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Warning about vaping


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Hey Guys.

I stopped smoking a while ago and start vaping, I never noticed any interaction with CH. This saturday I orderd liquid from another brand and BOOM 4 attacks a day ( I normaly suffer from 1 a 2 a day).

So I checked the ingredients and the new liquid contains ethanol wich is alcohol. So if there are more vapers around here, avoid that.


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Macad...thank you...that is excellent observational detective work. I used to smoke....I still miss it 5 yrs later...but I figured trading one nasty habit for another that is marketed as "safer" was fooling only ONE person...me. 

Small thread hijack but related: FOOD labels.....which I used to write. Read 'em like your life depended on it....your CH health certainly might. MSG is a trigger for many...it comes in many forms and can sneak up on you...there are lists on the internet but several include autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Many foods contain naturally occurring glutamic acid (e.g. mushrooms, tomatoes) ...a precursor to glutamate. Diet drinks containing aspartame are a trigger for me and I suspect others...aspartame acts similar to MSG as a vasodilator. Those "uncured" meat products....where they scream no nitrates/nitrites (mostly a migraine trigger...but I suspect some clusterheads too) are BULLSPIT. Note the "exception" in tiny writing: "except for those naturally occurring in the added celery juice". HEY...nitrates is nitrates...many vegetables contain "natural" nitrates....like celery! Again, check the internet for lists....those hits out of nowhere you get...might be from your food. 



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Thanks Jon,

U totaly right. Im vaping now almost without nicotine next step is 0mg and than quit 4good (was a heavy smoker before) I will definitly start reading the food labels u used to write. And check the internet, every help is welcome. Thanks for youre time and advice, its much apprechiated.

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I vape also i was reading it can cause something called "popcorn lung" which makes it harder to absorb oxygen into the bloodstream through the lungs. But i also notice it doesnt trigger an attack i think the way it dehydrates you can trigger one if you get too much nicotine. Just my opinion hope this helps

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