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Sleep problems a possible trigger?


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whoa...Depression is part of the syndrome. Sleep deprivation and drug therapies play into it as well. I get alittle whacked on prednisone for example. I cant tell you what to do, however I would suggest some intervention of some type perhaps a leave from each other to calm down. Therapy comes to mind. Mental illness has no causation to cluster attacks that I know of, rather the other way around. I have found solace in many techiques, prayer, meditation, professional therapy, self education, marriage counseling, are a few examples. When a situation reaches a fevered pitch someone needs to de-escalate the conflict. By your own actions it will get better or worse. ;)

Prayers for you and yours.


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Very sorry to hear of the trials and tribs y'all are having.

I think BlueB said it all and said it very well - I second it all.

And although this may go without saying (that's never stopped me before!) it sounds to me like this would be a good time to avoid any strong psychedelics like mushrooms or paper, since there's the possibility they could aggravate things.

Peace to y'all,


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