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Travelling and dosing

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I have been wondering about travel too.  I really want to go to the convention in Portland.  Can you take oxygen on the plane?  Will there be oxygen available at the convention?  BTW, I am a fan too and yours too Ron!!!


Lee Ann 

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dissolved it in little bit of water, took it on a cotton wool pad, and let it dry. Doesn't look that obvious. I gonna stay awhile, so i was afraid i might get my first holiday ruined. I spent my 20's having cluster, and this is my first holiday with a great outlook since. And i was 30 this month, the day before travelling, i received very very very good news! I see this as a celebration to the big change i'm given. I have the best, relaxing time of my life:-) How wonderful to live!! It's almost kinda strange, suddenly, like a puzzle. The hole picture was shown.

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Oxygen will be available at the conference.

I usually take a small maintenance dose right before flying. never had a problem on a plane since doing that.


Blake did the exact thing (thanks to your advice).  It worked like a charm....no problems.

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