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Trigeminal Neuralgia?


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New symptons! YAY!

Getting A LOT of trigeminal activity at the moment. Stabbing pains mostly on my cluster side. Makes it worse if and when I touch my face....

The clusters themselves are back under control. Verapamil to thank for that. And not drinking. Typical when the sun is absolutely stunning in the UK this week!

Does any one else suffer from trigeminal neuralgia during clusters? And if so, how do you mediate it/reduce its effects?

Thanks. H.

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Yes. My best solution so far is to lightly rub the offending branch gently back toward the source. You do get in trouble if you have three branches wound up at once!! Doc tried to put me back on 300Mg of Lyrica per day. No thank you. I just consider it part of the package I was gifted with.  ;D

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