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2 years

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It`s been 2 years since i joined ClusterBusters. 2 years!! Those 2 years have changed my life, you all know that :) The past 2 years have been filled first with hope for better times, hope for some relief. Then gratefulness of the pain free times i got, and then transformation. This year, the third year that`s already started i don`t meet with hope and thoughts of a better life. I`m into year 3 and meet it with certainty. I am certain that this will be a good year.

A big thank you to everyone single one of you. Thank you for being here. You have given me support, advices, laughter and tears for 2 hole years!! Without you i wouldn't have been here. Not just a figure of speak. I am grateful for all the time shared :)'

Life is so GREAT!! Wishing everyone a happy new painfree year.  Luv u all!! Big hug

Tingeling :-*

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