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  1. Wow, thanks CHF, This is very interesting. I need to read it more and try to understand better. After the first read I believe the PH factor does play a big role in regards to clusters. That would be a good reason for eating "clean" and avoiding our individual triggers. Even though I am not in cycle now, clusters really control too much of my life. The information on vaping is flat out scary to me. Having COPD and being a smoker, I had high hopes that vaping would help me break away from cigarettes. This article makes me think that vaping is the worst thing "I" could do. Thanks again for the info. I'm going into the baseball mode now. Will study this harder tonight. Leslie I hope I didn't take this subject too far off track. Smoke might not be the trigger but nicotine could be the relationship.
  2. I have been using e-cigarettes since the 4th of July. When I quit the real thing, I did have major improvement in the sinus area, which is where my CH starts usually. After a few weeks I started feeling like I had the flu. The smart answer to that would be stop the e cigs, however it is important for me to stop smoking. I saw the doctor and he confirmed that. Being highly addicted to nicotine. I know if I quit the e cigs , I will be smoking the same day. So I tried to solve this problem on my own and a couple questions pop up. #1. What does nicotine do to one's PH? #2. What does the chemicals in the e cigs do to PH? Namely the ones that end in hyde? And glycol? Could the connection between CH and smoking be that the PH gets out of balance and then Batch's D3 program works so well because his first goal was balancing PH? Maybe there have been volumes written about this, I don't know. I'm so tired of thinking about it. I'm also embarassed to be posting about my smoking again. I had good advice from others here but didn't follow it. CH over rode any other problems. I seem to be in remission now. I'll never say it's gone. Over the years the medical advice I got right away was, "stop smoking, it causes CH." My first question to any doctor or dentist is, "do you know about CH?" They always say yes, but they admit I know more than they do. Especially if I use the hypothamus word. I didn't mean to complain or hyjack. All I am saying is maybe the connection between CH and smoking is the changes in PH. Where is spell check? Can you overdose on baseball? Leslie
  3. Well hello there BJ, Thank you. IAMSHAMEN was always reliable for me. I don't know why I didn't start there this time. I'll put in an order. If I remember right, they were out of stock when I decided to order. Thx Leslie
  4. I use 80 RC seeds. I am having some trouble finding them. Anyone else going through that? Leslie
  5. Me too, Denny. All I out grew was my jeans. Leslie
  6. I have been almost cluster free for 24 months or so. So it's springtime in Nebraska. I know the spring air is a trigger for me. I took a big chance last week and exposed myself to yardwork and the neighbors. Of course that was not a good plan. Within 24 hours the histimines went crazy and the clusters followed the next day. I usually take a couple Benadryl before doing yard stuff and I limit my time outside. I rinse with cold water from the hose and then go in for a shower. I've tried all the antihistimines and agree Benadryl is the only one for me. I've tried the wonderful new nose sprays only to get dry sinus and more pain. I use a saline nasal wash after working outside. I truely believe it is important to clear up the sinus first and then attack the clusters. After my nice remission I took the hits hard. The attacks were different. The sinus headaches followed the old cluster pathes. My magic meds. were three years old. They did seem weak. I'm not going to push that limit again. They say the meds. will last forever when stored properly. I don't think so. I just wanted to share that with you all. Also it is a good idea to keep Benadryl on hand because of bees and other wild things like spider bites. Fair Winds Leslie
  7. I never actually wrote or talked to Mark. I sure do remember the conversations on the other board. I went from CH.Com to the first Buster forum and now this one. It was good news to have answers. And now it is sad. But no more pain. Leslie
  8. Darci, I can't explain the difference between D2 and D3, but I am familiar with the RX for D2. I had the same RX from my doctor. I didn't get along with the RX at all. I think I tried for about 2 weeks and then flushed them. I switched to D3 OTC. I have bloodwork done every 6 months for another reason and my vit. D level is good. My advice is dump the D2 and get D3. Wish I could explain the "why". A fellow member explained it to me. Perhaps he will pop in. Hope this helps. Leslie
  9. I added my endorsement, with pleasure and pride and thanks. Cassidy
  10. Newfie, If you have only been taking the RX meds for less than a week, I believe you could dump them with no problem. I would stick with the energy drink, which I prefer very cold and an ice pack on the painful spot. From there I would check out the o2 and order some RC seeds. I'm thinking you are concerned about quiting the RXs. If you had been on them for several months then I'd say detox slowly. But that wouldn't apply to your case. Sounds like the RXs are causing more grief than relief, so why take them. Best of luck Leslie
  11. Hi Ting, Sent you my address. I figured you were busy walking on the moon. Cassidy
  12. Anger goes with the territory sometimes, every now and then. And sometimes a dry, witty response can be misinterpeted. It's complicated! We share and come here for help. I don't post a lot these days, but I come here because I want to know how my friends are doing and I wonder where some went. I was happy to "hear" from AO and have thought of him many times. I come here to learn and I am so impressed with this group that never stops amazing me with their knowledge and passion. This just makes me sad. Leslie
  13. Thanks for the help. I had to use enable for some reason. If I did disable then I couldn't see member icons. It's probably something else that I fixed. Don't tell anyone that I couldn't figure this out on my own. :-[ Everything is back to my normal. 8-) thx Leslie
  14. Since the minor change, I am having trouble with a security message that I have to answer all the time with a yes or no. It is about secure & not secure. So, what's the deal? Do I have to change a browser setting? I'd rather read ads, than deal with this security message. OK, I'm old, hot and don't understand all this. Leslie And baseball really sucks this year.
  15. Get rid of the word headache and get rid of the pain. I'd rather spend time on solving the pain and forget the number or discription. Leslie
  16. Yes, lots of experiance. Not much relief. I've used the steroid spray and it did not interfer with busting. I ended up with dry, bloody sinus. I like AYR gel, it is saline and aloe and a soothing gel. OTC. I'm in the 3 week and plan to bust tonight. I feel I would have been sucessful a week ago if it weren't for the congestion in my head. Not an infection, just clear stuff and pressure. Very frustrating! I use a saline rinse sometimes. The gel in the tube seems to be the right PH for me. Good luck. Leslie
  17. OK, sounds good. Hope I didn't scare you by over reacting. Dried mushrooms are 10 to 1 fresh. So a fresh sput could be a lot. Never did a fresh one. bye Leslie
  18. Well, it would be a shame to give in now, after the hell you've been thru. But at the same time you must be careful. I don't know much about PCs or Triptons. You sound better. The SPUTS are usually dried---- not fresh. We have a good question to ask, about replax detox, if anyone else wakes up. Are you drinking lots of water? Nurse Ratchet
  19. Hit the alert moderator button on the top right side of your post.
  20. Are you a member on the other board? If so post over there and get thier opinion?????????
  21. So, are you alone? How are you feeling now? Les
  22. You are right the page won't come up. Leslie
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