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Happy? Cluster Headache Awareness Day


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Stopping by to acknowledge all of those who suffer with cluster headache. Your bravery and hope is inspiring to me as Joe and I advocate  for better psychedelic legislation in New York. Don't forget to spread awareness about cluster headache today and every day.



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Eileen and Joe: Big appreciation for the advocacy for better psychedelic legislation, and the potential positive impact for those of us with this currently misleadingly named condition.

@Tony Only, you'll definitely never catch me referring to a cluster attack as a 'headache'. :rolleyes: Maybe we should consider adopting Finland's Horton thing over here. As long as it doesn't get confused with a popular and delightful Dr. Seuss character.



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@Bejeeber Ahem. I have an alternative explanation for the poster ! (Prediction to the future)

There will be a US doctor named Dr. Seuss who will administer some serious doses of psychedelics in sessions spaced 5 days apart to patients suffering from Horton's neuralgia. In every session, an album by an english rock band called The Who is played in it's entity. Patients describe that in these treatment sessions they feel how their illness is slowly but steadily becoming fearful of the Who's music, and during their trips they actually see how every power chord struck by Pete Townshend is breaking bricks in the brick wall of Horton's neuralgia. Major breakthroughs for forced remission are usually achieved around in the beginning of the 5th - "Who's next" session when psychedelics are kicking in and Baba O' Riley is playing (and needless to stay, bricks are flying). This leads to a saying "Horton hears a Who" when talking about this treatment ! B)


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