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  1. A redneck reservoir, Benadryl to cut migraines and Imitrex rebounds (Whaaat!) and of course Monsieur's D3... whew! I better start a very organized journal for all this. So much info! *Interesting tidbit on the oxygen for the knowledge lovers, in the past when given oxygen for migraines, it had a strange affect on AiWS (Alice in Wonderland Syndrome). It increased Micropsia but decreased Macropsia (this happens randomly and both before migraines and without migraines at all.) With Classic Migraines, it extended aura times but decreased migraine pain. Just some fun facts from my own N
  2. ooooh! I hope another Portland Oregon one soon! Maybe I'll just hold one myself at my home, pass out Fadiman's book, and print out Mr. Wold's endless helpful info online....Hmm.. I can and paste flyers around town "Calling all migraineurs and cluster people: special tea & "brownies" to be served.
  3. Monica, I'm new as well and I'm in Portland! Feel free to reach out, I'm just getting started with "cluster-busting" (though not new to psychedelics in general, nor am I new to migraines, I have four types and will be dosing in the hopes of beating back several of them, especially these cluster aka suicide headaches.
  4. At some point, I will have to read through the forums thoroughly, so do forgive if this has already been brought up, but if there is still ongoing fundraising going on for research here, a great idea is something Portland is doing in two weeks, to raise funds for the Psi2020 campaign (to get legalization for psilocybin on the ballot). Alongside great movies (the next happens to be Magic Medicine), the tickets for the events go to raising more money for the outreach/education of the measure. Hollywood Theatre sets up several events all year long where movie-goer meet fundraisers. It's a great w
  5. This forum is proving to be a minefield of relevant info and support.. I can't believe how relieved I am to see this topic in the general forum area. About two months ago, an intractable migraine left me with a loud ringing in one ear. It has not subsided nor change in volume. It's very, very difficult to drown it out. My doctor mentioned something called LuminEar to help 'retrain' the brain to learn to ignore the sounds... I find that headphones are my BFF these days, both to ignore the resulting tinnitus and drown out outer sounds. I've had migraines since I was 16 (43 now) but never had a m
  6. This is so awful. I too admit that I succumb to tears at times just with pain alone, but other times, more with basilar and classic with aura's, I find my eyes tearing on their own and a total sinus shutdown on one side or the other. Crying with clusters, absolutely. I wish I could hug you all, how dreadful the many dregs of migraines ...
  7. Wonderful! I believe I registered on the main site, but will followup. Thank you so much for doing this, I hope it is ongoing.
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