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  1. I had forgotten about that one. So bizarre sounding.
  2. interesting to read some of those articles. Never have I experienced anything of the such. Have been smoking weed for the last 15 years. Was a heavy user until my son was born then cut back.... Still no issues.. Odd Everyone is gonna react a little different though eh...
  3. Just an interesting study I ran across... http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318145.php I myself have had migraines since childhood and find that weed can go either way on my clusters.. Won't stop an attack but helps with the shadows etc..
  4. I appreciate it. Just glad I have a lot of shots stock piled as well as 4 O2 tanks... Also found a new pharmacy that can make it. went through what seems like every compounder here in so cal but I found another and will be moving my business to them Spoke w/ them and they indicated no issues w/ just the RX sent to them so finger crossed as I still do not have it in my hands.. thanks again
  5. Thank you for the reply, I am on the downswing from a high cycle so if we are looking at the positive there it is. so the full story after that first post: the pharmacist has demanded the following. • a full letter from my doctor describing the reason for the medication and that she is ok w/ me taking it. • a new RX w/ a maximum daily allowance written to the script ++ a non controlled rx ( so I have decided to get oral imitrex, I have a pharmacy that can get me 16 shots per month for $5 ) • and worst of all a copy of my chart... i am not even sure if thats legal. So I have been looking all over my area for another pharmacy the compounds sterile medication. I think I finally found one so hopefully I can put this whole mess behind me. Thank you for the kind offer but really don't want to get flagged and make my life even worse with these assholes..
  6. I did not see on anyones list Cymbalta or Vyvance Also tried adderall to no effect
  7. Does anyone know if laws have changed drastically recently. As of today my pharmacy that I have been using for ~3 years for my Ketamine spray has dropped me as a client. Has anyone had this issue before. They said it was due to the fact that I do not take any other medication other that a controlled substance that I am no longer allowed to be a client. I was set at 50mg per ml and getting 30ml per month it does not seem to me like a high dosage but maybe I am wrong... guess i just wanted to see if anyone else has gone through similar and how they handled it..
  8. I think its something you will just have to experiment with and see which works best for you. I have found that my preference for one or the other varies from time to time.. it also seems that some days my CH wants saliva some days indica and to add some mystery to it sometimes it makes it worse.... just trial and error for whats best for you.
  9. interesting info for sure. For me the night time pain has been dropped over 50% by using a combination of 9mg melatonin and 1-2mg of xanex.
  10. defectiv


    my only add on here would be to make sure you are aware of the signs of serotonin syndrome. SSRIs and mushrooms pretty much produce the same result as far as the receptors are concerned You will want to make sure that you are not ending up w/ to much serotonin floating about the brain as things can go very wrong when that occurs.. Likelihood is low but knowing what to watch for when combining meds is always helpful With the melatonin and xanax combo i have been able to avoid major nighttime clusters for months now. I'm using 9mg melatonin and 1 - 1.5 mg xanax. Seems to be working wonders for me.. This is all after intensive rounds of busting with M to knock down a really significant portion of the my clusters. best of luck steve
  11. i'm chronic and have been from the start. With the M i have never achieved complete pain free time but after about 6 months of busting weekly and some more then weekly I have been able to stay in low cycle for 1 year now. Which is amazing to me... not pain free but also i'm only getting one or two low grade ones per day as opposed to 4 two month high cycle periods with 5-8 Major killers per day... best thing to do is to just keep going.. i actually have not busted in 1year and am still in a low cycle period... fingers crossed. but i have plenty of M just in case it decides to ramp up again. I'm also using ketamine now to stop the pain when it does occur and with nightly 9mg melatonin and 1mg xanax I have been keeping it at bay during the evening. hope this helps.. steve
  12. for the most part. maybe a few mins slower sometimes.
  13. i just put it into a syringe and use the markings on the syringe to get 2mg doses.
  14. i was always under the inpression that the 4mg was the default one. the only 6s i have ever seen were the 3 free ones i got from my dr when she told me about clusters.
  15. no notice. just a sudden switch it was on the right as always it started to go away then it just hit the left real hard (6 or a 7) and that was it. when it went away its never recured
  16. I have only experienced a switch one time and it was for just a single cluster. May I ask why it matters if its one side or the other. Have i missed something. steve
  17. i went through some crappy drs and am so glad i found the one i have now. she was the one who initially told me about clusters and the first one to believe me that i was pacing around with the pain. she has been a God send. O2, any crazy thing i can think of that may help she gets on board with. would not ever go to another dr again.
  18. Yes im in orange county myself. Which area. I live in south county but work up in north county
  19. Most modern day medicine according to all drs. I have ever talked to say that there is at least 10 years of life added onto any expiration you see on medicine. I know drs. that work in free clinics around the world that love the fact the FDA forces business to get rid of expired meds. The more for them to give to people who really need it and can't afford any meds. + I was using imitrex that expired in 09 w/ no issues just this year. steve
  20. Hipshot. Looks like you need a new Dr. took me a lot of going around but I finally found a great Dr. who fully understands the pain and is willing to let me try pretty much anything I can think of or find evidence to support. Looking for a pharmacy that is near me that will make the ketamine for me. good luck steve
  21. My mom sent me a print out the other day about Low dose propofol being used at the ER for pediatric and adult migraine treatment. then found this abstract online about it. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1046/j.1526-4637.2002.02034.x/abstract anyone have any experience with this at the ER or w/ your Dr. Sounds interesting at least. Maybe one more thing to stop the beast when its bad enough to go to the ER. steve
  22. Ajax: can you tell me how the ketamine spray is compounded.(what is the formula) I would like to try to get some. My dr is nice to prescribe me once anything i think may help but it would be nice to have some more info on it. Any info would be appreciated. thank you
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