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My mom sent me a print out the other day about Low dose propofol being used at the ER for pediatric and adult

migraine treatment. then found this abstract online about it.


anyone have any experience with this at the ER or w/ your Dr.

Sounds interesting at least. Maybe one more thing to stop the beast when its bad enough to go to the ER.


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Hipshot. Looks like you need a new Dr. took me a lot of going around but I finally found a great Dr. who fully understands the pain and is willing to let me try pretty much anything I can think of or find evidence to support.

Looking for a pharmacy that is near me that will make the ketamine for me.

good luck


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i went through some crappy drs and am so

glad i found the one i have now.  she was the one

who initially told me about clusters and the first one

to believe me that i was pacing around with the pain.

she has been a God send. O2, any crazy thing i can think of

that may help she gets on board with.  would not ever go to another

dr again.

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