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Austin 2016 in Review (Please post your reviews here)

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I'd like people that attended this years conference in Austin, to post their reviews here.  You can post a picture or two if you'd like

but I'd prefer that most posts here are of testimonials of your experience. We will have another thread for everyone to share their

pictures and CB will post our full set in a thread of it's own.

​Here is my first testimonial and I will do a set of featured speakers and VIP's that made the event as successful as it was.


Eileen Brewer



I want to start out with the most important person in making the event as successful as it was. It is always our goal to provide the

venue for what is always the most important part of our conferences, to allow the people attending to be the stars and the most important

part of the event.

Eileen’s dedication to Clusterbusters goals and to the individuals that make the event as important as it is to people, and her contributions,

cannot be overstated.

Many people that were there had contact with Eileen Brewer prior to the event and everyone in the community, whether you were there or not,

should be made aware of Eileen’s involvement in making this an incredible event for everyone.


Eileen, the event coordinator, began working on this year’s event back in January and has been putting in literally thousands of hours of work

on this project. It is certainly a full time, part time job, and all on a volunteer basis.

From helping select the event location to coordinating every aspect of the event. Negotiations with the hotel, finding the best location when

problems arose with the other options for where to hold the event.


Eileen was instrumental in scheduling all the speakers, determining meals and breaks and conference room selections and details, involved

in putting together the printed materials and dealing with all the suppliers.


There is no one more responsible for setting the stage for people’s lives to be enriched and changed, than Eileen Brewer.


Please join me in thanking her (conference@clusterbusters.org) for all of her hard work and her determination to make the event something

special for all in attendance.


As we all know that clusters effect the entire family, so to does the volunteer work of those working with us.


Thanks are owed to not only Eileen but to her family, Dan, Sammy and Max for sharing her time and talents with us.








Bob Wold

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Thank you for the opportunity to speak in Austin.  It was an exciting, rewarding and even humbling experience I'll not forget.  Meeting another cluster headache sufferer for the first time is so very special and your conference provided the opportunity for me to meet so many CHers for the first time. I've been attending cluster headache conferences since 2006 and your conference in Austin was by far, the best, most professional and most informative conference of them all.  It was also the largest. I've looked at a few photos and estimate your attendance was North of 110. 


I'd also like to thank Eileen Brewer.  She did an outstanding job.  Her tireless efforts and attention to detail were clearly evident in making this conference so successful in every respect.  Most of all, I appreciate your dedication to helping fellow cluster headache sufferers and wish to thank you all the other behind the scenes actions to gather attention to the painful and disabling condition we share.


Thank you my friend.


V/R, Batch

Pete Batcheller

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This was my first cluster conference.  I was struck by the high quality of the presentation and the sense of fellowship that permeated the membership.  It was a wonderful mix of practical information advice for where technology is in dealing with this affliction and heart felt testimonials.  I was extremely impressed by the unselfish medical professionals that came and provided information which was insightful and applicable to daily life with the beast.  The session on how to talk to your doctor was one of the better presentations I've ever seen.  It was funny perceptive and right on the money.I hope everyone has a chance  to see this presentation and take at least mental notes when dealing with medical professionals. The "state of the art" presentations updating research and reporting was extremely high level and impressive. There are few folks who can truly appreciate how much work it takes to put together a research proposal or write a book about such a challenging subject.  The evening talk sessions were  first rate and truly helpful  in away I never would've anticipated.  I've had the opportunity to go to lots of meetings and presentations over the decades and this was a remarkable event.  I don't believe I was distracted or daydreaming during any of the presentations which in itself is extremely uncommon.   As with most gatherings of this type, the interactions "off line" during breaks, receptions and at dinner provides many of the most memorable experiences. It was truly awesome to interact with the rank and file and finally be among individuals who understand what it's like to deal with this problem.


The conference also emphasized the importance of community and the strength of group and encouraged me to become more actively involved lobbying for more attention from regulatory bodies, reimbursing entities and from our lawmakers.


This was an extremely organized on time event.  Eileen Brewer and her crew should be extremely proud.


Hopefully the information learned and the strategies shared will result in a prolonged remission.  It would be wonderful to attend this event with little fear of getting "hit"  because of strategies learned.

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