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Virus and Clusters?

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Hi fam, I was just listening to a radio program about a virus spread through a certain kind of tick that produces a rare allergic reaction to eating red meat. It confused the hell out of doctors for years until one doctor narrowed it down to an association with this particular tick. See the link below.

It got me thinking. Has there been any research on Cluster Headaches as a symptom of some kind of virus or infection that perhaps makes it's way to the brain/hypothalamus?  

I did some googling and searching on this site, but I don't see many theories of this kind. I see @didgens started a topic anout ear infections (which I suffered from as a child as well!). Curious if any research had been done on CH being on-set as a symptom, or caused by, something else? I always sort of defulted to the thought that I was born with this, but perhaps we all picked this up somewhere along the way? 



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This is my first post to the forum, hope I'm doing it correctly. .. in any case, 7 month ago I had some sort of viral eye infection.  Before that infection I almost never had any sort of headache.  Immediately following the infection I developed chronic C.H.

Am currently looking into going on antiviral meds to see if they make a difference to my CH's

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