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Ranting, despair, sadness and the likes.


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Please, please, take the advice of the many long term 'busters' on this board and get off the script stuff and just take that first dose. :)  You'll never look back.  I don't know of anyone that's been on this board, that said they wish they had never dosed with shrooms.  95% or more it's been a god send of pain relieve and the beginning of a new life and for the other 5% it just didn't work... 

Seriously.  Please don't wreck your body with that garbage the doctors give out.  99% is garbage, and will only cause more long term issues, which you're starting to see.  Please don't go through what so many of us went through before starting our shroom, LSD or LSA treatments.  You've heard from so many on this board that keep saying,  just take the dose.  :)

(from someone that turned chronic, only to be 99% Pain FREE for 4 years running! :)  me...



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