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Register Your Journey iPhone app online


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Hi everybody.


I now have the iPhone app online as well. At the moment of this writing we are uploading a new version already because we've found some small problems, but you can already start to download. We also been adding a lot of new buttons, mainly in the symptoms, medicine groups, some in Food and drink and Vitamin C in the Vitamin and mineral group.


I hope my app will help you to collect more data about what you have been doing and how you felt to shine more light on a brighter future.


Link iTunes for iPhonehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/registeryourjourney/id1158818792?ls=1&mt=8


Link PlayStore for Androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.registeryourjourney.app


Please let me know if you installed the app, if you liked it, if you need more buttons.


I wish everybody will have a nice weekend and that you will see some sunshine and happiness 



And I am very happy now. I think my first message here was about 3 years ago, that I've been mentioning this idea/app and now I have it up and running. Happy happy happy

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G'mornin Roger!

I don't use headache diaries myself, but I have provided a link to this thread in a post to a Facebook group that I'm a member of. Thank you for your time and effort!


 And I've put the links into the group's "File" section (no scrolling away).  Thank you so much.  Your efforts are amazing! 

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Hi there.

Just got word that you are building an app and found your post and link here. It looks like a great app to me. I was just wondering if it has multiple users on one account, as wel as a comment or journal section as I would like to add comments/ meds/symptoms when my husband is unable to.


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@1961mom Thanks for sharing All help is welcome to get this project to live and work well. I'm spending now lots of time on it and we era updating the versions now. For Android I already have un update online with timeline in it. Very simple still but it already gives a glimp of what I want to do in the future. Lots of Users are also requesting new buttons, so that goes well.

@KgB (KGB- russia?? :) I thought I would stay under the radar for a while) :):)
Anyway, no multiuser login. That is a good idea though and something I will put on my list...but a bit more to the bottom of it. I first need to have a single login system to be able to share dates in a certain group so you can support for instance Clusterbusters with your data or other groups that are looking for solutions.

I don't have comments or buttons for notes, everything needs to be registered with buttons. The reason is that the content of a note is, in my perception, not very good for analysing. Thats why I also don't add an option that users can add their own buttons (a question I get a lot of times) Its important I think, that alle labels are known for comparison in a later stage.

Hope you all enjoy the app, I hope its simple enough. If you need a button, please send me a message, Email or use the form on my website. You can also post it here but than it could take a few days until its added.

And please, any shares on facebook or google+...twitter...pinterest or all on the same time would be really appreciated. 

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We just released a new version of the Android and Iphone app with a new function for the buttons. We have also changed the + sign to add buttons with a settings Settingsicon-e1477505644426.png icon. The menu contains 3 items, delete button, Edit button & Add button.

The edit option:
With the “edit option†you can add a value to some buttons. The button will use this value when pressed.
Go to the settings icon, press the “Edit†option. The edit icon now appears in your buttons. Press one button to see if you can set a value. Fill in the popup with the amount you use and safe it. From now on, when you press this button, you don’t have to add a amount, it will use this value. If you want to change this amount, just edit it again.

We will use this edit option more in the future. All buttons will get some standard values to help you register. But more about that in a next update.

I hope you like my work, please feel free to share any post with friends or other people that could use this app. Also people that have no symptoms, that are very healthy, could use this app to register. Just request the buttons you need and it is ready to use.

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