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rc dosing


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m-k, i think i remember you saying that you have chronic CH.  it does seem to require higher doses of LSA to impact chronic CH.  the 60 seeds might be enough--it probably is enough.  but if you feel that you are able to go to a higher dose, you might want to try that, just to be more certain that you are getting above the effectiveness threshold.    since 60 seeds probably is enough, you shouldn't do more if you're not comfortable with more (or maybe add just a few more (5?) this time, see how you react to that, and then keep adding in small increments).

do you have your oxygen situation straightened out now?

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Yes I am on steroids 25 mg daily.

Sorry to bring this up, but I'm afraid that can interfere with busting, and may account for your lack of results.  :'(

Is the 25 mg steroids helping you at all (it doesn't seem like it is)? Would be nice if you could continue to taper off of it so the RC could work to full effect.

Can I keep dosing 5 days apart?

Yes, everything I've read....well everything I remember...says it's OK to do so.

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