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  1. View my website on Clusters here:


    I walk you thru the Why, Where, How and When of Clusters.

    Prevention is the only therapy. You must pre-emptly bust to keep yourself blocked or they will return.

    High pressure, stress, other things will cause the blocks to fall off. They are always falling off so you must always replace them.

    Wait too long to block and the signal gets thru. The electricity forms a path. You are now in a cycle. Your brain actually changes shape from the electricity. This is why cycles last so long. It is hard to get the electricity back in the proper channel. Once it is back, it will want to fall into the old path again, so you must keep blocking.

    The electricity follows the path of least resistance in your brain. This path leads to a dead spot. this causes a short cicruit when the electricity hits it. Viola the custer headache.

    Don't wait. I block every two weeks. This keeps me Cluster free.




  2. Learn the How, Why and When of clusters.....
  3. learn why, how, and when this is happening to you. This is a progressive disease, the signal is always flowing as the brain grows, eventually becoming a loop causing distubances in the brain. http://www.theclusterbusted.com It explains every aspect of Clusters thru simple rules of electricity, chemistry and physics. Very eye opening and will give you a basis for moving forward in light instead of wondering "why me?" good luck
  4. This lesson can help people visualize what is happening in their brains and allow them to understand a difficult principal at work. Because it is difficult, it makes this busting process seem more mysterious than it really is. Also note, its time for us to differentiate between “Busting a Cycle” and “Preventing a Cycle”. Bustin is coming out of a cluster cycle. Much harder once it has started. Takes long time! Preventing is taking medicine after busting, when your head is clear. This helps prevent the cycle from starting. Usually once every three or four weeks when everything is great. HISTORY I kept noticing the number of people increasing with problems during weeks 3-7 of busting. I couldn’t figure it out and was wondering why it sometimes took me 7 weeks, then 9 weeks, then 14 weeks to break out of a cycle. Most people initially have great success busting and then some say that it doesn’t work for them. My chemistry friends told me chemistry never lies. I wondered why? THE VISION Then it came, a vision of the Receptor garden in my brain. I could see the charged remains of the vaporized Receptors, only a random white lily here and there across a football field of black. It dawned on me, there is a root system underneath this that may be telling them when to open and close. Think of each one as an individual with real intelligence thru neighborly connections, like a internal underground wi fi system for the whole receptor field. That may explain the “Doors Closing” side of things. They talk to each other, not like a group or a complete system. Each one is an individual little baby but hooked up to the network. They come and go online at different periods. Not all at once. Its a protection mechanism from eating poisons in the old day. It’s why the mushroom works but not as good as the L. Then I realized further that different pills and chemistry give each R a different half life to come back online after damage. Like a boxer, each one needs its own time to heal before it can be in fighting state again. Stress, ordinary triggers, all affect the network and any healthy online R’s at that time. Constantly punching them. R’s should be constantly coming back online regularly but sometimes they don’t. The rotation moves about via the slot machine, but some bad ones stay bad. They are still loaded and unfortunately set the user up for a bad period. WHY DONT THEY HEAL Too much chemicals usually over power it. We are giant Recptors, these R’s are trained for minute, tiny messages. We are sending them spam and overloading them with DoS attacks thru the chemicals we use. Think about your nose, ears, eyes, everything about us is nerve receivers, these R’s in our garden are trained to react to the tiniest change. By us giving them an overabundance is like giving them McDonalds everyday and then using round up to try to lose weight. It takes them longer to heal then natural foods and clean living. Each Receptor will take its own time to heal based on its injuries. I’ve been meditating for a couple of years now, so I asked