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Some advice please


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Hi all,

So here is the deal, I have been fighting the beast again for 13 months and busting my arse off. In the past 4 1/2 weeks things have been so so so much better. My question basically is I still get a short hit everyday at 8pm, I don't have to use 02 and it goes away after 15 to 20 minutes or so on its own. Every few days I also get get the same thing around 3pm. My question is to dose or not to dose, I haven't done any seeds in over a month and I am worried that dosing may start ramp thing up a bit. All input appreciated.

Thanks and PFDAN wishes to all :)

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Just curious if the only way you have been busting is with seeds?

I dont me to sound like an a$$ but why havent you tried a shroom trip... Maybe you have ?

I had the experience you are talking about as well....

One night of shrooms and boom they are gone!!! well i have to  do maintenance doses but i dont get them anymore - when i feel them coming on i put a cap under my tongue - if they start to shadow more i just trip that day and they stay away.

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Just guessing here, but your hits have a solid pattern and it's been a month since dosing, so I would dose.

I don't believe dosing ever brings on a cycle, but the more I know the less I know.

                                    Leslie :-/

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I went ahead and dosed Thursday night, pattern still the same, so we shall see. Domino, no access to shrooms at this time and have a kid in the house so not going to try to grow. Thanks for the input everyone, the hit is so tolerable if this dose doesn't rid me of them I will just do my maintenance regime.

PFDAN wishes to all

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