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Yes, LSD protocol is the same as with shrooms.  In the old days, the standard recommendation for all substances was to start small.  With acid, that was maybe a quarter tab.  I guess these days it's what you think you can tolerate, which might be starting with a half tab or a whole one.  PF wishes!

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Hi Timmy,

to complement the CHfather post wich is totally right.


This year I used LSD before the cycle started. I'm episodic and it's start every July usually and last 4 month. The dose I used was a 1/8 of a recreational dose. I took it in the morning, I slightly felt it but was able to have a normal working day. I'm a graphic designer.


So in my case a 1/8 is working pretty well, the cycle never started. I did the same maintenance dose 2 months after.

Luckily it is the first year for me that the beast doesn't even show it ugly face. I would recommend being really careful with the LSD dose, you can't never know it's potency and this stuff can be really strong. It's so tiny that you could be tempted to take a larger dose to be safe. But you don't want to spend 12 hours out of your mind.


For me LSD is the most effective way to get rid of cluster. I've tried the seeds and MM as well with success but slap backs.


Wish you the best

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unfortunately, after I've tried everything else, I'm left with LSD.

I wanted to ask what is the dose that I need? (I have no experience).

Take once or several times like with mushroom?

Avoid medications like with mushrooms?


hello timmy,after over 2years of trail and error with mushrooms and lsd,i discovered taking each dose five days apart is most effective in stopping your cluster,i take them in tab form so would not know for sure the exact dose,but i take 2 tabs five days apart,!hope this helps.

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