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Please Read - Forum Upgrade Coming Soon


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Coming in the next few weeks (Date TBD).  The forum software will be upgraded.  With the upgrade comes some enhancements, but the most important thing everyone should be aware of before it occurs is your ID WILL be reset.  The new version doesn't allow us (for some reason) to carry over the same configuration we have now.


If you originally signed up for the board with one ID, but changed it at some point over the years to another ID then the system in the background still has your original ID on your account.  With the coming version upgrade it will only allow ONE of the two ID's to be used.  We're opting to use the most current ID and eliminate the oldest (original).  If you've never changed your ID then this shouldn't impact you.


As an example, in my case:  I originally signed up with ClusterBusters with the id "ThatHurts", some time later I changed it to "ThatHurtsMyHead".  After the upgrade ONLY the most current ID will work and most likely that ID will have to have the password reset.  You MUST have access to the original email address to reset your password.  After the upgrade I won't be able to sign in with "ThatHurts".  Also, you may not be able to reset your password using your ID, you will have to use the email address you signed up with.


I apologize in advance for any frustration this may cause, as it's not our intent, but our hands are tied based on the changes the software publisher has made.  


I have a temporary generic email setup separate from the board (Just in case you can't send messages after the upgrade)  BlaaBlaa911@yahoo.com  That may change in the coming days, but I wanted to get something out here as a place holder (yes it's a real email for me, but not one I monitor accept for special situations).  


Please post questions here as needed.


Thank you,



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So, are the administrators able to directly fix any issues after the update ? I don't have a clue with what e-mail I have signed up with (if I can't check it now from anywhere on my account?), it's possible it's an e-mail account I don't have access anymore to. Should it be the case are you able to fix things for those who contact via e-mail for an example after the update ?

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