for a digital answer. I wanted them to show me. The grid is an example which helps for the equation, our real grid is much more massive. THE MATH for my sample, our garden of receptors is 10 x 100 = 1000 Receptors now abbreviated as R. With the zoom on (Which it always is) we only see those (13% from my modeling) that are online and being used right now during this period. I call this the slot machine. It runs threw the garden and selects who should be online for that period. It doesn’t matter what the status is of the Receptor. Some are selected and those that are selected are at the use for the individual during that period. The rest (approx 87%) are not being used. They are either in sleep, repair or Bad mode. So think about the garden and for US how it works….a few definitions to help my black/ white binary example: WHITE R White R = Healthy Receptor in a Blocked or natural state. For us it doesn’t matter how it got there, all that matters is it is a White R which we associate with working, healthy or blocked. Essentially = no cluster! It may have been a Black R that just got healthy and is now White or It may be a Black R that is temporarily blocked by chemicals and for now working as White R until the block wears off during any given moment White R = White R + Blocked R If White R = 90-100% the best you ever felt. Like a kid again. Takes about 6 months to get there from the middle of a cycle. 85-90% feel great. Takes about 4 months to get there from the middle of a cycle. 80-90% we are good but should be thinking about preventative asap. Takes about 3 months. BLACK R Black R = Bad Receptor is either burned out or in repair mode state. It is not functioning and can lead to Clusters occurring. These are bad and can take varying lengths to heal. Some never heal due to excessive overexposure to chemicals. So Black R’s include dead, broken, repairing, anything that isn’t healthy. If Black R = 30% shadows 40% big shadows, optical, electricity in head 50% sweats, waking up (Cycle is ready to begin!) 60% you’re getting a 2-6 (The cycle has started now) 70% you're getting a 5-7 80%+ we don’t want to go there OUR GARDEN N = Our Entire Garden of all Receptors N = (Healthy White R + Blocked R + Bad Black R) x = % of Receptors in "slot machine zoom" being used for the period x can vary on the individual from a low of 8% to a high of 13%. This explains the discrepancy between lengths of time that some people need. THE CALCULATOR https://www.engadget.com/2010/01/13/drop-chance-probability/ When x varies between 8%-13% you can see how the distribution to reach 100% White R's varies from 7-14 weeks. This differentiation lines up with many of the complaints regarding effectiveness. Week 7 Same Doses, Different Slot Machine Zoom Rates can vary lengths by a third. with a 9% slot machine zoom rate = by week seven I’d have a 63% chance of being 100% blocked whereas with a 13% slot machine zoom rate = by week seven I’d have a 90% chance of being 100% blocked! This curve continues with a 9% rate it takes 12 attempts to reach 100% with a 13% rate it takes 8 attempts to reach 100% So I’m usually around 11 times which puts me in the 9% zoom rate. Each time my slot runs, it is selecting 9% out of all the R’s in my Garden. I can at best, affect 10 maybe 11% with an overload. Each day when we wake up, the zoom focuses on the x% that will be used for that particular day or “period”. The 13 that become active are chosen to be online for that period. So each period we are using only 13 percent of the garden. The rest are in hibernation, Bad, or trying to get healthy. They are not participating nor are they affected by the 13% that are online. (unless there is some sort of over load, like excessive chemical use or extreme trigger stress. The barrier can be crossed but it must be large. LSD is one exception here which makes it the most effective medicine. Depending on set and setting, it can sometimes over power the network and affect more than the daily “slot”. It has the ability to communicate quickly and beat the lilies in their communication. Not always, only sometimes. When it happens you will feel it like electricity when you take it. It happens very quickly in the first minute and you will get the shakes afterward. It is the only medicine that I have noticed this with and I believe it is because the others goes thru the stomach. I think the message goes so fast thru the brain, that the garden cannot react quickly enough and it overpowers everything in the zoom plus a few surrounding R’s that will give you