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Can LSD Be Good For You?

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Absolutely! There were MANY studies in the 60s that were showing great results until the knee jerk laws motivated by fear and ignorance made it completely illegal, even for medical studies. Thankfully some new research is being allowed. It had a near 50% success rate at treating alcoholism, which is WAY better than most methods... and it has no known physical side effects. Most people who "freak out" quickly get over it. They ran into some problems because they were testing it on people who already had mental problems.

It is a true wonder drug. In the 60s Al Hubbard even had some Canadian Churches using it. That, IMO, is one of the only problems with it. Some people use it to push some spirituality, usually some Buddhist belief system, it is just a drug, a tool. A safe and effective tool but some people have an agenda.

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