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Just observing, but we have fewer new people in severe pain showing up right now. :)

To me, it might be the whole 'cyclical' time of year thingy.

Here's PF wishes to all and don't forget the Summer Solstice!

Changing of the seasons, changing of our priorities, changing of our free time. Without change, all things die. We change or die.

To life! [smiley=happy.gif] [smiley=happy.gif] [smiley=happy.gif]

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Spiny wish that was this newbies case. Thought my 12weeks were over march 28 but still hitting me pretty hard.  Seems like you have been on here for awhile.  Is that pretty normal that they last longer?  Mine have always been 12weeks. Maybe just scared I am going chronic. :(

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Is that pretty normal that they last longer?


From my own experience and what I've seen others report on the message boards, for us episodics it is common indeed for episodes to start lasting longer as the years/decades go by.

My first episodes were 4 weeks long. In recent years they've become more like 11 weeks.

Please don't get too worried yet about the chronic thing.

On the bright side, the remissions often start lasting longer too, I hope that becomes the case with you.  :)

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Seems to be the case for many Linda. I am sorry that you are in a bad spot right now.

Until 2011, my longest cycle was about 6 months of getting hit everyday at 8:00 pm with a 2 1/2 hour session.

In 2011, I started with the 4 per night saga for over 6 months plus shadows and short daytime hits. But, 2011 was a bruiser for many CHers.

Like Jeebs said, don't get too worried. Cycles change apparently, but that doesn't mean they won't still be cycles.

I had the same worry for several months myself.

I have been basically PF since March 20th, so I am feeling a real 'renewal' this spring. Joining this site and learning how to manage the pain better has been a huge gift. :)

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