a bonus effect. It’s not a large percentage, but a little bit (1-2%) more can have a dramatic effect over the course of “busting a cycle" as shown by the calculator below. Hence I would recommend always busting with L when available. HOW IT WORKS We can tell what’s happening by our reaction to the L. The L affects the R’s in the slot machine view for that period. <- very important. If we are tripping hard, we are reaching a high percentage of Healthy (unblocked) cells in our slot machine. They are part of the garden, but not the whole garden. Tripping is good, it means the R’s may have been previous Black R’s that are now blocked OR they may have been healthy White R’s that were not yet blocked. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we blocked cells that could have gone bad and now they are blocked! If we are rote. A dull, shorter experience. You feel the medicine isn’t working. LOL it is. It’s chemistry. This is how I figured it out! That means we are hitting blocked cells already. You are probably mid cycle and this is a mid season bust (numbers 3-9) for a lot of people. Your slot machine gave you a bad zoom. You got many blocked cells already. The L is hitting them but not doing anything. The space is filled already. Your set and setting was not so good for timing your Receptors. Maybe you felt it was right, but you must pay attention to your garden and ask yourself is today the right time? This rote experience can almost be considered a wasted trip unfortunately. The medicine is hitting blocks that were already established. You should have let another day go by if you could have. I also think during a cluster is not so good either. Better to wait for a clean healthy feeling moment. When we are having clusters, it is turning White R’s to Black R’s. This is why they are cyclical. Everything triggers them but we must have enough Black R’s in the slot machine to feel the pain. Now you must wait and it could be another week of pain. This can be dis heartening and everyone gets it in rounds 3-7. They need encouragement because they aren’t getting a big “bust” feeling anymore. Its because the earlier cells are still blocked. The blocks really last for about three - four weeks when you are at thresholld 80+ clean. Then it becomes a backwards timer. They are always releasing the “blocks”. Good to find a common safe time and ground to prevent them from releasing too many every three weeks or so. They hold for one month, but can come off RAPIDLY from air flight, barometric pressure changes, and all the other triggers. I’ve found pressure is the greatest by far! Once you are clean and all Healthy R’s, the slot machine’s protection begins to chill out a little. This sets us up for great preventative trips with L. Because it is fast and powerful it gets thru and boom you are healthy for a long time. I can feel when they are coming off. This allows me to do everything and live normally, but when the first shadow comes, I know to get to business within 2-3 days tops and then Im good for 3-4 weeks. AREAS TO EXPLORE CTE, PTSD, Clusters are closer to shock related injuries than headaches. They are not headaches. They are constant feedback loops that attack the sensors in our garden with too much information. Left brain clock and right brain clock. Where do they sync? Could a bump in this sensitve area cause the clocks to go out of sync occasionally? Could this cause our body to activate antibodies like an ellergic reaction causeing you to have sinus like side effects? Seasonally at first and then continually as the message nerves get more solidified in their connections, causing us to become chronic? Does your doctor think you have allergies? This injury affects a few too many areas of our specialized medical science to grant any one purveyor a good view. The answer will come from outside the medical profession. From someone who undersatnd pain as a feedback loop and a figment of our mind. It's real, but only in our mind reliving the shock. They are looking for a patent on a pill that nature has designed for us perfectly. If they cannot do this, they will not participate in helping us. Start thinking differently or you will always get the same answer. For centuries science was wrong about the sun, perhaps they are wrong about clusters too. It wouldnt be the first time.
  5. I know it sucks, but alcohol is not your friend. It causes the blockage to release. the night sweats are clusters that you are not feeling the pain from. your body still reacts to the headache, but not the pain.

