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SPG Nerve Block


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I had a SPG done at a pain clinic. The process was with a new type of applicator which went way up my nose, both sides and then lidocaine was dripped on nerve. I went through ten treatments with no results, except for the fact of knowing this procedure would not work for me a chronic. It even aggravated my evening cluster. The doctor was kind of dumb founded that it did not work. This is just my experience with this process. Peace

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My husband has had many SPG nerve blocks. The new applicator they're using is called the TX360--what I think razorPP is referring to. The applicator does seem more effective than using the swab method. The docs used Ropivicaine vs.Lidocaine b/c it lasts much longer. In the beginning the block lasted maybe 3-4 days and after about a couple months (had the nerve blocks every 10 days or so) he would get maybe a day or two of some relief. The type of relief he got was usually a dulling of the pain bringinning the KIP down a couple notches. He also recently had the occipital nerve block with no relief.

Hope you find some type of relief!

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