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  1. Hi guys, After about 5 months free, I think I can confirm that the D3 regimem really works. In the past 20 years, I tried almost every medications possible without any great success. The best scenario was about 15 attacks/month. Thanks to this site and especially to Batch for the great help. I am now completely free. From my part, the D3 regimem will reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks. Combined with Verrapamil, it completely stoped my CH. Even my doctor his amaze of how well I am. Thanks guys for your support and help for giving me my life back.
  2. Thank you very much registrateyourjourney!
  3. Thanks for the advice I do really appreciate.
  4. Actually, I tried psychedelic mushroom only once. But like you say, I have to stop triptans for 5 days and just can't.... I have read that I have to stop Verapamil for 5 days also. Never tried Energy drink. I'll give it a try. Melatonine is open prescription here (Canada) but don't really do nothing for me. Actually for prevention I take 480 mg Verapamil twice a day, novo divalproex 1000 mg twicw a day and 75 mg lamotrigine twice a day. When I'll get my oxygen,, I'll ask for a CH one. Before I was using a regular mask. I'm just reading the D3 regimen you are talking about. I'm seeing my neurol
  5. Before, I was using oxygen but only relieve for an hour or two I ask my doctor for another prescription... Does youguys are relieve for longer? I'm gonna check for the vitam D3 regimen. Thanks to youguys i'm really desperate.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm suffering of Cluster headache since 15 -20 years. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed chronic. I also have regular migraines. I'm in a crisis since one and a half year. I take intranasal Zomig 5mg 2 times a day since then. Actually, I think I may have rebound headache. Does anyone of youguys ever had rebound headaches? I'm trying to avoid taking my Zoming but my headaches are too strong. The are less strong then Clusters but almost as strong. Are rebound headaches suppose to be that painfull? By the way, i'm french so sorry for the poor writting. Thanks!
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