ( thierry post). Form the UK. For me personally i didn't find it any cheaper then that. It cost me aprox €0.70 a day i think (bought a year supply). Im on it for 2 weeks now and take it with the largest meal of the day. I was already out of cycle when i begun but i will keep take it anyway because of (many) other health benefits and hopefully the next cycle stays away or hopefully will be 'manageable' / a non event. The money im saving on quit smoking i use to buy vitamins and supplements win/win. Info on the complete regimen: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1324046404
  2. After i aborted an attack with 2 cold redbulls on 20th december morning (weeks before i stared busting) i had not a severe attack after that ever since..I was in cycle a month or so by then but the 18th i was hit badly. 3 hours KP 10, 9, 8. After the redbull abort my attacks where less severe and way..way shorter. Also the patern changed to only nightly, all the bad ones i had before started in the morning waking up. Could be coincidence. Thinking it is only an abortive method i didnt drink redbulls anymore. Didnt payd attention to it untill now. That brings a question. Are there any known cases that this happend with O2 as well? This often/always is mentioned only as an abortive as well. Correct me if im wrong / not helping / read over it. I got to admit im on a big learning curve here...
  3. When mankind where hunter/gatherers they also used small ammounts of MM because it sharpend sences. Benefits seeing animals to hunt, spores and plants to spot easier. I dont buy that old socieyties and peoples used them only for religion purposes because they didnt know no better. Its the opposit they knew already the healing / psychics / practical / theraputical/ religious benefits of these natural substances. They have been used as long as mankind walked the earth maby even before. There are known cases of animals chewing on plants containing LSA substances.
  4. Probably this was discussed/posted (many times) before. But never the less i found some good info IMO. Since my neuro didnt ruled out that i could have PH instead of CH i have been searching about this. Some/to many patients had this for years without medicines working . There's 1 medicin ruleing it out/helping in almost all cases. So if there's one (or more) patient helped with this/regonize her/himself in symtoms it would mean a lot to me. Dont hold the bad Englisch agianst me. http://www.migrainetrust.org/research-article-paroxysmal-hemicrania-2010-12586
  5. I have used cocaine, 2CB, MDMA, speed, laughgas and some miscellaneous recreational. Smoked weed everyday in the past for some years. And i was drinking a lot in weekends. I have a feeling my CH has something to do with that past behaviour. Maby it was in my genes and DNA regardless but i maby made it worse or something can't tell for sure. No familymembers with CH.
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