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One mans truth another mans lie


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Just like to share some thoughts. When a person goes trough traumas like cancer or serious accidents or other things, like years with pain like we have. That person will often get a new outlook on life. What is life, who are we, what do we really want?

I`m not sure if i know who i am fully, most likely i will never know? But i do know better than ever what i value, what i need, what i want, what i wish. For me, living life after a "normal A4" is not what i want. Actually i cannot do it. No, i`m not willing to do so. I ask myself am i selfish? Should i do what people expect me to do? Should i follow the masses? Is it my duty to stay with people who cannot respect my life views? Or am i wrong?

Everyone`s truth`s in life is a truth to them. How that becomes a truth depends on various factors. Some keep their truths their entire life without changing them. Mine has been changed to the opposites mostly.

Is my truth truer than your truth, or yours truer than mine?

Everyone holds their own personal truth. Respect for each others truth. Individuality and respect for diversity. You need to be you. I need to be me. Side by side.

Today you are you, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is youer than you.

Dr. Seuss

(Oh, i`m nausea after too many chocolate chip cookies. Darn cookies. Or i shouldn`t have eaten that many :o)

My best wishes to all ;)


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I'm finding that now after surfacing from dealing with the beast for so many years.  I find I'm more open minded, curious, more positive outlook (and hopefull humanity can start taking care of the earth better before it's too late), have very different views than I once had some years ago.  For the first time in my life I'm pondering the question, how did we get here?  What's out there in the universe?.....  (I was just starting to get into the Stargate Universe scify show before they canceled it) :(


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