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really really exausted...very little sleep in days


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How are you doing?  Did the seeds work?  If you are still plagued by night time headaches, remember focus on relaxing your body; the more you tense the worse it gets.  You can train yourself to do this.  I hate waking up with a headache, it's the worst.  If the seeds don't work, consider trying Imitrex.  The real Imitrex, not generic.  It stops my attacks cold if I get it in time.  Also, if you notice you don't have the triggers others have here, consider going to a chiro and getting your neck x-rayed.   It's rare, but for me, having a disc out in my neck is my trigger.  If my neck is in, I get very few headaches. Anyway, wishing you the best, maybe the seeds worked?

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I really think my cycle ended...maybe the seeds helped...hard to say, since the headaches had been lessening the week before busting. My trigger seems to be head colds and hay fever...congestion events. Is that unusual? I usually have about one such event each season. I have only been experiencing clusters for 4 yrs and only this last cycle did I find out was they were. So far each cluster cycle has been different from the last. Each one has been longer and more intense than the last. Will a consistent pattern evolve over time? I know I'll be much better prepare this next time around!

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Sorry it took me so long to respond.  Am having a serious episode which as been tough since I've been spoiled by usually only getting one attack before I get it under control.

Anyway, about your questions -- Your pattern seems unusual but all of us have some weird variations on triggers.  Also, it is worrisome you're getting worse so to me that means keeping careful track in something like a journal (I do mine on computer) as to when you get them and any details that you can track later.  I find if you don't keep track of them at the time, it is very hard to remember the important details because of the nature of the beast; also we tend to want to forget.  Beyond being clear on the exact details of the triggers, pay attention to what helps and hurts when you are having an attack.  And finally, really, really work on relaxing your body when you have an attack (it can be done, it just takes practice) and not getting sucked into being very negative.  The normal response is to panic and assume this is forever. If you calm yourself, the attack will not be as bad and if you keep reminding yourself the attack will end and your episode will not last forever, it will help.  Hope this helps.

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