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Busting w RV - not going well


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My cycles have evolved to 2 years & 2 months apart, like clockwork. 

I busted with 100 RV approx 2 weeks ago, which showed promise at first, after the hellish rebound effect the following day.  Was getting one per night for a few days and then 2 (one at 11 and one after falling asleep for 2 hrs).  I could typically knock these out with a combo of capsaicin nasal spray (home made) & ice & patience...

But the beast is a clever one and those do nothing.  Also, this cycle is immune to O2, which is similar to only one other episode I've had over the years...

Last night I got hit every time I fell asleep.

These are not full blown KIP level.  They are a consistent KIP 6 level nagging pain which allows for nothing but to sit there and take it.

I ordered more seeds but not really sure how to proceed with this one.  Your help is, as always, much appreciated.


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From the years of reports and use of RC here, one thing that's very consistent is it's very inconsistent. :(  Most likely due to the age / strength of the seeds as the chemicals significantly degrade after 6 months from harvest. 

HBWR has quite a few more unpleasant side effects, but seem to be a little more consistent for our use.  Of course I'm an enormous advocate of the "M".  It's been a life saver for many, many, many...

Have you tried bumping the dose up?


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Also, this cycle is immune to O2

Well isn't that just typical, for the beast to change his game. :(

The scenario where the capsaicin and O2 fail after they had worked before is one that is personally familiar to me, but I found that high flow 100% O2 would remain effective when the old fashioned low flow rebreather baloney stopped working (sorry SOS, I'm forgetting whether you've already adopted the high flow 100% O2?).

When you say RV I figure it's in reference to Rivea Corymbosa, often abbreviated as RC. A bunch of us have found that if the seeds give out, switching to the ol' vitamin M (or paper) will work a treat.

Or if you want to consider being a cutting edge frontiersman and trying some (harmless, for all I know) herbs that have just burst upon the scene and sent the first 2 hard core long time chronics who've tried them immediately into remission, maybe you oughta check out the the Mama Juana thread:


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Yes - Meant to say RC - I guess I have camping on the mind...

I ordered new seeds as mine were around 12 months old but still waiting for shipment.  Last few times I ordered I had issues getting these (diff sites).

I divide a 500 bag into 3 doses, typically.  So I'm more in the range of 170 per. 

O2-wise, I have a tank that can flow up to 15, with the traditional rebreather mask.

I swap between 12 & 15 flow rates but they don't appear to differ.  I give up after 15 min or so.  I did have one successful bout with O2 last night, during the 2nd attack.  But as soon as I laid down my head (5 min after), I felt the beast's return.  What a dreadful thing that is - - Cannot be put into words as we all know...

So maybe O2 is rebounding the attacks this time, which I have read many times here.  Who knows...

As far as vitamin M, I have no way of obtaining it.  Pretty much impossible.  Every source I try doesnt deal with that.  Apparently, not in demand.

I know I could cultivate myself but at this point it's not an option.

I am assigned to trying to fight this thing without M or L for now. 

Appreciate your advice here.

The MAMAJUANA looks interesting but I am very sensitive to alcohol during cluster season.  So I doubt it's an option for me --

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O2-wise, I have a tank that can flow up to 15, with the traditional rebreather mask.

I swap between 12 & 15 flow rates but they don't appear to differ.  I give up after 15 min or so.

Well it sounds like you're ready for the O2 big leagues (dammit!), like so many other CH'ers. I know in high cycle (pre-vit M busting) I would have to hit it at 45 LPM 100% O2,  but it sure worked, when the wimpy 15 LPM rebreather had completely ceased doing so.

The alcohol raised an alarm for me too with the Mama Juana, but if we see more like RazorPP reporting that it somehow didn't trigger the usual alcohol induced attack from hell, that'll definitely be encouraging!

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Sorry, I should have been more clear. I find I Am Shaman much, much better than Trance Plants in that they are more effective at aborting the CHs, don't cause the stomach upset or have the super unpleasant taste that the Trance Plants seeds did last year.

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