    Alcohol triggers the release the of blocking mechanism. I wish it didn't. but Im sure it does.

  6. sinus, ear, always feels like an ear infection a little bit with a cluster. you think a good cleaning would help, but I think its all just pressure in the head from a cluster. when you bust and feel clear, you seem to see a little better and no pressure in the ears. I love it when I feel that as I know I am back in sync. remember clusters are a cycle and repeat. you must bust to break the cycle.
  7. too much and I get triggered. I have to be careful not to overheat or get dehydrated. drink lots of water. CHFather is on the money. Listen to him.
  8. when you eat, blood must go to the belly. Less blood flow, less O2 in system = trigger. When you smell perfume, it is causing your nose to close up a bit. Less O2. When you drink champagne, the sugar go straight to your brain, causing less O2 to reach it. Champagne is the fastest alcohol to go to the brain, way faster than beer or wine. It goes immediately. This rush is causing your brain to get less O2 = trigger. Too much exercise = O2 if my receptors aren't blocked. Capers do it for me. About 20 minutes later. I think cluster people have blood issues that cause us to not have enough O2 in system. I will write in separate post. We all different. I have gout and I think it is related to clusters and blood flow. Shrimp give me gout bad. Alcohol, not at all. Low pressure outside, gout come up with too much soda. High pressure, I can drink soda all I want.
  9. Any triptans will make the next attack you have far worse. Guaranteed by the way it works. Triptans will allow the cycle to continue and get worse. You get short term relief but long term continuation. After ending ten years of conting pills, I went cold turkey and suffered for two weeks. Then all the attacks amazingly got weaker and weaker. Then I went 15 months without any attacks! Shadows yes, aura yes, but no pain. Opioids will give you a rebound hangover like headache as well. Triptans will rock you so bad when they wear off. All triptans are released from the k receptor at almost the same time, this sets you up for the worst possible pain you can receive in your life. All receptors open at once = full scale pain. You want these receptors blocked by LSD or psilocybin then you get five to seven days of pain free. Then you block the, again. As many times as it takes for your slow body clock t get back on schedule. This will take weeks. Maybe busting 1x a week for five or ten weeks. Whatever it takes for you. Just bust and save your life and quit these meds. The meds will totally screw up your busting too so you have to quit for a week at least. Stop triptans now. They will set you up for disaster and continuous headache cycle. You are fooling yourself if you think they are helping. Read revised my lean theory in theory and implantation to learn more about why they are bad.
  10. Bee stings help your k receptors get filled so when you get an attack, less are filled = less pain. They also cause you to deplete your p level, so when you get an attack, less P = less time for the headache. Read revised my lean theory in the theory implementation forum to learn more about bees and k and p. Good luck. The Indians knew all about the bees and these headaches.
  11. I'm a believer 100% I think BP affects the HP gland and the sinuses both so you get it as a primary cause to start a cycle and a secondary cause to continue with cluster headaches. I personally think BP is the main driver over all of it... Seasonal BP changes, daily BP changes, coastal BP changes, weather BP changes. I think our HP picks up on it ever so sensitive.. Ch sufferers have a genetic defect in out HP gland that makes us too sensitive to the change and we over react. This would explain chronic and episodic. Any other infection in sinuses via allergy, cold or air plane, is a compounding affect with natural BP changes and this amplifies into enough to confuse the HP to trip and bam your next cycle starts.
  12. Barometric Pressure is it 100% for me... spring turning to summer summer turning to fall each cycle can be two weeks - two months (2-3x per day usually twice like clockwork) my body goes into shock from fear of them coming on. I think triptans make them worse. I think opioids make them worse. Sometimes these are the only things tho. El niño was wonderful here in LA. I was in remission for first time in 10 years, but now low pressure is back and we get marine layer which is never good. Even the rise and fall of the sun creates high pressure from the heat which can do it for me. It doesn't have to be a storm, but two days before I am aware of it! Im trying o2 now and love it, but you still feel the headache hiding in the background, but it may allow you to work so if you are in an office, get a tank there too and keep your job.
  13. I get aura's before about half of them. Sometimes sparkly diamonds falling other times fogginess around the edges. Same time of day, twice a day. I think it is barometric pressure change during the day/night cycle. I went into remission for a year where I got aura's for about 15-20 minutes, but then no headaches. Try to fool your brain, when you get an aura, slam a water or eat an apple. its placebo, but you may be able to fool your brain. I really believe it has helped me.
  14. Flights cause my ordinary daily migraines to turn into CH. Somewhere in the middle of a flight I will feel something like a bullet go into the middle of my nasal sinuses and then the nerve gets struck later about 12-36 hours. I will wake up in my sleep or late in the afternoon it will strike and begin a 2 week cycle of 2-3 per day. I haven't flown to see family or friends in almost ten years now. I probably won't go to my own parents funeral, but nothing is worth firing up a cycle.
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