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Acetium - clinical trial

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I found this article that discusses acetaldehyde and liquor. It's pretty interesting. Apparently vodka/gin have lowest amount of it of any alcohol. wine and fortified wines have the most. wine is always evil when i am in cycle, but I know in the past I could drink vodka in cycle and it would not give me a headache...interesting...

also I like the advice of drinking alcohol as quickly as possible...ha....shots shot shots


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my son has has persistant headaches for the last week now .. not CH's but a headache that is almost always there ? I don't know what you all call this ? but there is definitely other symptoms .. bad stomach most days. Also he told me that a cluster headache was coming on Saturday night but he stood up and it went away ??? has anyone ever experienced this ?? standing up and having your cluster not start ?? this really makes me think of acid reflux. also the whole 1 - 1.5 hours after falling asleep ,, acid reflux.  I have a very good friend who's husband has migranes and she was telling me over the weekend that always he has stomach problems with it. again cause and effect ??  the vagus nerve touchs everything ,, stomach, head, heart intestines ..  :(

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ok .. so I did buy a box of this for my son months ago and told him to leave it on his desk and we would try it out next cluster phase... when I was talking to him about his acid reflux a week or so ago he said  "well ,, I tried these" and held up this box .. I started cracking up .. I said  "oh no ,, didn't you listen to me we were going to try those when you got back into cluster phase" ,, he said  "oh ,, I don't remember you saying that" .. holy smokes these kids ... lol ,, I thought you might get a laugh ,, he said they didn't help his reflux anyway.

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