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  1. This may sound a lil dumb...does the term "busting" mean to "thwart" or "interrupt" or "stop" or "abort" a headache? I did as you suggested in one of your other posts and typed busting in the search bar but it didn't come up  with an exact definition.  I even got specific with search criteria ....I'm usually pretty decent with research stuff...and deriving meaning from meaning from context...but this "jargon-specific", so I'm lil lost...

    1. Freud


      Yes you are right. I’ll see if I can send you a direct link

    2. Joseph


      Thank you... Besides the topirimate for prevention...i guess you could say busting IS what i do.. I chew four Excedrin (yuck af!!!) then apply heavy pressure to very specific pressure points which further reduce severity and length of the headache.. The trick is to beat the " ramp up" time... 

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