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my night :-)

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My night last night was the too funny.  Something to make you smile today.    :-)

At 3 am I had a monster attack, it just kept going and when I thought it couldn't get more intense, it did.

Then in the middle of it, my oxygen tank runs empty!  Ain't that nice.  I have a second big tank there, so while holding onto my left eye I try to change to the new tank.  Got the regulator off the old one and went to remove the screw on cap from the other.  Seized on tight.  Real tight.  Now I'm getting anxious and the HA is getting worse (how is that possible?).  OK, about now I lose it, which is never good and of course, the CH gets even worse.  I was already moaning in pain, now I'm screaming.  Not a pretty sight.

So I take the aluminum wrench and use it to twist off the cap.  Snapped the wrench in three pieces and drove my hand into the wall in the process.  Didn't think I could lose it any more than I was, found out that was wrong too.  Went to the garage and got a prybar, finally got the cap off and the O2 flowing.  Good f'ing grief!

Anyway, longest and worst CH in this cycle.

Wait, it gets better.   :-)

The attack before this one started out normal, woke with it beginning around 1 am.  No problem.

At nights I wear my usual PJ pants and a t-shirt, last night I had on an older set of pants, my favorite and most comfy ones.  But the elastic in the waist is shot so I have to tie the draw string on them.  Hey, they are comfy, that's all that matters.

As I'm going down the hallway to the O2 tank the draw string comes undone, I must have pulled on it in my rush from bed somehow.  So as I arrive in the tank room, my PJ pants are around my ankles.  No problem, it's late and no one will see me.  Forget the pants, get the O2 mask on and breathe.   

Once I'm gasping the O2 I figure I should cover up, so I bend down and pull the pants up and securely tie the draw string.  I go to sit in a chair (I prefer to sit while on the O2) and the mask gets pulled from my face.  WTF?

I soon discover I've somehow run the oxygen tube through the draw string knot and the tubing is now firmly tied to my waist, I'm effectively on a tether strap.   Despite my grogginess I can discern that this is not good. 

So I stand back up, readjust the mask and undo the knot in the drawstring.  The attack hits hard right then, I grab my head and the pants once again fall to the floor.

So there I stand, holding my head with both hands, puffing O2 and nothing on from the waist down. 

Nice image. 'eh!  I actually laughed, standing there trying to decide if I should let go of my head to get the pants or not?

Tough decision.

In case you wondered, I chose to hold my head for a while and ignore the pants around my ankles.  It seemed like the right decision at the time.

Too funny.

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Man, I know it couldn't have been than funny in real time but it is a hilarious story!!  Hope you have a better nite tonight.

Dallas Denny

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well, you ARE a fun guy!! ;-)

Thanks for not making this into a powerpoint presentation with pictures!!! LOL


Hang in there!!

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